How a Purse Organizer Makes Life Easier

Purse organizer to look good in clear purses

How a Purse Organizer Makes Life Easier

Quote of the day: ” Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly.” Julie Andrews

I had a request in my survey from earlier this year about a post about my purse organizer. I’ve actually written about this a long time ago on the blog when no one was reading my posts. So I thought I’d do it again.

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Needless to say I started this idea way back before I was changing purses like I do now. Sometimes I am an organized person kinda like Julie Andrews in the above quote. And it’s during those times that having everything strewn around my purse just bugs the heck out of me.

I feel like what I do isn’t rocket science. Sure it may take an hour to get it organized. And you may need to change it up at times. But trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Having my purse organized this way makes it easy to reach in my purse for lipstick, because I know it’s in the pink bag. I open the pink bag, and tada….lipstick. Super easy.

Purse organizer with small bags

Small bags are the key

I started by organizing my purse essentials into groups. Obviously I have my wallet. That’s the light pink that you see in both the shots inside my clear purse.

And when I first started, I had a makeup bag and a miscellaneous bag. Since then, I’ve gotten strict about what travels with me in my purse. I was originally carrying things I had for “just in case”. And in most cases they were never needed. So I stream lined this to one case.

As an optional case, I have one for coupons too. I only carry these when we are really going shopping. And if we go and I don’t have my coupons, I don’t stress. It’s life. It’s not a life changing event. Although many coupons I can find on the app, Coupon Sherpa.

What’s in my Small Bag

So what’s in my small bag?

1One tube of lipstick. Yes only one. Granted, I rarely need it anymore if I’m wearing my all day lipstick. But it’s something I have so I can even add it over top of my all day lipstick.

2-One lip gloss. This is what keeps my all day lipstick hydrated. And sometimes, Rob’s lips get dry and for some strange reason, he won’t use my lipstick.

3- A Tape Measure. Strange, right? But we have a list of things we’d love to replace in our house, and it’s good to know the measurements. And it’s small and easy to carry.

4- Pill Case. A small one with Advil, Excedrin Migraine, and a Sudafed.

5- Nail File. Like this kind only mine has a cover it slides into.

6-Flosser. Yes, I’m sure part of this is because I used to be a dentist. But really. Don’t you hate it when food is stuck between your teeth?

7- Pen. I do still carry a pen, but I leave it separate. I like to be able to grab it fast when I need it.

Purse organizer even for clutches

Finding Purse Organizers

If you know me by now, then you know I don’t believe in buying something new for everything. Unless it’s shoes….LOL. Granted, I linked to some bags below that might work if you want something that you don’t have.

Anyways, I found my pink small bag when it came with a scarf inside it. It’s truly a perfect size for me and what I carry as my go-to. The blue bag you see in the other clear bag photo is the one that came with the purse. It’s actually too deep for true convenience. I only use it to match my outfit at times.

But let’s talk about how you may have the perfect purse organizers sitting around your house.

1-Office supplies. Check through your office stuff, because many pencil cases would work great.

2-Make up cases. I started by using some of those free makeup cases that came as a gift with purchase. Sure, some are too big, but some are just right.

3-Look at your beauty products. Some of the things you order come in wonderful small bags. Not that you should keep everything, but something to consider.

4-Jewelry. Jewelry purchases are another item that come in great small bags. Personally I don’t love the ones with pull ties but you could be different.

5-Anything. Seriously, get creative. Just because it’s not marketed as a bag for inside your purse, doesn’t mean it couldn’t work. You just need to find the right size that fits into the handbags you carry all the time.

6Pouches. I also just met a woman who sells these kinds of bags occasionally on her Etsy site. Granted I don’t see any now, but she makes them out of recycled material that she gets secondhand. So make sure to check out her site occasionally. She also makes kids clothes from this material.

How it Works

Let’s talk how easy peasy it is to change purses. I transfer over my wallet. Then my small pink bag with the above stuff in it. My pen. And my phone (which is really in my hand all the time. Don’t laugh, it is). Done…in no time.

Now when I do have a smaller purse, it’s still pretty simple and fast. I take out my driver’s licence and credit card from my wallet. I add in my pill case, gloss and phone.

I’d love to hear what you do? Maybe you have some tricks I hadn’t thought of? Please, please, share!!


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