Wearing Heels & Jeans to Give your Graphic T-Shirt Pizzazz

Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's.

Wearing Heels & Jeans to Give your Graphic T-Shirt Pizzazz

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Melonkiss was generous about gifting these shirts, but there was no money provided for the post. All of our opinions are honest and true! And if you want one for yourself use the code jtouchofstyle.com for a 10% discount

And here we go again!! Trying to show that wearing a t-shirt can be fun and flattering. I feel like the term jeans and a t-shirt is almost like saying “I’m a sloppy dresser”. Is that snobbish? I admit, it could be. Therefore, I figured I’d see how to wear jeans & a t-shirt and yet not fall into that trap. Consequently I pulled out the heels and tried varying our jeans and jewelry.

You may realize, that I am a shoe girl—so adding in a pair of sexy heels was easy peasy. However, if you’re one of those women that can’t wear heels, there is no shortage of fabulous flats that would work instead (trust me, I found a bunch for you in the shopping section below!)

For the jeans—I let mom wear the blue denim, I put Nancy is a colored denim, and I styled a neutral denim. And, indubitably I threw on accessories to boot! I imagine that these details make the outfits look intentional. I could be wrong—you tell me!

Here are the opinions about these shirts from Melonkiss. First off they are a regular cotton t-shirt. They are relatively heavy weight, so you’re not going to have to worry about sheerness or having to wear a cami underneath it for modesty.

Since they are unisex, these shirts are definitely not fitted. You can see how we tried to counteract that in a couple ways. In the first post (here), we wore them with jackets. In the second post (here) I had Nancy tie hers to the side. Otherwise, we tucked them into our bottom pieces. They are also quite long for our petite stature. Mom got around to shortening hers right away, so if her shirt looks like the right length, that’s because she removed about 4 inches of it. Nancy & I also rolled up the sleeves because we considered them too long; whereas mom liked the longer length in the sleeves.

Lastly, they have a crew neck collar. This isn’t Nancy’s favorite option for a neckline, so I may try to alter it or cut it for her. This neckline could be good or bad. It’d be good if you’re trying to cover your decollete. But it’d be bad if you hate your shirt too close to your neck. In reality, hopefully people will be riveted by the design on the shirt and not notice the neckline! For mom & myself, we will hopefully dye ours a different color. Bright white is not our best color, and the only other options for some of the shirts was the grey like Nancy’s shirt.

Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's.  8-4-16 047 (1224x1280)

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit: Don’t you just love it when you’re hanging out and all of a sudden the sprinklers come on? It was hilarious and my husband captured it in pictures (you can even see the water on my jeans).

Since I had Nancy wear a fun, statement necklace, and mom got to put on large earrings, I went with a scarf. I’ve really embraced this newer trend of the small scarves at the neck. Many of you might think this is reminiscent of airline stewardesses, but it can also camouflage any neck areas you aren’t happy about! Just sayin’!

Jeans: Banana Republic (similar here a cargo version)~~T-ShirtMelonkiss (here)~~Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless (similar here or here in a flat sandal)~~Belt: WCM (similar here embroidered)~~Scarf: Walgreens (similar here)~~Bracelet: Boho Betty (similar here in sapphire)

Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: I think the addition of a interesting necklace can be one way to counteract the fact that it’s a crew neck tee. I realize that the crew neck may not be the most flattering for us. Thus by wearing a statement necklace, I feel like the focus is put on the necklace instead of the neckline.

You may or may not have noticed that I rolled both Nancy’s & my jeans. I really wanted to show off the sandals this way.

Jeans: Chaps (similar here)~~T-Shirt: Melonkiss (here)~~Shoes: Chinese Laundry (here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here no texture and here’s one with texture—just a “little” out of my price range-ha ha!)

Graphic t-shirt for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's. Graphic t-shirts for Women in their 50's, 60's & 70's.

Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: Since mom already had shortened her shirt, we tried something different for fun. I had her tuck one side of her shirt into her jean’s pocket. It’s not super different, but I think it’s a little better than it just hanging there. Darlene of Who’s a Pretty Girl blog did the same thing last week tucking her shirt into both of her pockets!

And I love that mom’s jeans have some moto detailing and zippers to add pizzazz. Who says blue jeans have to be boring?

Mom’s bracelet is another of her creations! She collected a bunch of gold buttons and threaded them on elastic! I have one of these also! I’m sure over time the elastic will stretch out, but then you could just redo it!

