5 ways of how to wear a crop top modestly

Halftees Winter Edition: How to Wear Crop Tops Modestly

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I have become a huge fan of the Halftee shirts and decided to try out the long sleeve versions for the winter season. While most of us don’t go out of our way to purchase “crop tops” these are made to be layering pieces. Which is why I thought it was perfect for the idea of how to wear crop tops modestly.
Plus if you act fast, you can save 30% with my discount code, Jtouch20 for the Black Friday sale (ending Nov. 18) that Halftee is having. You get 30% off plus $5 shipping.

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How to wear crop tops modestly
What are Halftees
1-Under a sleeveless item
2-Wear it under a short sleeve sweater
3- Use it to cover your cleavage area
4-Make the look seem layered
5-Hidden as warmth

We find the best fixes when something doesn’t fit exactly right or you want it to look different. That’s exactly one of the reasons I wanted to explore how to wear crop tops modestly. While most older women have NEVER considered owning a crop top, that’s exactly what Halftees are. Yet, they aren’t meant to be worn by themselves. They are a “fix” for many issues.

Insider tip: The crop tops in the widget above aren’t the Halftees brand, but if you are looking for a specific style or color, you might check out the young girl’s stores for these items.
ALSO think about your sports bras as an option too.

Sure, it might be easier to buy clothing that doesn’t need a “fix”, but in all reality, your closet is more versatile and spans the seasons if you know how to be the boss of your clothes.
And Halftees are one of those essentials that you may not need every day, but they are the perfect extra for some days.

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What is a Halftee?

Basically, a Halftee is a crop top. But it’s not a crop top that you would buy to wear by itself. It’s a layering top. That means it’s meant to be layered under (or over if you want to get super creative as I did here) other clothing.

I started loving Halftees when we moved to Arizona. When I lived in Colorado, I wasn’t as apt to try them because I wanted the extra layer for my midsection for warmth. Yet there are times even in colder weather when this idea of how to wear a crop top modestly with Halftees is perfection.

Insider tip: Sizing is true to size. You want that band under the girls to be snug so the top doesn’t ride up. I know one of my friends tried sizing up, and then the band rode up which can be annoying.

When you check over their site, you’ll see they have many variations of Halftees available. For summer, there are sleeveless options that cover cleavage issues. There are short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops, and even ones made for kids.
At times, the site offers other clothing for sale, so make sure to check their page often. And use code Jtouch20 for a discount.

Insider tip: They also are offering starter packs that include 5 different options for a deal.

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Today I want to talk about 2 winter styles. One is the long-sleeve crew neck that comes in a wide range of colors (I’m wearing the brown one) and the other is the turtleneck long-sleeve (I’m wearing the white one).

Black Friday sale: Get 30% off and $5 shipping with my code Jtouch20, until November 18.

And while I love Halftees and how they are made, there is no reason you can’t create something like this yourself with what you already have. I became an ambassador because they are something I love, but I know some women can make their own crop tops.

How to Wear Crop Tops Modestly Under Sleeveless Items

Long sleeves: How to wear a crop top modestly
Dress: Banana Republic-Goodwill ~~ Halftee: Use code Jtouch20~~ Boots: Dolce Vita -DSW~~ Scarf: Naomi & Ruth~~ Magnet to hold scarf: Maggie’s Snaps

Winter has many women leaving their sleeveless items to be stored away for next summer, yet there is no reason you can’t layer those pieces and wear them all year long.
It seems like more work, sure, yet you get a lot more bang for the buck this way.

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That’s why I decided to use my long-sleeve brown Halftee under my sleeveless dress. I copied the brown of the Halftee with the scarf belt, shoes, and accessories and decided this is one of my favorite looks!

Insider tip: Another reason to choose a Halftee instead of any ole t-shirt for layering is when your layering item is a tad too snug for extra material. This pink dress tends to feel a little tight around the waist, so the Halftee is perfect since it stops under the girls.

Wear Your Halftee Under a Short-Sleeve Sweater

How to wear a crop top modestly under a short sleeve sweater
Skirt: Kay Unger-thrifted~~ Sweater: Sundance-thrifted~~ Halftee: Use code Jtouch20~~ Pin: Gift from my friend, Marl ~~ Hat: Liz Claiborne-my friend’s mother’s

Who buys a short-sleeve sweater in the first place? Ha!! I have many, and some I’ve even knit myself. I didn’t knit this one but found it at a secondhand store. I was intrigued with it because
1-It was the Sundance brand which is usually out of my budget and
2-It’s not really knitted but woven somehow.

And since it’s thick, it’s not really worn much during the warmer months. So I always need to figure out how to wear it layered. Which works into the idea of how to wear crop tops modestly.

Yet this kind of short-sleeve sweater would also be perfect with any turtleneck or long-sleeve shirt, so don’t rule out anything.

Cleavage Coverage

How to wear a crop top modestly by covering cleavage
Dress: G by Giuliani -Turnstyle Consignment~~Halftee: Use code Jtouch20~~ Shoes: “Lilac”~~ Head Scarf: Gibby’s Frillery~~ Earrings: Target~~ Purse: Charming Charlies

Ever feel too exposed with some tops, especially wrap tops and dresses? That’s where Halftees really shine. Not only do they act as cleavage coverage, but they can also be turned around and worn backward.
One side has a higher crew neckline which can be worn forwards or backward. They do this intentionally by not putting the label at the neckline.

I could have used many of my Halftees for this purpose depending on if I wanted my arms covered. If you didn’t, you could wear one of the sleeveless or short-sleeved versions.

Insider tip: Camisoles are another great option for this issue. While crop tops and camis are not something usually worn by themselves, they provide an excellent fix in your closet for pieces like this.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Adding a layer to a denim dress
Dress: Kancan won in a giveaway ~~ Jeans: Makers~~ Halftee: Use code Jtouch20~~ Boots: many seasons ago.

Wearing layers is the fun part of cold-weather styling, but many women struggle with bulkiness. If that’s your concern, then Halftees are the items for you. With this turtleneck, you get the look of wearing layers without having extra material at your waistline.

Insider tip: The turtleneck is available in a mock turtleneck as well as sleeveless and elbow-length sleeves. You have options!

How to Wear Crop Tops Modestly for Warmth

Add a hidden layer for warmth
Overalls: Old Navy~~ Top: Sister Bird Boutique won in a giveaway~~Halftee: Use code Jtouch20 ~ Earrings: Francescas~~ Hat: I knit it

Of course, you can hide the extra layers you are wearing, so they are just there to provide warmth. And that’s what I did with the brown long-sleeve Halftee in this example. The blouse is thin and I wanted an extra layer without having to cover up the pretty top.

Insider tip: Another reason to wear layers under your tops is for laundry’s sake. I used to always wear a washable t-shirt under my more delicate items so the delicate items wouldn’t have to be washed as often.

So what do you think? Did I catch you off guard with the title how to wear crop tops modestly?? I liked using that title because I wanted to get you thinking differently about some of the shorter tops you might have in your closet.
Or a reason you might actually buy a crop top.

Then again, check out the Halftees site where these are made exclusively to help with any modesty issues. Make sure to take advantage of the Black Friday sale to get 30% off and $5 shipping with code Jtouch20.

Halftee winter edition

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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