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Helpful Ideas For Styling Pink In Winter

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You may be of the mindset that pink is made for springtime, but we are here to prove that there’s no reason you can’t style pink in winter.
The obvious solution is to add black to the mix, which all three of us did without telling each other.

Or as we always say, “Great minds think alike.”

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Even though Cathie, Charlotte, and I chose to wear pink in winter with black, there is a load of variety in the shades of pink we chose. Plus we all picked different pink items so you can get an assortment of ideas.

If you are anything like me from 10 years ago, pink was too girly. I would never have worn it because I wanted to be professional and taken seriously.
Luckily times have changed and the color pink is boss.

We have showcased pink outfits for every season if you want more ideas on color combinations.

Pink, fuzzy sweater with black windowpane pants
Pants: thrifted~~ Sweater: Soft Surroundings c/o ~~ Boots: no label-Bealls ~~ Necklace: old from 2000~~ Purse: Armani Exchange-yard sale~~Hat: CVS

Charlotte-Pink in Winter with a Fuzzy Sweater

The material of an item can make a color seem more seasonally appropriate. For example, Charlotte’s pink fuzzy sweater. It may be pink, but the fact that it’s fuzzy and a sweater makes it perfect for winter.

My mom was gifted this sweater 5 years ago from Soft Surroundings and she wore it with charcoal leggings at the time.

For our pink in winter theme, Charlotte paired the sweater with this fabulous pair of windowpane pants. We found these pants while thrifting and at first she was concerned they were too tight. However, I twisted her arm to get them, and they are a great option with oversized tops.

Insider tip: Fit is important. I know this and believe it. Yet sometimes it can be advantageous to have items that run snug and others that run big. Variety is the spice of life.

The best part of this outfit? Fabulous print mixing with the snakeskin boots next to the windowpane pants.

Washing tip: I’ve ruined 2 fuzzy sweaters in the past. The secret to clean them? Delicate cycle to wash, and air dry. It probably seems obvious, but it took me two times to figure it out, haha.

Wearing pink in winter with faux leather leggings
Leggings: Goodwill~~ Blazer: Goodwill~~ Top: Walmart ~~ Shoes: DV-Target~~ Earrings: Rad & Rae-local designer~~ Purse: Amazon clearance center

Cathie-Rose Gold Blazer & Faux Leather Leggings

Another easy way to incorporate pink in winter is by wearing rose gold. It’s a warm metallic and since metallics are all the rage right now, it’s perfect.
This option gives you the pink color without being so feminine since I consider metallics hip and modern.

Cathie’s oversized boyfriend blazer pairs ideally with these faux leather leggings. You may have read that leggings aren’t trendy right now, but the crew has shown that there are ways to keep them contemporary.

Insider tip: Material is key. Faux leather is very modern so upgrade your leggings to this type and you can still wear them fashionably.

I love how Cathie also mixed her metals. Her sequin sneakers are a silver color while her necklaces and earrings are gold.

Woman over 50 wearing pink in winter
Dress: En Creme~~ Jacket: Marciano- Clothes Mentor~~Boots: Kelly & Katie-DSW ~~ Earrings: Audra Style~~ Purse: found at Vegas airport

Jodie-Adding an Edgy Vibe to Pink

Since pink can be girly, I wanted to experiment with adding an edgy vibe to the color. For my pink in winter, I chose this bright pink floral maxi that I’ve styled 5 different ways.

Then my edgy details are the black leather jacket and black combat boots.

You could say that the inspiration for the color combination came from these earrings. And did you see the design of my black purse? It’s a black leather jacket.
I find this so whimsical and it’s my mother who found it in the Las Vegas airport for me.

Shopping tip: I found my leather jacket while thrifting, but some of the prices in the widget above are even better than what I got. This is the time to get a winter jacket because stores are trying to clear out inventory to make room for spring items.
BTW, you can click the heart in the widget if you like an item, and it will email you to let you know when it’s on sale.

Styling pink in winter with black

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Wearing pink in winter

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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