Jeans: DG2-thrifted (similar here but a lot of $, here for less in a lighter wash & in petites & talls)~~T-Shirt: Melonkiss (here)~~Shoes: (similar here also expensive and here as a flat—why is red snakeskin so expensive? so here’s some loafers for cheap but only 3 sizes left)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here with stones instead of buttons)

It’s so fun to hear your thoughts and opinions—thanks for always reading!!

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Great shoes in both flats & heels to add glamour to your tee & jeans ensemble:

  • Kathleen McDermott

    T, jeans and a pretty heel – A++++++. You can’t go wrong. Adorable on everyone at every age.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I think so too!!

  • Wow, you all look so fabulous. I do the pocket tuck thing like your mom because the waist of my pants are usually too high to tuck there like the younger gals do. I love how you added a tied-at-the-neck scarf to your look, Jodie. It adds the perfect touch and balances nicely with the heels. Thank you for adding your post to my Fine-Whatever link up.


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks for the wonderful compliments Rena!!
      I did like how these outfits turned out—it’s funny how some look so good on camera, and some I just don’t love!!

  • I was wondering what those splotches were on your jeans, Jodie!! I have to say, I love all three looks. A pair of jeans with a tee can indeed border on the comfy slouchy but everyone looks brilliant here. Especially you and Nancy. Your outfit is crisp and flirty and fun and fresh, it looks like you walked straight off the set of Grease yet it’s absolutely non costumey nor gimmicky. Nancy looks DA BOMB DOT COM.

    • Incidentally, I want to get Nancy’s tee shirt but I hate that neckline too. I only wear low or v-necks for thyroid reasons and I don’t have my very own Charlotte to help me splice/sew. I’d probably still get it though because I need a dose of girl power. And there’s on I must buy for Eve, Sassy Since Birth GRIN

      • Oh oh oh just saw the moto accents and zippers on Charlotte’s jeans. Rock on, baby, rock on!!!

        • Jodie Filogomo


      • Jodie Filogomo

        Just saw a friend this weekend, who cut the crew neck off her tee–kinda like Flashdance, but a little more restrained…I was actually thinking of doing it to mine…that would be easy enough…
        The sassy since birth could be apropos for you too (or so it sounds)??!! (because you know the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree…)

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Not only do you make a statement with your clothing Sheela, but you make one with your comments, too! I may have to use that DA BOMB DOT COM—it’s fab!!

  • Such a fun way to dress up a tee! I am especially loving those teal heels!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Tara!! I do have a shoe obsession!!

  • I’m not a big fan of graphic T-shirts. But with nice shoes (not necessarily high heels) it could be fun. Your outfit is great. I love the scarf and the color matching belt and of course gorgeous heels you added and put whole outfit to another level. Thank you for linking up with My Red Carpets.

    Anna xoxo

    • Jodie Filogomo

      There are some funny t-shirts out there, but I think one or two is my max!! I like dressing up, not being casual as much!!
      Thanks for stopping by, Anna!

  • I think jeans and a tee can definitely be dressed up and you did it well! All three of you look great! I love your heels and the neck scarf! Very nice!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Andrea!!

  • Jodie! Ok, you know I am going right to those fab shoes. Love the color and snake print.. you will see. great minds! The jeans are very flattering on all of the ladies, I really like your khaki color. I must be a snob too if I think that jeans and a tee or usually too casaul but this was preblogging, I dont like it with tennis shoes, so the look is super with the heels!
    jess xx

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I think it’s that stereotype of sloppy jeans & tee with the sneakers that comes to mind, huh?
      But you’re wearing jeans on the blog today and you look fab, so it just takes some tweaking, I think?
      Thanks for the love Jess!

  • Jean Ann

    First off I love your scarf at the neck very flattering and those heels are fab. I know Nancy has red jeans I am surprised you went with these ones. I saw a graffic tee this weekend it said “I need a day between saturday and sunday” I really like the rolled up jeans can you do that with flats? Great outfits! And I want a button bracelet I better get crafting!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Wow…good memory on the red jeans! We actually tried those too, but they didn’t cuff as well because they are a tidge wider in the legs!!
      I do think there are some t-shirts out there that scream at us—they are so us (or at least make us laugh!!)
      You can totally cuff the jeans with flats—I just did it this weekend with sandals!!
      And the bracelet—you could make them to sell????

