Hair Products for Thickening Hair Reviews

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Different hair products for thickening hair as comparison

Hair Products for Thickening Hair Reviews & Giveaway

I feel like hair is one of those things that many of us struggle with.  At least most of us seem to want the opposite of what we have. And then there’s the changes that come throughout out lives.

So for this month’s Love it or Leave it, I thought I’d concentrate on the hair cleansers that I have been using for the past year. Of course I realize that everyone’s wants and needs are different when it comes to hair, but I thought some of these could be interesting.

Let me give you the personal history of my hair. It’s thin and fine, and has been this way my entire life. And it’s curly. Not just a little curly, but quite the kinky curls if I let it dry naturally. And I live in Denver, which is an arid state. Therefore, my hair tends to need a ton of moisture. Of course, I didn’t realize this until recently. As for the color, it’s all natural now. I used to dye it until I retired 5 years ago. So now any highlighting you see is the natural greys coming out.

Truthfully, I’ve never loved my hair all that much. In fact, I got in the habit of wearing wigs about 7 years ago and absolutely loved them. To me, they were the perfect solution for a bad hair day. However, my husband didn’t love the wigs all that much. So even though I still have them, I don’t really wear them anymore. One of these days, I’ll show you the photos. But for now, trust me when I say that I still struggle with accepting my hair as it is.

Which makes my hunt for the perfect hair products even more real. I’m always looking for products that work towards thickening my hair and making it look better. Yet it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve been interested in more natural products. Even though I’ve embraced “real” food for the last 10 years, it’s been harder to get on board with my beauty supplies.

Reviewing hair products for thickening hair with InnerSense

1. Innersense Shampoo & Conditioner

I was sent this shampoo and conditioner over a year ago in my Think Dirty Beauty Box. They were the first “natural” hair products I had ever used. You can tell these aren’t new anymore by the bottles. And the fact that the company has changed their labels now. I’m sure the basis is still the same, but the bottles look different. These are free of toxins and all kinds of chemicals that I don’t even know what they are or do.

While I did like these hair products, I didn’t find any overwhelmingly difference when using them. What I do like, is the fact you can buy a smaller size for much less money to try them out first. When I first received these, I was shocked at the cost of them since I’d only ever purchased drugstore hair products. But now that I’ve researched the better brands, it seems normal. Besides, look at how long they last.

Verdict: Neutral

Reviewing hair products for thickening hair with Puritan Pride

2. Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil Conditioner

I purchased this conditioner when I started working with Puritans Pride a year ago. I’m not one to always get the matching shampoo and conditioner which is why I only have the conditioner to talk about. This product got rave reviews on their site.

And I really like it for many reasons. Not that it makes my hair feel thicker, but it does seem to hydrate it well, and it isn’t greasy.

Verdict: Love it

Reviewing hair products for thickening hair with Ovation

3. Ovation Cell Therapy

I purchased this system over a year ago. I ended up buying it through their website, but heck, if you’re looking to try it, definitely get it through my Amazon link where it’s almost half price. My mom used this after her bout with shingles over 8 years ago when her hair was very damaged from the episode. Needless to say her hair got a lot thicker, but we were never sure if it was from this product or because she recovered from the sickness.

That’s why I wanted to try it for myself. And I’ve used it. At first I used it exclusively, but in the past 6 months, I’ve been alternating with other products too. At first, I really thought it was making my hair seem thicker, but then that seemed to go away. One of my good friends swears by it, so maybe it’s just me.

Verdict: Neutral

Reviewing hair products for thickening hair with Formulate

4. Formulate 

I was gifted this set of shampoo and conditioner as a blogger to talk about it since it’s a brand new product. It just got launched earlier this year and it’s quite an innovative idea. This video gives a little background about why the company started this. And once I heard the quest, I’ve been a huge supporter. Because it’s all about finding the shampoo and conditioner that works for your individual needs and wants.

For example, you put in your hair qualities and where you live, along with your goals. I wanted to prevent thinning, deep condition, straighten, reduce frizz and hydrate, so those were my goals. In fact, you can see my specifics on my page here.

The cost is about the same as the natural ones above, so it’s not drug store inexpensive. But it’s also not drugstore quality. I feel like this has worked the best on my hair from everything I’ve ever tried. And since the company is new, they are wonderful about any feedback. For example, I chose the Tidal scent and while I’m used to it now, it wasn’t my favorite at first. They were willing to change it for me but I decided to stick with it. However, if you try it, I’ve heard others say that the Green With Envy is the better scent choice. See, this is why you read blogger’s reviews….they give you the inside scoop.

Verdict: Love it

Tips & Tricks

One thing I found after much experimenting is that my hair seems to do much better if I’m alternating products. Not every time I shampoo, but maybe every third time or so. Even with my favorite Formulate products. Maybe it’s because we get used to the results after awhile, and once we change, then we notice them again?

You can tell that I don’t use a lot of product since all of these items last me close to forever. Maybe it’s because I don’t wash my hair everyday, or maybe I’m just sparse with how much product I use?

And of course, I’m always open to hearing your favorite products and why. Many times, I feel like I learn more from my readers. But make sure to enter the giveaway, because I’d love for more people to see if they love Formulate products as much as I do.

I hope you liked this run down of make up and beauty products. I have many more products to talk about, but if you have a specific concern, I’d love to know about it.

And feel free to check out the previous Love it or Leave it posts where I talk about different products from the months of SeptemberAugust, JulyJune or May.

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