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Guaranteed Cold Weather Clothes List For How I Stay Warm

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For our Where Bloggers Live prompt this month, we are talking about how we stay warm, so I came up with a guaranteed cold weather clothes list.
As someone who used to live in Denver, Colorado, and who tends to run cold no matter what the temperature, I have learned so many tips.

Quote of the day: “Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above it.” Washington Irving

It all started when I was a young adult when I was up in the mountains skiing with my ex. I was miserable and my feet were like icycles. My ex took off my ski boots to rub my feet and he was shocked that I was only wearing a thin, pair of white socks.
In my defense, I was an indoor girl whose mother was into fashion, not outdoorsy things. So my knowledge of cold weather clothes was nil.

Since then, I have learned that certain materials should be part of our cold weather clothes list as well as the art of layering AND fit. Let’s just say that there is nothing better than fleece against our bare skin once the temperatures dip.

The easiest way to stay warm is to move to a Southern state where it doesn’t snow, LOL. However, since that’s not always realistic, I thought I’d list some of my go-to’s that are part of my cold-weather clothes list.

We have showcased outfits with our outerwear and all of the accessories many times if you are looking for inspiration.

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Cold Weather Clothes List For Feet

Let’s start at the bottom of our bodies for our cold weather clothes list, because if your feet are cold, you’re whole body is cold.

Socks and boots. The key is the material composition, and that doesn’t mean it has to be thick.

For socks/tights:

  • Fleece lined is amazing. I love the fleece lined tights which you can get with feet or footless on Amazon. Heck, even if you are looking for no-show socks, Sheec has fleece ones available that I am wearing right now. But if you want super warm, check out Heat Holders.
  • Wool is the other material of choice. Of course, one drawback of the original wool socks was they were scratchy. But now there are a lot of wool blends that help that factor. Let me just say if someone handknits you wool socks, you are a lucky person.

Insider tip: Hand-knit socks may be warm, but they are even warmer if you felt them slightly. That means carefully washing them so the fibers meld together even more. This only works for wool socks and not acrylic ones.
They do shrink a tad in this process, so only try this if they are slightly big.


  • The taller the boots, the warmer they are. Many of you might scoff at the idea of over-the-knee boots, but then at least try the knee boots. Truthfully, you may think that leather is more desirable, but your vegan leathers don’t “breathe” as well, and therefore can be warmer.
  • For ankle or shorter boots, make sure they have a fleece or some kind of warm lining.

Your Base Layer

Layering is the obvious solution for how to stay warm in cold weather. I know most women are concerned with not looking like the Michelin man when they get dressed which is why I included the following in my cold weather clothes list.

Insider tip: Your long underwear should be fitted because that will help with not being so bulky when you layer over them PLUS it’s warmer that way.

  • Silk long underwear-I’ve always had silk long undies as part of my base layer. They can be the thinnest option for your cold weather clothes list.
  • Fleece long underwear-I think fleece long underwear beat out the silk ones if you need more warmth.
  • Halftees-If you need layers for your arms and neck but don’t want the bulk around your middle, these can be a wonderful addition to your cold weather clothing list.
    BTW, I am an ambassador for the company, so use the code Jtouch20 for a discount.

Insider tip: Don’t forget that your bra can help to make your warmer. As part of my cold weather clothes list, I wear my long Ruby Ribbon cami bras or Shapeez smoothing bras instead of the demi ones. I have written about how these types of bras are much more comfortable than traditional bras.


Let’s talk about the reality of this cold weather clothes list.
Like I’ve said the material makes a huge difference. But you also want tighter items. Of course, I don’t mean tight that cuts off your circulation, but you want both the base layers and your clothes to be skimming your body if you’re looking to stay warm.

  • Fleece lined leggings or jeans- You can easily wear these OVER your long undies for extra warmth.
  • Cold weather tops- Merino wool is ideal, and if you can’t wear it next to your skin because of sensitivity, just layer it over your long undies.

Insider tip: As someone who lives in a summer where it’s over 100 degrees a LOT, I know how to stay cool in summer. Therefore, the idea of how I stay warm is basically the opposite. Instead of lightweight, flowy items, I want heavy, fitted things.

Coats & Extras For this Cold Weather Clothes List

Even when you live in a “southern” state, it’s never a bad idea to have winter scarves, hats, and mittens/gloves in your closet.
Heck, just think about the idea that you may travel to somewhere cold over the holiday season at some point.

  • Coats-Puffers can be warm, but they aren’t all created equally. Wool coats and faux fur ones are also wonderfully warm.
  • Scarves-Large blanket scarves are ideal for a cold weather clothes list. But if they are too overwhelming to style, consider cutting it in half to take out the bulk.
  • Hats-Beanies are great, but they are even warmer when they have a lining or fleece inside them. The other hat that is the best to keep your head warm is faux fur-lined hats with ear flaps. Many examples are found in the widget below.
  • Gloves-Gloves are more functional than mittens but mittens keep your fingers warmer. There are options galore for fleece lined gloves and mittens on Amazon.

Insider tip: While I love the idea of disposable hand warmers, they aren’t the best for sustainability. That’s why the idea of rechargeable heated gloves are the best thing since sliced bread.

Needless to say, I know how to stay warm much better now than when I was skiing in my youth.

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