Great ways of how to layer necklaces

Helpful Solutions of How to Layer Necklaces

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Red accents and how to layer necklaces

Helpful Solutions of How to Layer Necklaces

Lesley has become the queen of how to layer necklaces in my opinion. Her combinations seem so effortless and go so well together. Yet, I’m sure it’s like anything. The more we do it, the easier it gets.

Quote of the day: “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie

In fact, as I shared in the earlier posts, I could have given up the idea of how to layer necklaces since my first attempts were dismal. Yet, learning a couple of tricks (which I will explore in more detail) has helped somewhat. I still think that I have more to learn, which is why I wanted to use this theme on the blog. The quote I also live by is that I’m a work in progress. So even if it’s not perfect, I can learn and grow.

Other ideas for how to layer necklaces?
Exploit Your Jewelry Box: How to Wear Multiple Necklaces with single strand necklaces
Practical Reason Layer a Necklace and Scarf Together when a scarf can act as a necklace too

Adding focus to a solid color dress

Dress: YUVITA~~ Shoes: Amelia Grace-thrifted ~~ Necklace: 3 different ones~~ Bracelet: Her daughter made it~~ Purse: Steinmart

White Dress Summer Outfit

A white dress is such a summer classic yet it can always benefit from an additional color especially if you’re a color addict like the three of us. Lesley incorporated both red and silver to the white dress with her necklaces, shoes, and purse selections. And don’t forget her lipstick too. You’d be surprised at how a nice color lipstick can add to the overall beauty of the look. (In fact, it’s one of my tips for what to wear to a sporting event).

Lesley bought this white, linen dress at a local boutique last summer. Wrinkles are one detail about linen that may be a challenge, but I’ve been trying to embrace wrinkles not only on my clothes (if unavoidable) just like I’m trying to embrace them on my body.

Insider tip: If you have trouble with embracing wrinkles in your clothes, then consider the color of the item too. As you can see, they aren’t as evident on this all-white dress. Other colors that “hide” wrinkles would be black, navy and prints. Prints can be beneficial for SO many reasons like hiding sweat stains too.

White dress for summer on woman over 60

How to Layer Necklaces with Multiple Strands

Now Lesley went above and beyond in her “neck mess” by not only layering necklaces but layering multistrand necklaces. It’s a great reminder that just because your necklace has more than one strand to it, doesn’t mean you can’t add another on top of it.

Insider tip: The necklaces do NOT have to all be spaced out. Let them overlap to make them look more natural.

In case you’re wondering, there are 3 different necklaces in this outfit.
1-The silver multistrand necklace
2-Red pendant necklace found at Steinmart
3-Then there’s the red roped looped over 3X.

Another example Lesley has shown for how to layer necklaces
A Guide to Styling Necklaces with Layering

Insider tip: You can get inspiration from a multi-stranded necklace. This one of Lesley’s caught my eye and could be reproduced with some I already have in my wardrobe.

Adding red to a white linen dress

More Color in the Outfit

Adding a different color to an outfit is easy when you incorporate that same color with other items. A tote bag is a great idea to bring in that color for the overall look. Unless you are sitting at a desk all day, your purse CAN be part of your outfit.

And shoes!! Shoes don’t only need to be basic colors or neutrals. Having bright, colorful footwear can be such a modern detail.

Summer style for women over 60

Why Work on the Idea of How to Layer Necklace?

So the question is will you try this idea?? I think there are many reasons this could be beneficial for us.

1-Learning new things are seriously good for our brain. You may think that fashion is fluff, but even styling clothes can be good for building new pathways in our brains. (As I’ve discussed with a brain coach in the past).
2-This is a good way to wear the jewelry we have. You may not need to go buy new things this way.
3-You can make your jewelry stand out more. Many times a single necklace can get lost in a look. For example when 4 of us showcased the same necklace with different colors and when wearing it with a print, you didn’t notice it. Yet maybe with that same print, if I had added in more necklaces, it would have been better?
4-It creates a wonderful focus up near your face.

How to layer necklaces

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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