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Helpful Testimony for Jambu Spring Sneakers: Comfort and Style

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Jambu does it again with their spring sneakers giving us both comfort and style. You’ve heard about two different styles from both Charlotte and myself where we included our reviews about our choice of spring 2022 footwear from Jambu. Now it’s Lesley’s turn.

Quote of the day: “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot? Gloria Steinem

This quote cracked me up because it’s such a struggle as we get older to find the shoes that are comfortable for our feet.
The reality is that our feet are as uniquely shaped like the rest of our bodies. That’s why reading these reviews can be helpful to your shoe buying experience.

Content for Jambu Spring Sneakers
Jambu as a company
The “Lilac” sneaker deets
Lesley’s testimony on the “Lilac”
Outfit wearing the spring sneakers

Today, Lesley chose the spring sneakers that are called “Lilac”. I put the name in quotations because it can be confusing since we use that as a descriptive color adjective. But no, that’s not the color of her shoes. Just the name of the style of these 2022 spring sneakers made by Jambu.

In fact, I have this same style of sneakers from last spring in pink. I wear them often in my daily outfits and you can see how I styled my pair the first time I wore them on the blog.
Like Charlotte’s pair of Jambu sneakers, since these have been around for more than one season, you know they must be good. It’s also nice because there are even more reviews on their site if you’re interested.

The title may sound like this post is just a testimonial about these Jambu spring sneakers, but after the information about the company, shoes, and review itself, I will share the entire outfit details too.

This is a sponsored post with Jambu Footwear. Details about what that means is at the end of the postWe work with them yearly because of their comfort. My discount code for the Spring 2022 period is JTOUCHS22 which you can use on any of the shoes on Jambu’s website until May 22, 2022

Jambu Footwear

If you are new to Jambu, then let me give you some background about the company. The Jambu line is all about comfort and style. Each shoe has memory foam insoles and there are options available in wide widths.

Many of their shoes have received the APMA Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health through supportive and durable constructions. In fact, all three of the options we picked for our Spring 2022 selections are in that category.

One of the hard things about purchasing shoes online is not knowing how they will fit. Since shoes can’t be altered like clothing can, that’s why these reviews can be so helpful.
As for their return policy, I love what they say: “We think life should be an adventure, but returning your shoes shouldn’t be! We’ve made it easy.” You can return shoes within 30 days of purchasing.


Another fabulous aspect about Jambu is their reward program because once you get a pair, you will want more. It’s easy to join, and you get 100 points just for signing up. After that, you can earn more rewards with every purchase AND on your birthday.

The rewards are easy to use also. You can get free shipping just with 100 points (which you’ll have after you sign up for the program), and then the more points you accumulate, the bigger discounts you save.

Insider tip: They also have a repurposing program available. Shoes can be donated back to Jambu where they will either donate them to their partner, Project Sole, or broken down to be repurposed into new products. The best part is then you’ll get a $10 credit for your next purchase.

Casual spring outfit for woman over 70 with Jambu spring sneakers

Pants: Calvin Klein~~ Jacket: Charter Club ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Jambu “Lilac “c/o ~~ Purse: Amazon~~Hat: no label

What You Need to Know About the Lilac Sneakers

Here’s the 411 about the “Lilac” sneakers.

1-Slip-on style. You may see laces, but they are for decoration only.
2-Cutout panels on the side and top for ventilation.
3-Under 9 oz in weight.
4-Non-slip all terra traction rubber sole.
5-Received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health.
6-Comfort bumps at the upper heel area to prevent slippage.
7-Relax foam insole.
8-There is a shimmer to the shoes that gives them a wonderful interesting detail. This could make them seem dressier if you want to wear them for fancier times.

There are a variety of colors available. Lesley is wearing the navy version, and then there is also blush, charcoal, red, white shimmer, and mint. Mint?? Isn’t that cool? There’s a fabulous color you don’t see all the time with fun spring sneakers.

Lesley’s Testimony on the Lilac Sneakers

Lesley usually wears an 8.5M in shoes. Her feet have a high arch and narrow heels. In fact, because of some of the extras she has to use in her shoes, I even wrote a post about shoe hacks with a lot of input from Lesley.

The wonderful thing about these Lilac sneakers is Lesley said they are true to size and she didn’t need any heel grips or extra arch support.

The reason she chose these in the first place was that she dresses casually most of the time and this style would work with jeans, shorts, skorts, and skirts on a daily basis and accommodate any surprise walking activities.

The absolute winning detail that Lesley just couldn’t stop talking about was the small cushions in the upper heel area that cradle the heel at the edge of the shoe. Since she has narrow heels, it was such a relief to her that there was no rubbing or slipping up and down when she walked because of these extra pads.
I have to confess that even though my shoes have these cushions, I hadn’t noticed them because my heel doesn’t normally slip. But yep, there they were in both Charlotte’s and my sneakers too.

She also was very impressed with the amount of stretch with the material which has enough give to accommodate her high arch.
Obviously, Lesley gave these “Lilac” sneakers a double thumbs up. And I have to admit that I’ve always told my husband that my pink “Lilac” pair is my most comfortable pair of Jambu shoes ever.

Woman over 70 in spring

The Rest of the Outfit

Or as Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story regarding Lesley’s outfit that she wore with this pair of spring sneakers.

Lesley went with a blue and white theme to go with the navy sneakers. We do think of blue and white as a classic color combination for the spring, so this was timely!

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These striped pants have been featured before on the blog when we all wore print pants. Funny, because I just noticed that Lesley wore a very similar outfit with the pants then too.

The Accessories

Lesley added a pop of color with the overall look by wearing a red belt bag. What you might not realize is that these striped pants are really a paper bag style that came with a self-belt. Lesley just took it off and used her belt bag instead.
This quilted belt bag is a fabulous size. Just big enough for a small wallet, lipstick, and keys. You actually wouldn’t believe that Lesley even fit one of those mini water bottles in it!

Insider tip: Just because a pair of pants (or dress) comes with a self-belt, doesn’t mean you always have to wear them together.

She kept it simple with her jewelry by just wearing a necklace that hangs inside the neck of her t-shirt. Instead of earrings and a statement necklace or scarf, she wore a hat to keep the sun off her face. The print material on the hat is part of the original hat, but you could always remove it or add a different color scarf on top of it.

Navy sneakers with blue seersucker pants

White Denim Jacket

Demin jackets are the perfect casual jacket for women of any age. And while blue denim works with everything, a white denim jacket is fresh and fun for spring.

In fact, you’ve seen this same jacket on Lesley in the fall too. I love how she’s cuffed up the sleeves too.

The navy t-shirt ties in the color of the navy spring sneakers fabulous. Yet, as we’ve shown in the past, you could mix navy and black. Or bring in a totally different color with the shirt and have the shoes be the pop of color.

Jambu spring sneakers with casual outfit

Jambu Shoe Review Sponsored Post Details

This is a sponsored post with Jambu. What a sponsored post entails is that the company gifted us the footwear and paid me to write the post.
I feel so blessed to be able to work with smaller companies and they appreciate your support too. It is truly a win/win for everyone and your purchases and clicks show the company that blogging marketing really works. Thank you for reading and clicking over to explore their site.

We have worked with Jambu for 4 years now because we appreciate their comfort and style. The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JTOUCHs22 for 20% off your purchase on anything on their site until May 22, 2022. If you’ve never tried Jambu footwear, they are one of the companies I’ve mentioned in my Comfortable Everyday Shoe post

Cheering for Jambu spring sneakers

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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