Wearing Hair Accessories with Lilla Rose & a Giveaway

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Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose for midlife women

Wearing Hair Accessories with Lilla Rose & a Giveaway

Quote of the day: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

I wanted to use this quote, because if you’re like me at all, you still remember all of those fashion and style rules from growing up. And not that they were bad. However, how can we be unique and the best version of our self, if we all look the same?

Wearing hair accessories may not be your first thought anymore when getting ready for the day. Now that my hair is short, I certainly don’t think about it often. Yet I still wear a headband especially when I work out like in our post about sweating. And there’s many days, I use a plain bobby pin to keep my curls in check.

If you haven’t heard of Lilla Rose yet, they make elegant, well-made, unique hair clips, bobby pins, hair bands, sticks, and other hair accessories. I realize you can get many similar items at the drug store now, but these products are better for many reasons.

The giveaway is now closed.

Lilla Rose Bobbies

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose for ladies over 40

We were gifted these products and I thought it’d be fun to showcase them while we were on our Alaska cruise. These bobbies we all wore on our excursion into Skagway, which you’ll be able to see more photos of in the next couple of weeks.

For those of you with silver hair also, these do their job without being too obvious. That’s why I also showcased the ladybug bobbies in my hair too, to give you variety depending on your hair color. Yet there are bobbies that are darker or have sparkles on more of the shaft if you want them to show up more.

What I think is great is you can purchase just one or a pair. That means you could mix and match the designs.

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose bobbies

Open Leaves Bobbies

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose for women over 60

Lady Bug Bobbies

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose with sparkle bobbies

North Star Bobbies

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose for everyday

Both my mom and I have thin hair, yet these bobbies stayed in well over the course of the day. They are quite a bit tighter than normal bobby pins, so Laurie has a video on her Facebook Page on a trick to get them out without pulling out your hair.

Lilla Rose HairBands

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose for older women

One of my most favorite things about these headbands, is the fact that they are super versatile. You may ask how a headband could be versatile? Well there are lobster clasps holding it to the elastic, which then can be changed. There are options for a longer jewelry chain so you can wear this same piece as a necklace. You could also opt for the magnetic closure which could make it a much shorter necklace.

Another great feature is the fact you can choose the color of the elastic with each headband. The options are black, blonde, brunette or silver so it can match your hair nicely. The elastic can be adjusted for every headband and even comes in standard or long lengths. So getting a great fit is super easy.

Wearing hair accessories including headbands for women over 70

Scarlet Headband

Wearing hair accessories including headbands for women over 80

Montana Headband

Wearing hair accessories including headbands for women over 50

Lovely Pearls Headband

Other Headbands

There are also thicker headbands available like the one I’m wearing below. And those lobster clasps I talked about earlier? They allow you to combine one, two or more headbands together. For example I wore this camel headband with my pearl one together one day recently.

Let me tell you why I love these kinds of headbands that circle the entire head so much better than the kinds that end at the ears. The traditional versions used to push into my head and give me a headache after a couple of hours. That isn’t the case with these newer headbands. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you can adjust them to fit your head so well.

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose for workout

Dark Camel Headband

Flexi HairClips

Wearing hair accessories with Lilla Rose flexiclips

Laurie didn’t send any of these Flexi Hairclips since we don’t have longer hair. But here’s her words about them, ” The product that I fell in love with and caused me to become a consultant was the Flexi-Clip. It is a one-piece, flexible hair clip that works in all types of hair, from baby-fine to extra-long and thick. It comes in 7 sizes, and enables you to do a variety of hairstyles, from a simple half-up to a full French Twist, in less than 30 seconds!  It is perfect for our busy lives when we need our hair routine to be a quick and easy process.”

One of the cool things about these flexi hairclips is the fact they are super versatile. If you get creative, you can use it as a scarf clip, phone/computer cord holder, sweater closure,  or to tie up a T-shirt.

The Facts

This post is a collaboration with Laurie Young and her independent styling business with Lilla Rose. I’ve always been a firm believer that supporting the small businesses is the way to go. I’m sure that idea stems from the fact, that I was a small business when I owned my dental practice.

As for Lilla Rose products, they guarantee their items free from defects for a year and a free exchange for a different size piece for orders in the US.

Even if you’re not a fan of wearing hair accessories, these could be fantastic holiday gifts. Did I just say holiday gift? Yes, it’s never too early to get that holiday shopping started, right? And right now in October receive 1 free Upin (or Upin set) with a qualifying retail order of $50 or more.

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