Galentine’s Day Outfit Worn for Women over 70

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Galentine's Day outfit for older women

Galentine’s Day Outfit Worn for Women over 70

Styling a Galentine’s Day outfit depends on where you and the girls are going, of course. We all know how society is more casual nowadays, yet an occasion out and about can be a fun time to get all “gussied” up!

Quote of the day: ” If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.” Maxwell Maltz

When the idea of a “date night” came up for this week’s post, my mom was perplexed. It’s been so long since she’s been on a date, that she wasn’t sure how to approach it. Yet she goes out with her friends at her community quite a bit, so this is perfect as a Galentine’s Day outfit. Or like the quote above implies, you can certainly date yourself and look nice.

In fact, last year we really did celebrate this relatively new holiday of Galentine’s Day by wearing cocktail attire. Heck, even Lesley was part of the group. In fact, it was probably her idea!! She’s full of great ideas.

This year Lesley showcased what she would wear on a dream date, and I recreated what I wore for Rob’s and my first date.

Charlotte’s Galentine’s Day Outfit

Date night dressed in a Galentine's Day outfit

Coat: Beged-Or ~~Skirt: Mom made it~~Jacket: Reversible~~ Top: Preview~~ Boots: Donald Pliner~~ Necklace: thrifted ~~Tights: ~~ Purse: no label

My mom wore this outfit for a play performance that her independent living community attended. Well, everything other than the long, winter coat.

Funny story about the rust, long coat. It used to be Charlotte’s coat. And then she passed it down to me. I’ve worn it for the past 10 years or so (there’s even proof on Instagram). I wasn’t sure I’d need it here in Arizona, but I couldn’t give it away. It’s one of those vintage, leather coats that seem so glamorous.

When my mom came over for these photos, she wasn’t wearing a coat and it was a tad chilly. So I offered for her to wear it for the day. Now that it fits her again, I should probably give it back to her. Would that be called a hand me up? LOL.

Wearing Tights at Any Age

How to style a Galentine's Day outfit

I also get to take credit for these fun tights that my mom is wearing. When she came to our house, she had accidentally chosen a pair that were purple. And they didn’t quite look right with the outfit. You know how that happens? Dark colors look so different inside until you get out in the natural light.

Insider tip: Ways to differentiate between the dark colors of your tights? My favorite way is to keep a small flashlight in the drawer.

These tights are even reversible. They are brown on this side and then black on the other. I think items like this are super convenient especially for traveling. These are the same brand, and yes, I probably paid that much for them. Yet you get two for the price of one. The idea reminds me of a reversible pair of leggings I showcased on Facebook.

For those of you who aren’t comfortable going bare legged (or it’s just too darn cold), tights can be more modern than hosiery.

Accessories that Bring Out the Other Colors

First, let me point out that this jacket is also reversible. While the colors are really the same on both sides, it’s still an great detail that works for a capsule wardrobe. Charlotte bought this at a boutique in Denver that one of her traveling companions told her about. I linked to a similar, longer version of it in the widget above. She’s also worn this jacket with orange in the past.

And the purple earrings are garnets. My mom’s birthday is in January so she has lots of garnet pieces since they are her birthstone.

Insider tip: Think about the color of your earrings in relation to your hair color. Why wear them if they don’t even show up? For me that means staying away from most darker or brown earrings. And for my mom, you’d never see any white earrings.

Another Hand Made Piece by Charlotte

Wearing a winter outfit

My mom not only saves money by making her own clothing, but much of the material is given to her by friends. Friends that have material but know they aren’t going to use it. So they give it to Charlotte who uses it to make wonderful clothing items.

This skirt is one of those items. The one yard of wool was gifted to my mom from a roommate from one of her trips. I love how the diagonal seam detail makes it more interesting. It’s not the first time she’s worn this skirt on the blog.

I like the idea of wearing a skirt for as part of a Galentine’s Day outfit. Dressing up not only shows we respect ourselves but also who we are hanging out with.

Shoes with Attitude

Printed tights for women

My mom has always been a shoe girl. So it didn’t surprise me when she found these designer gold and burgundy booties for a steal. We all know that the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to fun footwear.

Now my mom used to wear these booties (before blogging) with burgundy tights. So it all blends together to make her looks taller. Of course you know I don’t agree with that whole train of thought, like I’ve talked about with Perfectly Imperfect.

So I’ve pushed her somewhat to wear them with contrasting colors like white jeans and sheer hose. Then at least you can appreciate the fabulous shoes! And since most women love admiring shoes, why not wear them as part of a Galentine’s Day outfit?

Insider tip: I know we all think about basic colors for our shoes like brown and black. However, having at least one fun or print pair can liven up almost any outfit. For example how we’ve all worn leopard shoes or even white booties in the past.

Why Dress Up

Stylish for any age Galentine's Day outfit

Heck the idea of why should you even dress up at all anymore could be a series of blog posts. Sure, society has gotten much more casual. And the fashion police are not going to come arrest you for any outfit.

Yet, even my friend Debbie, just talked about this on a blog post. So I’ll quote her ” Think about it for a moment…if you roll out of bed in the morning, don’t shower or make much effort in regard to your appearance and head out to run errands…or…you wake up take a shower, pull your hair up into a cute bun, add a touch of makeup and put on your favorite jeans, sweater and boots and then run out to do errands how are you going to feel? I don’t know about you, but I have done both and unkempt grungy me shrinks in on herself and does everything in her power to become even more invisible; whereas me who makes a bit of effort and puts on a favorite outfit definitely has more pep in her step, is more willing to smile at strangers and strike up conversations.”

And that in a nutshell is why I think we should all dress up at least once in a while. Especially as part of your Galentine’s Day outfit when you are hanging with the women who make your life better!

BTW, Charlotte even received a compliment from a gentleman who was out with his wife on her necklace the day she wore this. Another great reason to put some intention into our outfits!! Any compliment makes us feel better!

Galentine's Day outfit for women over 70

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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