Holiday Lights in Phoenix-Holiday Edition for Where the Bloggers Live

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Holiday Lights in Phoenix-Holiday Edition for Where the Bloggers Live

The holiday lights in Phoenix are everywhere. As our first year in a warm climate I was excited to experience all of the tree lightings and events. Of course it didn’t hurt that the Where the Blogger’s Live group is having a Holiday Edition.

Quote of the day: “Christmas lights instantly make me feel eight years old again.” Unknown

Truthfully, I’ve never been one to decorate much for holidays or seasons. When I was working, it was WAY too much trouble. And once we retired, we’ve done a little, but in no way as fabulous as many of you.

So when Where the Bloggers Live came up with a holiday edition, I knew I needed to go out and explore. Granted, I will show you our measly holiday decorations too. But it’s definitely an area that I could use some help.

Join me for some of the fun for holiday lights in Phoenix. Trust me when I say it’s more fun to go to these when you’re not freezing your tookus off. Like we did at the snow sculpture up in the Colorado mountains last year.

Desert Ridge Tree Lighting

This area is a local mall that we found for our Amazon shopping photos. Location wise, this is about 40 minutes away from us to the Northeast.

The event not only had singing, dancing, lights and Santa, but even more. Rob put together a short video to show the excerpts of even more performances.

If you think I dress up with glitter and bling, then check out this guys blazer with twinkles. The holiday lights in Phoenix look even cooler when you wear the 3-D glasses.

Glendale Glitters

Another big event in Phoenix is called Glendale Glitters. Glendale is about 20 minutes Southeast from us and it’s one of those small town areas that have great boutiques and restaurants.

Joyful at holiday lights in Phoneix

I found these “Joyful” tops at Sams and had to buy us all matching ones. I couldn’t find ones exactly like them but if you’re interested, I found a couple that are cute.

This event wasn’t as extensive as the Tree Lighting at Desert Ridge. However, it’s the largest free holiday light display with over 1.6 million twinkling lights across 16 blocks.

You may wonder why the gloves and hats? Well, it actually was a tad chilly this evening. Somewhere in the 50’s by nightfall. And it’s hard to see but Lesley’s hat and my hat have twinkle lights in them.

The holiday lights in Phoenix for any age

Christmas in Carefree

Carefree is the town where we saw the enchanted pumpkin garden just this fall. They had young groups singing, a tree lighting and then showed the movie “Elf”. We didn’t stay for the movie although it would have been fun. Especially if we had dressed up in Elf inspired outfits like we did last year.

Our Decorations

This whole holiday decorating thing is pretty new to us. When Rob and I first were married, we would take my mom and visit his family in New York. Since we were working at the time, it seemed silly to actually decorate when we wouldn’t be here to enjoy it.

Therefore, most of our decorations have been accumulated in the last 9 years.

Dining Room and Refreshment Area

I didn’t want to decorate every area of the house, so I chose one shelf of the baker’s rack. And then on the dining room table, I decorated one corner.

Does everyone have one of these ceramic Christmas trees?? Mine was made many, many years ago by a friend of my grandmother. It’s that sentimental piece that comes out every Christmas season. Although we are missing a couple of lights from it.

The nativity set was a splurge by Rob last year. It’s a one of a kind piece that is made all of one piece of wood.

Living Room

Just last year we bought the skinny, silver Christmas tree. Our Denver townhouse had a much smaller living room area, so we had decided to go smaller. The funny thing is now this living room is more open, we could actually add another tree. And to think I couldn’t fathom having more than one tree a couple of years ago.

I left the tree decorated very simply with a couple of bows and only red and silver balls. But I couldn’t let the other ornaments go unloved.

So I decided to add many of the other ornaments to the living room gallery wall. You can see how the wall looks when it’s not the holiday season from our original Where the Blogger’s Live collaboration.

The first photo below was an ode to both Rob and I. The camera ornament is next to a bird ornament (he loves watching birds). Right below that is the leopard purse and high heels for me!

And my favorite piece is the hand knit Christmas stocking that I knitted for Rob for our first Christmas. It has “XOXO” down the side that you can see in better detail on my Instagram post.

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