Options of what to wear to a birthday party as a guest

Fundamentals for What to Wear to a Birthday Party as a Guest

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As part of the Ageless Style group, Marsha told us that it is her birthday month and that’s why you’re reading about what to wear to a birthday party as a guest.
Of course, there are many different types of birthday parties, so the three of us decided to give you options and the fundamentals for the occasion.

Quote of the day: “It’s hard to remember that this day will never come again. That the time is now and the place is here and that there are no second chances at a single moment.” Jeanette Winterson

Having birthdays is a joyous occasion especially once we get older and realize that not everyone is blessed to continue having them. Life can be over in a flash, so the days that we have should be celebrated with love.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about styling for birthdays, and you can find more ideas in these other articles.

Fundamentals for What to Wear to a Birthday Party as a Guest

Let’s talk about the basics of what to consider when you are invited to a birthday party and what would be appropriate to wear. In a way, it isn’t much different than attending a wedding.

1-Consider the location of the party.
2-Think about the birthday celebrant. Are they casual, dressy, colorful, etc…
3-Weather always plays a huge role in your look.

The biggest thing to remember is that you are a guest. This isn’t about you but about the birthday person. Even if you aren’t very fashion-conscious, your outward appearance is a huge component of respect. If you dress like a slob, then you are saying that you don’t respect the birthday person.

Since there are many choices for kinds of birthday parties, we decided to incorporate 3 options of what to wear to a birthday party as a guest.

Charlotte-Significant Birthday Party Guest Outfit Held at a Special Venue

What to wear to a birthday party as a guest for event held at special restaurant
Dress: no label ~~ Shoes: Ros Hommerson Use code Jodie10 ~~ Purse: no label

This is the time to pull out those special pieces that don’t get worn as much for every day.

My mom has had this dress in her closet since the 1980s. She wore it to do a biblical reading at her friend’s wedding and she isn’t even sure if it’s seen the light of day since then. Yet, I’m so glad she kept it because she looks like a fairytale princess in it.

The sheer bodice is ideal for older women who prefer to be covered yet it’s very warm weather friendly.

My mom is wearing gold sandals which could be considered an essential since they would go with any color. These are former Walking Cradles shoes (now branded under Ros) that my mom even wore in winter with toeless hosiery (the hose found on Amazon). While this style of sandals isn’t available anymore, Ros has a very similar style called “Lettie“.

Insider discount: Ros is still offering 10% off with the code JODIE10 on any of their incredibly comfortable shoes. They have a wide range of sizes and widths for those who struggle with finding an unusual shoe size.

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Lesley-Everyday Birthday Party Guest Outfit

Blue outfit for an everyday birthday party as a guest
Dress: Umgee-Just Be Youtiful ~~Shorts: Attyre-Shers ~~ Shoes: Lifestride- DSW~~ Necklace: garage sale ~~ Bracelet: Painted Tree~~ Purse: thrifted ~~Hat: Mesa Antique Mall

Now this might not look like an everyday birthday party guest outfit, but Lesley’s invite to the birthday party said it was a “Mad Hatter” theme. Can you tell that she loves costumes and dressing up?
She recently found this amazing hat at the Mesa Antique Mall. And being a sucker for an interesting hat, it came home with her.

Insider tip: If you are one of those who loves something but talks yourself out of buying it because ‘where would you wear it?’, then here is the answer.
Just have yourself a party and then you can wear that beloved piece.

The dress has a fun story. Lesley was at our favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful, and wanted to get this dress. However, the owner wasn’t there at the time, and her size couldn’t be found. Later that day, Rob and I were at the boutique to drop off Piper for doggy care while we were on vacation, and the owner was there then. The owner told me that she had this dress for Lesley, so I bought it and gave it to Lesley as one of her gifts for watching the kitties when we were gone.

Insider tip: If your dress seems a tad short, then wearing a matching pair of biking shorts under it saves you from any embarrassing moments. Either that or see my other options about how to wear a short dress.

Jodie-Casual, Outdoor Birthday Party Guest Outfit

Sling bag and joggers for a casual look
Pants: GiGio- Just Be Youtiful ~~Top: Gibsonlook -won in giveaway~~ Shoes: Converse-thrifted ~~ Necklace: Pendant made by Gurmeet-check her Etsy site~~ Bracelet: thrifted ~~ Earrings: from art museum gift shop ~~ Purse: Amazon

When I think about an outdoor birthday party, I think about the possibility of sitting on the ground. That’s why I chose these print joggers. If they do get dirty, it’s much harder to see the dirt. And they are incredibly lightweight.

I figured I needed something feminine yet casual for the top half. This top was a recent giveaway prize from Gibsonlook. Can we just laugh that I forgot to secure the neck buttons and no one noticed until I saw these photos?

The details just make it more intentional, I think. First the addition of a totally different color with the lime green sneakers, bracelets, and my glasses.
And then this necklace. The pendant was made by my friend, Gurmeet. You need to check out her Etsy site because she’s going to be adding more like this with earrings too. They are affordable, plus they would make perfect holiday gifts.

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What to wear to a birthday party as a guest

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