What a Graphic Tee Says about You

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What your graphic tee says about you in mens fashion

What a Graphic Tee Says about You

Quote of the day: “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” Margaret Thatcher

Fashion and style does not have to be hard. If you think about the fact, that what you are wearing is telling others about you, it’s really just a message. Just like the graphic t-shirts. What a graphic tee says about you can be almost as powerful as a saying. Think of it as a quote on fabric.

And even though you may love your t-shirt, you may want to incorporate other items with it so your message is more than casual or sloppy. Us women on this blog, tried to show the same concept recently by wearing our t-shirts with fun bottoms and different accessories. The same idea could hold true for the males out there!

Rob’s Outfit: This is actually Rob’s recipe for almost any day of getting dressed.

He will grab a pair of jeans, and t-shirt. Then he’ll layer another shirt over top to make it look more intentional.

There’s another reason that this is a smart technique. Because then he can usually wear the button down shirt a couple of times before I have to wash it!

Making a men's graphic tee say it all

You’ve seen these brown jeans on Rob in his last outfit post!

I think they are one of his favorites because they aren’t as loud as his red jeans, yet they are different enough compared to blue jeans! If your man doesn’t mind some interesting colors, then this green pair or grey pair could garner some fun attention!

Men over 50 Wearing what a graphic tee says and feel

But the real message behind this post is the wording on the t-shirt!!

I could be philosophical for days on end when I see this t-shirt! But the truth is we are getting older, and there is no time like the present! So we should all wake our dreams and enjoy life!

I love to include quotes on many of my post because those couple of words can be so powerful! Just like what your graphic tee says! The message could be your inspiration for the day!

Of course it could also be a way to make you smile or tell people what you like. For instance if you’re a beer drinker or a surfer, these shirts could be a conversational starter!

Graphic t-shirt for men's fashion

And even if no one else notices what your graphic tee says, if it means something to you, that’s what’s important.

Because we all need some inspiration every now and again.

Whether your inspiration comes in the form of clothing, quotes or just a smile; here’s wishing you a fantastic day!

Men's Style including their graphic tee say about life

Jeans: H&M (similar here)~~Shirt: Fiume (similar here)~~T-Shirt: (similar here)~~Shoes: Ralph Lauren (here but not on sale)

I just have to tell you a back story about Rob’s shoes! When I posted his first fashion post talking about his shoes, I had linked to some other shoes in the post. When he was reading it, he decided that these shoes were too good a deal to pass up (they were $25)! So I just want to point out that I’m not the only one who succumbs to the great deals I find!!

Thanks to you all! 

P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all of the men out there! Both Rob and I miss our fathers terribly, but we celebrate it with my mom’s instead. Family is family, right?

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