Hot Fall Outfits with National

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Older woman in hot fall outfits

Hot Fall Outfits with National

This week we are wearing what I consider hot fall outfits since we are thinking autumn yet still feeling summer.

Quote of the day: “If there’s an opinion, facts will be found to support it.” Judy Sproles

While traditionally, fall styles are more subdued in color, I wanted to change that up with some bright colors. I think this is a perfect summer outfit transitioned to the autumn months with the cardigan.

Thanks to National for sponsoring these 3 posts. We have worked with National in the past with sleepwear and slippers. This time we wanted to showcase some ways to style fall fashion. On top of that, you can save some money by using the code Natl20jodie for 20% off anything you order from National.

National has also been awarded #1 on Newsweek’s list of “Best Online Shops 2020” for Women’s Fashion for single brand. Now that should tell you something about this second-generation, family-owned business who has thrived in the trade for over 65 years. It’s because of their long-lasting dedication to delivering quality products and seamless ordering services, providing customers with a comfortable shopping experience. And I’d like to put my two cents in that working with them is a dream.

We laughed that both my mom and Lesley ordered the same jacket. It’s a great example of how it can be styled differently. And don’t forget to check out the home we toured in these outfits. We learned more than just about the architecture.

Staying cool in hot fall outfits

Pants: National c/o~~Cardigan: National c/o ~~ Top: National c/o~~ Shoes: Schultz ~~Earrings: Modern Sage Designs ~~ Bracelet: National c/o ~~Purse: I knitted it

Hot Fall Outfits with National

White embroidered top as hot fall outfits for fall

It seems silly to put away our favorite summer pieces just because the calendar says it’s a certain month. For those of you in the southern part of the country, you know what I mean.

This embroidered blouse is something I should now be able to wear all year long. However, there is a version in black, if that makes you feel more comfortable in the fall and winter. One of the things I just love about this top is the texture on the white portion of the material. For those of you interested, it comes in plus sizes too. And if material composition is important, the white version is 100% cotton.


The purse is one that I knitted many moons ago. It’s small, yet it fits my wallet and organizer with lipstick and essentials. Even though I’m not an expert sewer, I did take the time to line it. The funny thing is I lined it with some denim from a pair of jean shorts I couldn’t wear anymore.

And check out these bracelets. They are from National too. I can’t tell you how much I love arm candy lately. It’s been fun to add all different ones to my outfits. It’s like layering necklaces only easier.

Longer Cardigans

Hot fall outfits with bright colors

Just like I talked about in the fall trends post recently, the longer cardigans are very modern. And what I really like about this one, is the fact that it’s ribbed. I think this makes it not seem as big and bulky like some of them can be.

And the color!! Granted for those of you who like it more subdued, it does come in black and white also. But you’re totally going to laugh when you see what my mom and Lesley picked out for their outfits.


Teal flats

Normally, I’m not worried about matching my shoes to my pants, but these shoes were perfect for two reasons. One because we needed comfy walking shoes for our fun day (more on that in our together post). And two because they did match so well.

I bought these shoes about 7 years ago, and wore them to work quite a bit. I am a huge fan of ankle straps on any shoes because it really helps them stay in place so much more.

It’s obvious to see that I have bunions on both feet in these photos. Luckily they don’t hurt, and I’m also lucky that I can still find shoes to fit easily.

Palazzo Pants

Raspbery cardigan as hot fall outfits

These pants!! I just have to tell you there were 3 other women on our tour this day, that were wearing palazzo pants. I have a feeling, I’m going to need quite a few more of these for the hotter weather.

National has the pants in black also. And per their usual, they come in plus sizes too. AND petites. I ordered the petite version and didn’t need to shorten them.

If you’ve thought about wearing pants like this or have a pair already, it’s on the list as a blog theme for later this fall. You can thank Gail who asked us to style this idea!! So keep your eyes peeled.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

This is a sponsored post by National. Which means they send us the outfit to review the clothing and sizing, and I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s a win/win for everyone.

And the best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use Natl20jodie for 20% off at National’s site until November 10, 2019. If you haven’t looked around their website lately, you might be surprised that they have more than just clothing and sleepwear. They have some shoes, health and wellness items and even some intimate pieces.

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