Help Me Figure Out How to Decorate My Entry way

Help Me Figure Out How to Decorate My Entry way

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Welcome and help me figure out how to decorate my entry way

Help Me Figure Out How to Decorate My Entry way with Where Bloggers Live

Today I am asking your help on how to decorate my entry way. I usually like to decorate but I am no interior designer, that’s for sure. In fact, the only reason I’m posting about my entry way is because that’s the theme for this month’s Where Blogger’s Live.
Truth be told, I’m embarrassed that it is how it is, and hasn’t evolved like the rest of the house.

Quote of the day: “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston

So I figured I could ask for your help in how to decorate my entry way. I will give you the specifics, what I have done, and a couple of links to the rest of our mid century house. I appreciate all of your suggestions and promise to work on this area this summer when we are staying inside due to the over hundred degrees days here in Arizona.
Heck, even the front door outside area above could use more loving! I’ve seen photos where decorators layer the front mats, and I have that as an option. What do you think? You can see more of the front patio from this blog post including the “before” shots of when we moved into this house.

I am including something that I do LOVE that is in our hallway to our bedrooms!! Yet it too, needs a little fix!!
So let’s play the game of how to decorate my entry way starting now!!

The entry way of our mid century home

Welcome to How to Decorate my Entry Way

This is where you come into our house. Granted, we normally come into the house through the door from the garage which brings us into the kitchen. Maybe that’s why I haven’t spend as much time on the entry way?

I am happy that we painted the front door yellow. It’s such a bright and happy color to bring into the house.
That open area under the mirror is where I used to have the entry way table which you will see below. Just recently I moved it to the window space, and I’m still unsure of which way looks better.

I love the round rug as that area is open, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it needs a bigger rug or different shape one?
And let’s talk paint. All of our walls are light grey, and I’m itching to paint some of them!!

More on how to decorate my entry way

The Other Side

So here’s the other side of the entry way for when you come in our place with the door closed.
I’ve always said I will replace that window glass at some time, I’m just not sure what to replace it with?

Like I said, I recently moved the entry way table over here. The hooks for guest’s coats were here before the table. If I keep the table here, I should move the hooks? Maybe I need to move the mirror to be over the table again?
See? I’m full of questions and need lots of help.

The Details

The butterfly and dragonfly used to be outside on our patio in Denver. Rob had the idea to make our inside decor bright and colorful, so I thought I’d bring them to the entry way here in Arizona. Even if I keep them on this wall, I think they are too high.
Obviously our ceilings are low in this mid century house. They are only 8 feet tall.

We do keep the bunny up all year long (except when we put out Christmas decor). The chalk that is situated under the blue flamingo is not his poop. I just noticed that it looks like that, LOL It’s for the heart shaped chalkboard on the outside front door area!!

Insider tip: I have to admit that seeing these photos is helping me realize what I don’t like and do like about the area. Just like how I tell you all to take daily photos of your outfits. It’s a different perspective!!

Into the House

The entry way is not large. With your back to the door, you either can go straight ahead to the bedrooms or to the right into the living part of the house including the kitchen.

See more posts about those spaces
The Guest Room and Murphy Bed
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Inside Our Home (BTW, this was when we first moved in, and it has evolved since)
Our Kitchen

There isn’t much to show on this front, so let me introduce you to my favorite thing in the house. I have it hidden in that hallway to the bedrooms only because it has a scar now.

The paint by number wall hanging

Paint By Number

Here is a paint by number painting that I did for my husband’s birthday when we were first married. A company would take your photo and create this black and white paint by number kit, which I bought.
Of course it was a surprise for him, so I had it set up at my dental office and would pull it out to work on most days after my patients left.

We laugh about it now because many days I had to “fib” about what I was doing. But it really came out so lovely. The photo doesn’t do it justice.
In fact, you have to get up close to really see the blobs of paint which makes you realize it’s not a photo itself.

Then I had it framed professionally by one of my patients at the time. It’s a beautiful frame that is now unfortunately broken (see the photos below).
When we first moved into this house, I had it hung on only one nail (what was I thinking) and it fell and broke.
It’s not super evident so I’ve left it as is. We joke that it has a scar, just like our lives have scars!

The cracked frame

So Let’s Play

Tell me your thoughts and suggestions on how to decorate my entry way. I’m sure there are many of you out there that are fabulous at this.
If you have some ideas and don’t comment on the blog, feel free to email me at

Now onto the rest of the group!! I’m sure you’ll be more impressed with their entry ways. And heck, maybe I will get some inspiration too!!

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Help Me Figure Out How to Decorate My Entry way

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