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Gingham Top and Jeans: Unique and Creative Styling

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Springtime seems the perfect time to combine a gingham top and jeans. Especially since gingham was something seen on the runways for the Spring Trends of 2022.
If you missed that article, here are many of the trends that are making springtime fun.

Quote of the day: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” Bill Gates

Empowering others. That’s a powerful thought. Even though many people will scoff at the thought that our outside appearance can make us feel better about ourselves, it’s a message that those of you reading probably already understand.
Yet the lesson I have learned in recent years is how we can empower others to be different instead of trying to look like everyone else.

While it’s not something I embraced when I was younger, I think it’s powerful. Especially when it comes to those trends. Instead of taking a trend that everyone else is wearing, you find a way to make it fit your personality.
Just as Lesley made the cropped cardigan style work for her and then Charlotte styled a crochet top.

For instance with the idea of styling a gingham top and jeans. You’ve seen a button-up gingham top paired with jeans on every woman of every age. But I’m here to give options. Maybe it’s not something you think you’d ever do, but you’ll never know until you try.

Jeans: Soft Surroundings c/o ~~ Blue Gingham Top: J.Crew-thrifted ~~Peach Gingham Top: Talbots-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Jambu Jenny Knit” c/o ~~ Scarf: Ovcio Scarf c/o ~~ Necklace: thrifted~~ Bracelet: LD Watkins Design (won in a giveaway)~~ Earrings: Lobe Love c/o~~ Purse: thrifted from Goodwill~~Hat: Anthropologie borrowed from Lesley

Gingham Top and Jeans

Instead of just wearing one gingham top and jeans, I decided to get creative with 2 button-up gingham blouses.
Both my mom and Lesley just shake their heads when I show up in something crazy like this, but for some reason, the idea of styling our basic clothing differently just tickles my fancy.

I’ve worn two blouses like this before on Instagram and shared how to create it in a short YouTube video if you want to try it out. This is the first time I wore it with one shoulder exposed. Both times before I had it cover my shoulders.
The idea to wear it with one shoulder exposed was an inspiration from another woman on Instagram (seen here). I have to admit that I have a girl crush on Sabra because her style is just so incredible.

Insider tip: the blouse’s buttons don’t have to line up perfectly. In the example on Instagram, you can see how they pucker a bit because they aren’t exactly spaced out the same.
BTW, blouses like this are easy to find secondhand!!

You’ll notice in one of the photos I have my other arm covered. I used the Ovcio scarf that I showcased here and used my “sleeve trick” but only on one arm. Once it warmed up, I didn’t need the scarf and was able to tuck it into my purse because it’s so lightweight and easy to manage.

Combine 2 button up blouses as one

White Jeans for Any Season

Most of us grew up thinking white pants were only for the summer. Luckily that fashion rule has been thrown to the wolves. One of the reasons that white is so fabulous is that it lightens up any look and goes with everything.

In fact, it’s almost a better option with all of the darker colors we tend to wear in the colder months because it makes those dark colors pop.

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Some of my friends worry about getting their white jeans stained and dirty. That’s why I love the idea of Chico’s no-stain jeans. THESE are not one of those pairs, but I do have 2 pairs that are.

I wanted to showcase an older pair of white jeans that are a straight-leg version. Since the tunic created with the two blouses is longer and asymmetrical, I wanted a relatively tight pair of jeans yet something different than skinny jeans.

Adding More

You might think that wearing a gingham top and jeans this way is enough for you. And for many women that is exactly true. However, since my word for the year is extra, I added in other accessories.

This turquoise necklace is one I picked up thrifting years ago. It’s one of those pieces that you can figure out why someone donated it. The silver rings holding the pendants to the necklace used to move around and it was annoying. Therefore, I took some superglue to the rings and made them stationary.

Insider tip: The best superglue I’ve found is Loctite (found on Amazon here) because it doesn’t clog up. It’s also thicker so easier to put where you want it instead of on your fingers.

The earrings and bracelet add to more turquoise in the look plus I wanted to wear a white winter hat. Needless to say, I don’t have a cool hat like this one so I borrowed this from Lesley. She wore it with her wrap outfit.
Borrowing things we think we want is the best way to try them before you buy them. Of course, now I’m enthralled with this type of hat, and I will be adding one to my collection soon.

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And the iconic straw bag. How many are too many?? Asking for a friend, of course. Heck, I figure when you find them at the thrift store for such a deal, it’s important to rescue them!

Gingham top and jeans made interesting

What Bra to Wear with One Shoulder Tops

In the past, I wouldn’t have even thought to wear a one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder top because I could NEVER find a comfortable strapless bra. I had resigned myself that those styles weren’t for me. Which is a bit sad.

That’s why I’m super glad that I took the time, money, and energy to research over 10 different strapless bras. And the one I have been wearing more and more is one that I was sent from a marketing team.
It’s #12 on the list of bras in that article and called Gatherall. It’s a totally different concept for a bra and I wasn’t too sure about it at first. But so far, I’ve worn it over 15 times and absolutely love it. I plan to purchase one when this one doesn’t stick anymore, it’s that good!

Insider tip: The bra doesn’t cover the entire girls. It’s not meant to. What it does is hold them in place together. Now it wouldn’t be the best option for a tight top where you see the outline of the girls but most of my OTS shirts tend to be loose around the bust area.
The other thing I LOVE about it? It’s not as hot to wear since it’s not covering as much of my body. And let me tell you how advantageous that is in the 100+ temperatures.

Comfy sneakers for exploring

Colorful Sneakers

Our day included exploration around the Japanese Friendship Garden so comfortable shoes were a must-have.
These sneakers are from Jambu and are called the “Jenny Knit” seen originally styled here. My discount code is still available if you are interested in any shoes from Jambu. Use code JtouchS22 for 20% off until May 22, 2022.

I do think that sneakers have come a long way over the years. They aren’t just athletic and running shoes, but they can be both stylish and functional for everyday wear.

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You might notice that the shoes and top don’t match perfectly. In fact, the shoes go more with the earrings which is why I thought they worked as part of the outfit.

Gingham top and jeans styled creatively
Gingham top and jeans for spring trends

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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