Getting Dressed for the Perfect Dream Date

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Pink and black straw hat is perfect for sun protection

Getting Dressed for the Perfect Dream Date

The perfect dream date is something Lesley brought up once when discussing a pair of wide leg pants in the past. I’ll even share the narrative of how it all takes place (in Lesley’s head that is…)

Quote of the day: “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Nora Ephron

While at this stage of the game, most of us aren’t going on the dates like we did in our younger years. Yet going out with the hubby or even girlfriends can be considered a date. We just need to think about our perspective.

For my rendition of the theme of date night, I recreated what I wore on Rob’s and my first date. At least as much as I could remember! And Charlotte styled an outfit for a day out with the girls.

Wide legs pants styled for the perfect dream date

Pants: Soft Surroundings~~Top: Soft Surroundings ~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemakers~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: ~~ Hat: Ralph Lauren ~~ Earrings:

The Perfect Dream Date Story….by Lesley

Perfect dream date outfit

Picture a sparkling white yacht as it floats on the blue Mediterranean sea. With feet braced apart for balance, the dream man (DM) gazes at the vision of loveliness before him (picture Pierce Brosnan with Sam Elliot’s voice). The DM has just gifted this lovely woman with the Star of Sonora Sapphire necklace which matches her eyes.

Dressed for this perfect scene she wears her black wide leg pants and white top in a crushed cotton. A colorful scarf keeps her flowing locks out of her eyes as she gazes out to sea. Her one of kind hat protects her porcelain skin from the sun. And her dainty feet are encased in wonderful matching sandals.

This ethereal beauty needs no purse since her DM treats her to EVERYTHING. On her slender fingers she wear a perfect peach diamond ring given to her by one of her many admirers. Oh, look, she’s also wearing the famous Louise Hill diamond ring again. She has never told who gifted that marvelous ring to her. A warrior queen gold bracelet and golden hoops are all the other adornment needed by this lovely woman.

Perfect dream date outfit on the Mediterrean

She feels a soft touch on her cheek, a lover’s caress…WHAT? That’s no DM caress, but the dog telling her to wake up that it’s time for the morning walk. Oh well, it was a nice dream.

The End.

Let’s all applaud Lesley for her fun story telling. Doesn’t she look the part?

Pink sandals

Could YOU Wear This?

Classic perfect dream date outfit

While this may have been an outfit for Lesley’s perfect dream date, I have to think it’s an easy one to recreate. We’ve all styled wide leg pants on the blog in the past, and I even showcased 10 options of how to wear them. So you all should be comfortable with those.

Then a cotton white top is always in style. I linked to the same brand as Lesley’s in the widget above, but I also found some other varieties. Both this split sleeve top or embroidered top would work for a summer picnic or pool party.

Of course a large and unique straw hat is a great idea for any sunny day. Let’s just talk about how it’s not only good for protecting your face from the sun, but you can use it to cover other parts of your body too (think Darling Lili).

Perfect dream date outfit for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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