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Fundamentals For Using Your Rattan Bag As Styling Inspiration

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If you’re anything like me, you tend to style your outfit and then grab a purse. However, when you have an incredible statement straw purse, maybe you should think differently.
How about using your rattan bag as your styling inspiration?

Quote of the day: “The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle, which is exactly what it is: a miracle and unrepeatable.” Storm Jameson

Straw purses are the prompt for my Ageless style group and I had my crew use our rattan bag as our style inspo for each of our outfits.
We each took a unique approach to the idea.

1-Match your clothes to the rattan bag
2-Wear a neutral column of color and accessorize with the bag colors
3-Style contrasting colors so the straw bag pops

Rattan bags are iconic for our summer looks which is why the three of us have more than one in our collection.
The best part is they never go out of style, plus they come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. There’s something for everyone.

Insider tip: If you get my emails, then you might already have this fabulous rattan bag from Target that is under $20.
Not only can you find great deals on them at the end of the season, but I always check the thrift stores too.

You may think that purses don’t make a difference in your overall look, but purses are a great subject.

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White oversized shirt clasped in front

Jodie-Match to Your Rattan Bag

I chose this turquoise-lined straw tote because it was sent to me by my bestie. It had been her mother’s and is one of those sentimental items in my closet now.

It’s one of those large straw totes, so I wore a pair of turquoise print pants to carry the color along with it.

For the top half, I knotted my oversized white button down and clasped it with an elastic, and then used my turquoise ring for decoration.
You’ve seen this shirt from last year when I wore it 5 different ways.

Matching colors is a fundamental we all learned early in our years, so this should be an easy option for all.

My other matching includes
Turquoise shoes that used to be another bestie’s shoes
Light tan earrings to match the straw of the bag
My accessories have turquoise in them
Even my eyeglasses are turquoise color

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White eyelet shirt for mature woman

Charlotte-White Column of Color as Background for the Rattan Bag

My mom has had this vintage straw purse for ages. I fell in love with it when she wore it back in Denver, and I asked her to style it again for this prompt.

Usually, she likes to match colors, so this time I had her wear a column of white and used the colors of her purse for the extras of the outfit.

The purse has these 3-D flowers on it and the pinks are so lovely.
Because of the pinks in the purse, my mom was inspired to wear pink gingham shoes, and pink accessories and even used a pink scarf around her straw fedora.

Insider tip: Adding a scarf around your hat is an easy way to give it more personality. If it doesn’t want to stay, you can use magnets to hold it in place.

The print of my mom’s scarf around the hat is hard to see except in the back view photo, but it’s the leftover material of a dress that Charlotte shortened to be a tunic and wore with capris.

Woman over 70 in summer outfit

Lesley-Contrasting Outfit Colors

Lesley found this rattan bag at an amazing antique store here in Arizona. All of us have visited this antique store and found treasures also.
When she saw this purse, she couldn’t resist. And let me tell you how many compliments she gets on it every time she’s carrying it.

While there is yellow in the purse, wearing yellow as a contrasting color works fabulously since it allows the brighter colors of the rattan bag to pop against the paler yellow of her outfit.

The blouse and shorts are not a set, yet they work marvelously together.

As for wearing shorts as a woman in her 70s, Lesley commented: “I believe that women over a certain age can wear shorts or as I often do, skorts. Growing up I was a real rule follower and too concerned about if what I was wearing was appropriate. Thank goodness I have grown or aged out of that idea. Now I believe in wearing things I love and feel great in.”

How do you feel about your rattan bag being the star of the show and providing style inspiration for your outfit?

Stylish looks around a rattan bag

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless style

Ageless Style With Their Rattan Bag

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And we don’t all post at the same time, so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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