How to create 6 types of clothing styles with 1 top

Greatest Style Trick: 6 Types of Clothing Styles with 1 Top

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I had a wonderful suggestion to create different types of clothing style looks with the same piece. It’s something I think can benefit each and every one of us so that our style doesn’t become stagnant, and so that we don’t always look the same.

Quote of the day: “The changes we dread most may contain our salvation.” Barbara Kingsolver

One of the biggest messages on my site is that we should switch up our “style” and evolve throughout life. Too many times, we get stuck in one style type and think that’s the only one for us. Yet our personality has many different sides, and thus I think our clothing style should mirror that.

Insider tip: In all reality, we like what we know. That means, our fashion style can be brought about because of the clothes we already have in our closet. And then we only purchase the same things over and over.
Yet our lives evolve with the changes that come with age, lifestyle, and location. Hopefully, your closet is a wonderful reflection of you. Life is too short for boring or invisibility at this stage of the game.

I have other articles where I showcase different types of clothing styles with one piece.

Summer Top

Lime green tank top
Old Navy Polo Top

I used this Old Navy sleeveless polo top to create 6 unique types of clothing styles for you to get an idea of how to make your closet more versatile.
This would work with any piece of clothing. So go shop your closet and try out all of these types of clothing styles.

If you are looking for a sleeveless polo top, then here are a couple that might fit the bill if Old Navy is out of stock for your size.

BTW, this top is advertised as cropped, but remember, that may not mean it’s super short. As you can see on me, it’s a great length.
This exact top was available in pink, green, and white, and is available in limited sizes now. It received over 200 5-star ratings. I sized up knowing that I wanted it looser for our hot temperatures, so I am wearing a medium instead of my usual small.

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Now let’s see how many of these types of clothing styles you would be comfortable wearing.
The styles you aren’t comfortable with? I would love for you to question why and talk yourself through the reasons. For many of us, it could be just the fact that you’ve never tried the style before.
In fact, remember your mother’s words when it came to food choices and see if you can apply them to these types of clothing styles.

“Try it, you’ll like it.”

Classic Style

Classic as types of clothing styles
Pants: Old Navy ~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Nella“~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours

This is a style that I think most of us are familiar with. Pairing the lime green top with white, and especially white linen pants for the summer.

Old Navy always has a great selection of linen or linen-blend pants if you don’t see any that you like in the widget below.

I wore metallic sandals to keep the footwear neutral and wore lime green earrings that match the top.

Street Style

Street style as example of types of clothing styles
Shorts: cut from thrifted jeans~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Cariuma ~~ Earrings: Just Be Youtiful

When we talk about street style, I use it to mean what you see on normal women who enjoy an individualized style. It can include parts of all the other types of clothing styles but isn’t limited to one particular vibe.

For this example, I paired the lime green polo top with a pair of cut off denim shorts. These shorts are ones I cut off myself to make them the length I wanted.

Insider tip: It can be hard to find longer shorts sometimes, so remember that you can create shorts any length you want with any pants. Just take them to be altered.

I also wore my favorite white canvas sneakers by Cariuma to create a modern look. You can’t see the earrings very well, but they are a wood rectangle with bright colors on them.

Feminine Style

Feminine style with a maxi skirt
Skirt: Badgley Mischka -Clothes Mentor~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Porsha

I used to consider feminine details as something I would never wear. Girliness was too weak for my tastes. Luckily, I’ve reconsidered and found a new love for both girly clothes as well as everything else. I’ve finally realized that I can still be a strong woman, and wear feminine clothing.

This designer skirt was found on clearance at a secondhand store and it still had its original price tag on it. I know most of us would say, “Where would I wear it”, but I like the idea that I am ready for any occasion by buying these fabulous deals when I see them.

I dressed up the skirt with champagne glitter heels (reviewed here) and long gold earrings.

Types of Clothing Styles: Bohemian

Bohemian style appropriate for older women
Skirt: Umgee from Just Be Youtiful~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles ~~ Earrings: Amazon

This is one of the types of clothing styles that I never embraced until I retired and started being more adventurous with my looks.
Even Lesley who would call herself more conservative in her style has talked about this in the past.

I wore a longer, handkerchief hem skirt with a pair of Birkenstock-like shoes.
And then I added straw earrings to finish it off. Have you seen the variety of fabulous raffia earrings on Amazon lately?

An Edgy Look

Edge style for older women
Shorts: Camellia- Goodwill~~ Top: Old Navy ~~ Boots: Mix No 6-DSW

I would consider edgy style as one of those I don’t see as much on older women. It’s one of those types of fashion styles that you might think of as rebellious. Yet, the items that fall into this category can be wonderful additions to our classic or feminine styles to create a dichotomy.

What would I consider edgy?
1-Leather and faux leather
2-Combat boots
3-Spikes or big metallic jewelry and even exposed zippers

In that line of thinking, I paired the lime green polo shirt with a pair of faux leather shorts and my pink combat boots.
If you look closely, you’ll see 2 different earrings. My second shoulder scraping black earring came apart as I was putting it on, so I had to forgo wearing it. But in all reality, wearing 2 different earrings could fall into the edgy way of thinking.

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Creative or Artistic Style

Being creative in regards to clothing styles with the same top
Dress: Banana Republic Factory~~ Top: Old Navy ~~ Shoes: Betsey Johnson~~ Earrings: Bealls

This is the style you might be familiar with if you follow Advanced Style or Iris Apfel. Those women are creative and many are retired artists who enjoy wearing whatever they want.

I remember when I first saw this style, I considered it “too much.” Too much color, too much print, and just too much everything. Yet the more and more I have grown in my style, I understand it.
Creative people have a need that is different and they enjoy being unique. I think there should be a little creativity in all of us.

For my creative style, I tried to keep it somewhat subdued for those of you who are still taking baby steps with color and having fun with clothing.
I layered the lime green polo OVER an orange slip dress (seen here styled 6 different ways) and added colorful shoes and earrings.

BTW, the BEST accessory in all of these outfit examples? My fur baby, Piper, who enjoyed a variety of treats as an incentive to model with me.

6 types of clothing styles for any grown woman

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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