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Helpful Tips of What to Wear to a Sporting Event & Link Up

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What to wear to a sporting event for any age and sport

Helpful Tips of What to Wear to a Sporting Event with Ageless Style

For our Ageless Style collaboration my girl, Lesley, came up with the idea of what to wear to a sporting event. Leave it to her to stretch our style this way. As it happened, one of my readers, Liz, asked about what to wear to play golf in the heat. Since the three of us are pros about what to wear in the heat, I included some tips below. We may not be professionals about golf per se, but the details should work no matter which sporting event you’re playing or attending.

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Extra Credit

Lesley wanted to include a throwback to the earlier days when women really had to dress differently as to what to wear to a sporting event. If you didn’t realize, she absolutely adores costumes and found she could recreate a 1930’s women’s golf look. The spectator style shoes and tie really pull the outfit together.

Lesley styled these culottes a normal way on the blog. So just because you buy something for a costume, don’t assume you can’t wear it for every day too.

Granted, the above outfit isn’t usual for today’s day and age. Therefore, Lesley also included her normal style for watching her favorite baseball team. She usually would be found wearing her team jersey and hat along with shorts and sneakers. Notice the water bottle. I talk about that more in the tricks section below.

Spectator Style

My mom plays the role of spectator wonderfully. She wore a pair of knit capri pants which is advantageous for when she sits down her legs don’t get burned from the heat of the bleachers (she’s always thinking!!). Notice her fun t-shirt with our older logo on it.
While Charlotte does wear hats many times, she also loves her visors so her hair doesn’t get as messed up.

Insider tip: You can always decorate your visor if you feel like it’s too plain or boring. That’s what my mom did here with some leftover buttons and pins. For most of them she used super glue to stick them to the visor. This is seriously the best super glue because it is easy to control when applying.

Tennis or Pickle Ball Anyone?

No, I don’t play either tennis or pickleball, but our community has many courts available and even national tournaments.
Even though I don’t play myself, I have learned some of the items to take into consideration for what to wear to a sporting event.
1-Skorts are a fabulous way to wear shorts yet be a tad more covered.
2-Sun shirts not only have UPF in the material but are usually made with mesh in the underarms for ventilation. These aren’t usually inexpensive, but they can be worth it.

Insider tip: I recommend sizing up in your sun shirts depending on your activity. I have one that is looser for an activity like tennis or golf, and one that is tighter for swimming.

3-My favorite no show socks, Sheec, really stay put no matter how much I’m walking or moving.

Tips for What to Wear to a Sporting Event in the Heat

The heat creates a unique outlook whether you are watching or participating in sports. While everyone’s definition of what is too hot is different, here are the things we have learned living in Arizona in the summer.

1-Water, water, water. You can’t have too much water when the heat is high. Put a mostly filled bottle in the freezer the night before so it’s ice and it will melt to give you cold water during the event.

2- Cover-up. I know this seems counterintuitive, however, you are hotter when the sun hits your skin. So a light covering makes being in the sun more bearable. Don’t believe me?? Look at all of the outdoor workers in our area who are covered from head to toe.

3- Sunscreen. Even if you are covered up, it’s never a bad idea to apply sunscreen because you can get burned through some clothing. After researching natural sunscreens early this spring, I have found that my favorite is Summer Ready because it permits a little sun to get to your skin for the absorption of the all-important Vitamin D. If you don’t know why Vitamin D is important, here is an article by WebMD.

4- Stay cool. Heatstroke is a real thing when the temperatures soar, so there are ways to keep yourself cooler. One way is to stay in the shade if possible. A second trick is to use a cooling scarf around your neck. These have special crystals in them to help fully absorb the water and stay cooler longer.

Insider tip: You can certainly make your own cooling scarf by soaking a towel or cotton scarf in water also. You don’t get the advantage of the crystals but, it’s a good option.

Style Tricks

5. Eyes. Don’t forget to protect your eyes. While I love my transition lenses in my prescription glasses for convenience, they don’t get as dark as a traditional pair of sunglasses. I would say it’s worth the investment to have a pair of prescription sunglasses if you are participating or watching many sporting events in the summer.

6. Style. You can still be stylish for these times. Trust me when I say that a bold lipstick can be your best friend. Looking to find lipsticks that actually stay put? I researched 10 different brands and have 2 favorites along with certain tricks.
And don’t forget some fun earrings. Just because you’re casual doesn’t mean you can’t add sparkle somewhere.

7. Shoes. There are so many wonderful sneakers now. You can definitely add color and style to your bottom half this way.

8. Bag. You need a great way to carry all of the essentials especially if you’re hanging out watching the event. Don’t let your tote bag be boring!!

Ageless Style and What to Wear to a Sporting Event

Here are the other women in my Ageless Style group. I hope you pop over to see how they styled sporting event outfits whether participating in the sport or watching it.

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What to wear to a sporting event

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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