  • This is the way that I most often style my graphic tees. Love how the heels dress up the outfits


    • Jodie Filogomo

      I think you’re entirely right Michelle. It’s that yin/yang thing, which is not how I used to think about dressing. So t-shirts always went with tennies for my workout wear!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    These outfits are really cute! Those shoes and that scarf! Jodie, so cute. The green in the scarf really brings out your eyes. I love how you rolled up yours and Nancy’s pants. And tucking in Mom’s tee really helps give it shape. Great looks, down to the details. Thanks too for including the lower heeled shoes in your shopping part. You’ve got some really cute ones there! – Amy

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I’m pretty sure I’m too obsessive about shoes Amy—but I think they can make such a statement. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I think they add such interest to an outfit!
      Thanks for the wonderful compliments!!

  • Anna Parkes

    Graphic tee with heels is something I would never have considered, but you ladies all look like it was such fun, I maybe need to try it. I love the sprinkler shot Jodie hahaha!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Anna!! But really…it wouldn’t have to be heels—there are some killer flats out there. But don’t you think the shoes can make such a difference?

  • Tessy Onyia

    This is so beautiful, am loving them all..


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Tessy—I really appreciate it!

  • Jeans and T shirt sloppy ? With killer heels ? Never !!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Right? Don’t you think it’s so much better than ugly white tennies? Of course the fit and accessories make a difference, but still!!

      • I do wear my jeans with flats, but the look is so much hotter with heels I think xx

        • Jodie Filogomo

          But there are some great flats out there too!! At least way better than boring white sneakers!!

  • That’s so nice!





    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Floortje!!

  • Thanks for the shout out, my friend! The scarf around your neck is the perfect touch…along with those killer heels of yours! I really enjoyed this series!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I did have to laugh when you had that tuck in the shirt to your pockets blog—-but hey—it’s brilliant!!

  • Suzanne Dennis

    You all look cute, and this is my favorite of the posts with t-shirts! I like how the three of you always show your individuality and personalities through the clothes and accessories. You don’t look like a stewardess to me; my first thought was you reminded me of a Happy Days era waitress on roller skates at a drive-in! 🙂 I remember the little scarves tied at the neck, and you certainly have the body of a teenager, so that resemblance is meant as a compliment!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Your analogy had me chuckling Suzanne!!
      Thanks for chiming in—I really do appreciate it!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Love your OOTD and the shoes!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Nicole!!

  • PetiteOver40

    I think you’re right about dressing up tees and jeans with heels (or nicer shoes)! It makes such a difference!

    You, by the way, do not look like a stewardess. You look like a rockin’ fashionista! The neckerchief is a great look for you, especially with the crewneck of the tee–they create the same line around your neck but the scarf adds flattering color next to your face. And I’m with Judy Gramith — that’s a great photo of you where the sprinklers went off! So fun!

    Nancy’s bracelet and shoes really jazz up her look, I think. I’m in love with that bracelet! And, although I would tend to be more like Nancy with crewnecks–not a huge fan–seeing how good hers look on her makes me rethink my own reticence to them.

    Finally, can your mom get any more creative? Or could she at least send me some of her creative fairy dust? I love how she can see something, like a bunch of buttons, and wiggle her nose (or use her amazing talent, more likely) to create such a fun bracelet!! Your mom is super cool.


    • Jodie Filogomo

      When I hear jeans & a tee—I always imagine the quintessential tourist looking like….a tourist. Not my idea of fashionable.
      So I’m glad I was able to take it to another level with these outfits!!
      As for my mom—she loves being creative —-she just brought home a piece of wood from the ground, that she thought would look great as “something”—-much to my dismay–ha ha! (the goal is to get things out of her house—not bring more in!!)

  • Too cute! I am a huge fan of a graphic tee with jeans and heels, so I enjoyed seeing the different ways you styled each of these. Your mom’s moto jeans are so fab. I like the new skinny scarf trend, too. Great choice of tees!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Jennie!!
      I think the jeans & heels is another aspect of yin and yang in an outfit. I would have never thought to pair them before blogging, but I think they really stand out!!

  • Judy Gramith

    You should run through sprinklers more often Jodie! This photo od you is absolutely darling! You sort of look like you’re taking a shot at the jogging just to make sure that blogging is really your preference. 🙂 I also love everything about your outfit. The scarf does the trick of putting a preferable color near your face too!
    Nancy’s necklace is really unique and adds a nice “girly” touch to emphasize the message of her t-shirt!
    I’m loving Charlotte in her moto jeans. The red shoes and glasses are so cute!! Her bracelet is really creative and fun!
    Your mom is rockin this look.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Jude!!
      I do think it’s interesting how certain details of an outfit can make it so much better. If we’d all thrown on white ugly sneakers—it could’ve looked way different.