Stylish options of what tops to wear with wide leg pants

Fundamentals For What Tops To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

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With the changing silhouette of pants seen everywhere now, I thought it would be appropos (that word is a nod to MK who loves the word and thinks I should use it as much as possible), to talk about what tops to wear with wide leg pants.

Quote of the day: “The beginner chases the right answers. The master chases the right questions.” James Clear

And while this article will cover what tops to wear with wide leg pants, the true question should be why can’t I wear any of my tops with these pants?

You’re going to be reading and seeing a lot of “rules” regarding this new silhouette. The important thing to remember is that you are the boss of your clothes.

Even if a top is “too long” for these types of pants, there are a multitude of ways to shorten your tops without sewing (like I did with a tunic).
Yet I’ve paired a tunic with culottes in the past and it was a very chic look.

Sometimes the secret is to add something unexpected or unique.

What the three of us wanted to showcase is 3 different varieties of tops to wear with wide leg pants with these options:
1-Leave it untucked
2-Tuck it in
3-Wear a cropped top (but that doesn’t automatically mean showing off your midriff).

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Colorful button blouse

Charlotte: Untucked Top With Wide Leg Pants

Even though you see most wide leg pants paired with short or tucked-in tops, there’s no reason you can’t wear an untucked, longer top with them.

My mom chose this colorful, button blouse which created a stunning focal point for the look.

While an untucked top with wide-leg pants has the possibility of looking sloppy, here are some tips to make it work:

  • Choose colors that look fabulous with your complexion.
  • Steer away from small, uninteresting prints. Statement prints will give the eye something fun to look at.
  • Make sure the shirt/blouse fits well. Too loosey-goosey will give you that unkempt look.
  • Go for an asymmetrical or interesting hemline instead of a horizontal line.
  • If the hem is horizontal, look for one with a different print or detail like lace, etc.
  • Make sure your accessories are fun and stand out.

For Charlotte’s option of what tops to wear with wide leg pants, she hit it out of the park since

  • The print of the blouse is colorful and eye-catching.
  • The hemline is curved and shorter on the sides.
  • It’s well-fitted around her midsection.
  • A bright-colored purse.
  • Even though the shoes are black to match the pants, the studs make them sexy.
  • One word: Earrings!
Paper bag waist pants for zucchini shaped women

Lesley: Tuck in Your Top

Lesley opted for the tucked-in version for what tops to wear with wide leg pants.

Her thoughts? “A little racey? For me it is, but also fun to be missing a sleeve. I wanted to make this look like a bit of ‘Old Hollywood’ since we were going to a play. Looking special for my date was part of the plan too.
What I love about these pants is they could be styled with a t-shirt and sweater for a casual look.”

While most older women don’t embrace tucking in their tops as much anymore, I believe it can be wonderful no matter what body shape you have.

Here are some tricks to help with this option

  • Choose a top that shows off a bit of skin. I’m not talking about something inappropriate, but there are many options. One shoulder, off-the-shoulder, halter, and even a square or princess neckline.
    This means you should give up the idea that the older you are, the more you need to cover up. THAT’S HOGWASH.
  • The top doesn’t have to be tucked in flush. You can pull it out a tad to give it volume.
  • Tops that are too fitted can make you feel uncomfortable. Size up if you need to.
  • Accessories, accessories, accessories.
  • Lastly, the fit of the pants is important too.
Wide leg jeans with a shorter top

Cropped Tops: What Tops to Wear with Wide Leg Pants

Older women don’t think that cropped tops are what they should wear with wide leg pants.

BUT STOP. Stop going by the description or label of a clothing item. That’s like saying that all women named Jodie are crazy people.

The advantage of wearing a top where the end of the hem is either at the top of the jeans or just below the top of the jeans, is you don’t have to decide about tucking or untucking.

So here are tips on finding these cropped tops that aren’t exposing your entire midriff.

  • Look at how it fits on the model BUT don’t automatically assume that’s how it will fit on you. Remember, most models are ten thousand feet tall.
  • Have you ever measured from underarm to waist? Knowing this measurement can help.
  • Read the description of the item to see if it gives you the length of it. Many of them don’t, but also check the reviews-sometimes someone will give information regarding the length.
  • If it ends up being too short and showing skin that you aren’t comfortable showing, just wear a cami under it.
  • If it is available in a “tall”, that might make it the perfect length.
  • Peplum tops are also a great option.
  • Remember alterations can save many a piece of clothing. If it’s too long, shorten it. If it’s too short, there are times you can add material/trim to it.
Mature women with what tops to wear with wide leg pants

Being the Boss of Your Clothes

One of the ideas behind being the boss of your clothes is throwing “fashion rules” out of the window, loving your body, as well as having tricks for changing up a clothing item to make it work for the outfit.

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So is this proof that the opportunities for what tops you can wear with wide leg pants is endless? I say yes and I hope it gives you oodles of inspiration.

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Women over 50 with what tops to wear with wide leg pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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