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Helpful Ideas Styling Periwinkle: What Color Is It Exactly? Ageless Style

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Leave it to us to give you a couple of helpful ideas for styling periwinkle. Even if you didn’t know what periwinkle was before reading this!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Pantone picked periwinkle as its color of the year. I realized that the lilac color was so popular when I went shopping recently, (after I predicted it would be a fall trend this last year) which means that I’m not the only one that was happy to see a version of this color for our clothing.
But what is periwinkle and how do you wear it?

That’s the theme of this month’s Ageless Style group, and the three of us all chose different color combinations.

Quote of the day: “What you risk reveals what you value.” Jeanette Winterson

Now let’s talk about the color periwinkle. Do you look at our outfits and think we are wearing lilac? Well, you might or might not be right. Because as we all know, color is VERY subjective. What I might call lilac, you might call light purple and someone else may call it lavender.
Sure, you can google how to describe the real periwinkle color (which is more of a lavender blue) but the fact of the matter is we all see color differently. (Blame those rods and cones in our eyes that distinguish between them).

Insider tip: Did you know that men have fewer rods and cones in their eyes. So if your hubby says something doesn’t match, don’t believe him. He sees color incorrectly, haha.

The other part of “seeing” color is how color is influenced by its surroundings. If you don’t believe me, then check out these “x’s” on NPR’s site.

So what I’m really trying to say is you shouldn’t be too influenced to go out and find some periwinkle item because you may already have something close enough in your closet. What’s important is that you like the color of your clothes and try to have fun with them combining them with other colors.
In all reality the name of the color has no bearing on how cute you look or how you feel about your outfit!

How do you wear periwinkle

Styling Periwinkle and Navy

Show off your floral scarf

Pants: Charter Club~~ Sweater: Style Studio~~ Turtleneck: WHBM-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Apt 9 from Kohls~~ Scarf: Mom made it~~ Purse: no label

Charlotte is starting the idea of styling periwinkle with a neutral. And since it’s still winter, she chose the darker neutral of navy.

This works wonderfully since periwinkle (or any form of purple) is made of blue to start with. In fact, as I shared, periwinkle is meant to be a more blue form of lavender. So pairing it with a blue is very intuitive.

My mom has this light purple sweater tunic that I have even worn on the blog a long time ago (long ago when I didn’t have any tunics of my own, so I had to borrow hers). In fact, Charlotte even added a navy turtleneck under the tunic sweater to carry the navy into more of the look.

The scarf is a fabulous way to pull in two solid colors if they tend to seem random. Many print scarves have all kinds of different colors in them, so make sure you check out your stash.

You may wonder how my mom folded her scarf to look like this. It’s a special type of scarf that she made called the Oklahoma scarf (I have a 60-second video on Tiktok with my mom talking about it. You should watch it because it shows my mom’s glowing personality and the reason it’s called the Oklahoma scarf). Since that one is a different print, it’s good to assume that she had more than one of this style.

Another Neutral with Periwinkle: Brown

styling periwinkle with camel brown

Jeans: Dear John~~ Jacket: Rachel Zoe~~ Top: Banana Republic~~ Boots: Betsey Johnson~~ Earrings: Lil Shop of Ours~~ Purse: Patricia Nash~~Hat: thrifted~~ Scarf: Gibby’s scarf (Jodie20 for discount)~~ Glasses: Glasses Shop (GSHOT35 for discount)~~ Socks: Sheec socks

Now I chose a neutral to style with my periwinkle also but I wanted a neutral that you might not think about as much. This camel color of brown. In fact, you could even call it a light rust color.

Now both the blouse and faux fur jacket have been shown on the blog in the past.
Check out the blouse here with camo, and the jacket here with my grandma’s dress. This goes to show that I’ve had these light purple pieces long before Pantone called out periwinkle as the color of the year.

I thought it would be fun to add a punch of wow with my booties. They have a purple/blue green iridescent look to them which always gets a load of compliments.
Because of the blue part of the boots, I tried to copy that with the scarf hanging from my purse.

Insider tip: Don’t feel comfortable with scarves around your neck? Add them to every purse!! It’s such an easy way to take them out for a spin.

Make sure to check out those darling earrings that are handmade and painted by a pair of sisters that sell their goods on Instagram. And they are very budget-oriented too.

Styling Periwinkle with a Pinkish Cranberry

Scarf styling with periwinkle

Pants: Chicos~~ Cardigan: Charter Club~~ Top: Dandvi~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o “Hutton”~~ Scarf: ~~ Purse: no label

I love how Lesley chose to pair her periwinkle top with a pinkish cranberry (her description of the color because I would probably call it bright pink. But just as I talked about color at the beginning of this post, does it really matter what we name a color? As long as you like it and wear it, that’s what counts.)

Honestly, Lesley said she bought this top for this photoshoot even though I told her she could wear the top she had from our lilac theme (seen here). Then she went perusing into her scarf collection to get some ideas of how to style the top.

As you can see a scarf can be the perfect inspiration for color combinations with any color. That’s one of the reasons why they are magical.

This trick with the scarf is one that Lesley wowed me with when we showcased gem colors this summer. It’s such a cool way to style a scarf and make it seem like part of the cardigan.

Lesley kept the rest of the outfit subdued with black pants and cranberry shoes. These cranberry pumps are from Walking Cradles and you can see how they were worn for Thanksgiving here.

Woman over 50 in periwinkle

Ageless Style

The Ageless Style group has had some changes in its members. I hope you pop over to see their ideas for this month’s theme of styling periwinkle. We don’t all post at the same time so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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Need some more Helpful Ideas with Color Combinations?

Since we have been blogging a long time, this isn’t the first time showcasing a light purple with other colors. So many options, so little time!!
Even though I never used the term of styling periwinkle with any of the below posts, you can see how it would all work.

Styling periwinkle

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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