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Guaranteed Results: Styling a Dressy Pants Outfit

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Many of you remember a time when women couldn’t wear pants. Yet, now we see them anywhere and everywhere. So this week was all about wearing pants to different events. Cathie is joining with her dressy pants outfit that could be worn for all kinds of occasions.

Quote of the day: “Fashion isn’t meant to cover our imperfections, our brokenness. Fashion is designed to reflect the beauty of your souls, your whole being, from within to without.” Catherine Graceo

The quote above is by my friend, Catherine. She is the founder of the Facebook group, Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters (and I hope you join if you are looking for inspiration and kindness).
Catherine’s words resonate with my motto that we don’t have to be invisible as we get older and as our bodies change.

I thought it was a great quote for Cathie’s dressy pants outfit since she is sporting a couple of items that many of you might think you can’t or shouldn’t wear.

When I asked Cathie if she ever wears pants for dressier events she said absolutely not! She usually wears dresses, skirts, or even a jumpsuit when she wants to dress up. Yet she came through like a champ with a fabulous outfit including 2 items that will guarantee a fabulous and unique result.
You can see other pants styling ideas for a funeral, wedding, or any formal event.

Off the shoulder top with dressy pants outfit

Pants: Kensie-thrifted at Platos~~ Top: Lane Bryant-thrifted at Platos~~ Shoes: Clarks- thrifted at Goodwill~~ Purse: from the casino

Cathie’s Dressy Pants Outfit

Let’s dissect Cathie’s dressy pants outfit starting with the pants. This pair of floral, wide-leg pants really stand out and make a fabulous statement. Not only are they a floral print, but they also have trim down the sides of each leg and a border at the ankle.

You can’t tell from the photos, but these pants are a silky material and have a bit of sheen to them too. When she first came to the house, I just fell in love with these pants.

If you’ve never worn print pants before, you may feel they are too much. But why is wearing print on the bottom half of your body any different than the top half?
In fact, print actually camouflages any lumps and bumps you would rather hide. So give them a go and I bet you’ll be surprised.

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Why would print pants be perfect for a dressy pants outfit?? I think the material is key but also the fact they are more interesting can make a difference.
Don’t forget the top is a factor too.

Floral pants for any size woman

The Off-the-Shoulder Top

The second part of Cathie’s look that guarantees a fabulous look is the off-the-shoulder top. Baring our shoulders seems dressier from the start and it’s definitely ageless.
4 years ago, I would automatically cross a top like this off my list because of the need for a strapless bra. But it’s sad to be limited about what to wear because of a bra!!

That’s why I researched over 10 different types and ideas for strapless bras. Personally, my favorite is #12 from my article, but I realize that the sizing is limited.
Cathie told me that she prefers the brand, Wacoal like this one.

The other detail about an off-the-shoulder top that is wonderful is that it shortens the proportions of the upper half. While Cathie also tucked in her top, the fact, that it’s off the shoulders creates that 1/3 proportion of the top to the 2/3 proportion for the pants.

Insider tip: Most OFS tops are not tight and fitted across the bust, so you don’t always have to think about a bra that lifts and separates. You just need one that stays in place and doesn’t kill you!!

If your OFS top doesn’t stay off the shoulders, I’ve learned this trick that I uploaded to YouTube that really works. BTW, some hair elastics are shorter than others, so you can chain two together if you need it longer.

Accessories for a Dressy Outfit

Wearing sparkle is the perfect way to add a fancier vibe to any of your outfits. Since Cathie’s top is a knit material and not shiny, she added a rhinestone necklace instead.
That and all of the bling on her wrists are the cherries on top.

I also love the white purse as the bag of choice. It lightens the look considerably as opposed to if she had chosen a black purse to “match” the top and shoes.

Insider tip: Even though your purse is not “attached” to your outfit, it can really make or break a look. Finding a contrasting color to what you’re wearing gives a modern feel to the look.

Sandals with a dressy pants outfit
Dressy print pants outfit for plus size women

Sandals for a Dressy Pants Outfit?

Of course, you can wear flat sandals even for a dressy pants outfit. Sure, they may seem more casual, but I would like to point out that your outfit is not just one detail. It’s a combination of everything combined and your goal is to have a focal point.

For example in Cathie’s look, her pants are definitely the focal point. After which you notice her bare shoulders.
The shoes hardly play a role in the overall look because they blend in with the pants and don’t grab your attention. And if you basically want to “hide” your shoes, that’s exactly what you do.

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Black, flat sandals are essential for most women in the summer, and if you don’t dress up all that much, then you may not have heels or blingy ones. Your basic black sandals can work just perfectly in a dressy pants outfit.

What can make black, flat sandals “seem” dressier?
1-Black insoles and black soles
2-The shininess of the leather
3-Extras like bows or bling
4-Thinner straps

Ruffle off the shoulder top

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Dressy pants outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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