2 ideas of what color jacket to wear with a red dress

Helpful Ideas of What Color Jacket to Wear with a Red Dress

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Our Magnificent 8 group of women came up with the idea to style the color red since it’s been a trending color. I thought it would be fun to showcase helpful ideas of what color jacket to wear with a red dress for the three of us.

Quote of the day: “I’d rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right.” Elon Musk

This quote speaks to me because my initial response to what color jacket to wear with a red dress is any color. Yet I know some people struggle with color combinations and what is “right.”

In all reality, there is no right or wrong. If there was, then the world of art would all be the same and Mother Nature wouldn’t be as lovely.
Yet many women think it’s different when they are wearing colors on their bodies. That there are rules.

Rules, schmules.

My goal is to stop being held back by rules that don’t matter and have fun with our clothing options.
So in the interest of what color jacket to wear with a red dress, I’ll be breaking it down by categories.

I even came up with a color recipe many years ago. Using my recipe would definitely answer the question of what color jacket to wear with a red dress. If you want to see my color recipe in action, then make sure to check out the following articles

If you are looking for red dresses, I found some great options. For those of you who don’t wear dresses, I’ll share some fabulous red tops at the end of the article.

Charlotte-Neutral Jacket and Red Dress

Woman over 80 in what color jacket to wear with a red dress
Dress: Talbots-thrifted ~~ Jacket: from her Japan trip ~~Shoes: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) c/o~~ Necklace: garnet and pearls from Scotland~~ Purse: DSW

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Any neutral would be a wonderful fit for what color jacket to wear with a red dress. If you aren’t sure what shades are considered neutrals, here’s a list:

  • White and ivory
  • All brown shades including tan
  • Greys, both dark and light shades
  • Black

You can see that my mom wore her white lace jacket with her knee-length red dress. She wore this pair of flat slingbacks that are extremely comfortable that she styled years ago with pastels.

If you know Charlotte, then you know that she would have styled the entire look with just white and red. Because of that, I asked her to carry a print purse to break up two colors, and I just loved it.

Insider tip: Don’t think straw or floral purses are only for the summer. That’s another one of those fashion rules that we need to ignore.

Jodie-Metallic Jacket and Red Dress

Red and gold outfit for fall
Dress: ~~ Jacket: Newport News ~~ Boots: -Goodwill~~ Earrings: IslyNYC c/o~~ Purse: Patiricia Nash-won in giveaway ~~Glasses: Jim Halo

Metallics are going strong this season and they could be considered neutral in that they go with everything. Here are a couple of ways to add metallics to your looks. Don’t limit yourselves to my suggestions. It’s always good to try your metallic item with anything and everything.

  • If you are wearing mostly warm colors, then gold (both yellow gold and rose gold) is a nice addition.
  • For cool colors, silver is the way to go.
  • Bronze acts like a sparkly brown, so it should pair with anything.

I’ve had this gold jacquard jacket ever since my working days. It always gets so many compliments no matter what I wear it with, but you can see how old it is by reading that the brand is Newport News.

Even though I wanted to wear red shoes with my dress, I decided to go with these thrifted combat boots because they would be more unexpected than a pair of red heels.

My purse choice was a wine-colored bag, and these clear, acrylic earrings contrast wonderfully against my darker hair.

Lesley-Warm Side of Color Wheel for What Color Jacket to Wear with Red Dress

Dress: Jostar-Shers~~ Jacket: Christopher Banks-thrifted ~~ Shoes: no label-thrifted ~~Scarf as Belt: from boutique in Wickenberg ~~ Necklace: from Segrada Familia in Barcelona~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

Lesley is wearing a yellow jacket with her red dress. If you know your color wheel details, then you know that red is on the warm half of the color wheel with yellow and orange. This means that all of those warm colors mesh well together. Including pink which is a shade of red.

Reminder: Don’t let those rules of the bygone days creep into your head and make you think twice about wearing red and pink together.

I love how Lesley incorporated print items with her necklace, belt, and her purse. Since her dress and jacket are both solid-colored pieces, it’s nice to give the outfit this kind of extra.

Pair Your Red Dress with a Cool Color Jacket

Just because red is on the warm half of the color wheel doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with one of the cool colors. What you get with this kind of combination is more of a color contrast which can be a good thing.

For instance, we all love a blue, denim jacket thrown over anything and everything. Blue would be one of the colors from the cool color side of the color wheel.

The other cool colors are green and purple. Both of those also pair with red nicely. Always keep in mind there are many different shades of each color, so even if you’re not a fan of bright red and bright green together outside of the holiday months, you could always try an olive green with bright red.

What Color Shoes to Wear with Red

I had to laugh that all three of us wore red shoes with our red dresses. Don’t think that it’s the only option (although I like that each of our red shoe options is a different type of footwear).
Here are some other ideas of what color shoes would look great.

  • A skin-colored shoe is always appropriate.
  • Black can ground the outfit.
  • Brown is a great idea, and my favorite with bright red is cognac because it has the same value.
  • Don’t forget to possibly throw in a color that isn’t in your outfit, but will create a fun pop to show that you have a playful personality. For instance, lime green or turquoise would be incredible.

Also, it’s nice to see the difference in proportions with all three of our examples.
Each of our jackets is about the same length, yet because we all wore dresses of varying lengths, the proportions are different.
-With Lesley, her dress is above the knees and thus the jacket is 2/3 of the overall look and the dress hanging out under the jacket is 1/3.
-For Charlotte, her dress is right below the knee making the proportions half and half.
-For Jodie, my dress is midi length which makes the jacket about 1/3 of the overall outfit with the dress being about 2/3.

All of these ideas for what color jacket to wear with a red dress will work with any red tops, red pants, or red skirts. This is great information for the upcoming holiday season where red is always a popular color.
I hope you push yourself out of your normal comfort zone with options of what color jacket to wear with a red dress (or anything red for that matter).

Insider tip: Color is the first detail that people notice about an outfit, so use it to your advantage.

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3 variations of what color jacket to wear with a red dress

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