How We are Saving Money in the New Year

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saving money in the new year

How We are Saving Money in the New Year

It’s always a goal to save more money at the start of every year. Especially now that many of us are retired, it’s usually worth a little research and work to reduce the amount we are spending. It’s amazing how all those little fees and extras add up over time.

Almost every year my husband calls our internet service to see if he can either get the rate reduced or increase our speed for no additional charge. And usually he’s very successful. I should type up a transcript of what he says, because he’s so good at it.

And last year we started trying to figure out other areas where we could reduce our costs. So here’s how we are saving money in the new year.

Saving Money

We all read about giving up our daily Starbucks or pampering, yet some of us don’t indulge in that.  Which can make it a challenge to find the places in our budget that we are spending extra. It’s always worth calling many of the services you already get to see if they will reduce your fee. Maybe they offer a senior discount or another reduced rate for good customers.

I’m sure most of us know that our auto insurance and home insurance will offer discounts if you don’t drive many miles during the year. Heck, my mom has taken a safety class offered through her auto insurance that then reduced her fee.

Changing Cell Service

One thing my husband researched this year was a change of cell services. We had been using AT&T for the last 2 years. The most frustrating thing with AT&T was that the bill was different every month. Which made no sense since our plan didn’t change. We were paying about $120 for unlimited text and calling for our two phones. Our data plan was sorta unlimited although it slowed down after 6 GB.

I know sometimes changing services is worrisome because you don’t know what will be different. That’s why it took us almost 3 months to finally pull the trigger. But let me tell you how great it’s been. We switched to T-Mobile because they have a plan for people over 55 that is less expensive. Right now, for unlimited everything we only pay $70 a month with autopay for our two phones. Heck, if you’re not over 55, it’s still only $40 a month per phone which still would have been less than our previous carrier.

The best thing? The fee includes taxes and fees. Seriously. The bill is what it’s supposed to be each and every month. And the coverage has been just as good if not better.

saving money with T-mobile cell service

Another aspect of T-Mobile that has been so refreshing is the service. We have terrible cell coverage in our townhouse with any cell service. With AT&T we had to buy the signal booster. With T-Mobile, they supplied the signal booster at no charge.

One last benefit is there is a T-Mobile App which is called T-Mobile Tuesdays. They have special deals and discounts on this day which we’ve used a couple of times.

If you are considering changing cell services especially in order to save money, I’d definitely recommend T-Mobile. They also have a referral system for friends. If by chance you are interested in changing, I’d sincerely appreciate the referral. You’d have to email me ( your name and the phone number you would be transferring over.

Second Hand Shopping

To say I have a shopping addiction is putting it mildly. I realize I don’t NEED any more clothes, but that’s life to me. Just like food is life to my husband. So while I’d love to say I won’t buy any clothes for the next year, that’s unrealistic. Therefore, I’ve been trying hard to shop more at the second hand stores.

I love how there are even online thrift stores now. ThredUp is my favorite, but there is also Poshmark and eBay.

Saving money at second hand stores

This photo above is when we went to a neighborhood consignment store. I’ve also written about online thrift tips to make your shopping easier. Heck, I even wrote an article for my friend, Cathy, on Shopping Hacks at the Thrift Store.

Of course going into the brick and mortar thrift stores can be a great deal too if that’s not overwhelming to you. Most stores will have a senior discount if you fall into that age group. And our Deja Blue store has certain days that everything is 50% off, or there are 99 cent color tags for an even better deal. If you visit a certain store, make sure to check for those extra benefits.

If you’re not one who likes wearing pre loved clothing, I get that. My hubby isn’t a huge fan although I can twist his arm occasionally. That being said, if you are looking to save money while shopping online, I’m also happy to search my affiliate links for some great deals for you. Again, you would need to email me ( with what you’d like, size, and budget.

Cutting the Cord

One of the other decisions we finally made this last year was to cut the cord on our cable along with getting rid of our landline.

We had been given this antennae from a friend, and it works pretty well for us. There are times we can’t get some of the local stations if the weather is bad. Yet, I’m thinking spending time in front of the television isn’t always the best pastime.

saving money by using the library

While we don’t use Netflix or any other service, we do go to the library to check out  movies and tv series. We can check out movies for 7 days, and tv series for 3 weeks. Sure, that means we aren’t always in the know with many of the series that others are talking about. However, to me that’s not important.

As for our phone landline, this one was hard for Rob. Yet now that the emergency 911 is better about tracking the mobile phones, he decided it was time. It’s not like we use it, and so many of the calls we were getting were advertisements and political.

Finding Deals

Getting a great deal is always a goal for me, yet it can be time consuming. I’m sure there are many ways that you have about getting a great deal and if you share I’d be happy to collect them all and post about them later this year.

saving money in 2019

One of the things I don’t enjoy shelling out money for is shipping. I’ve been known to order undies or something else just to get to the minimum fee to get the free shipping. Here’s another tip , I just discovered for  The beauty products have no shipping charge. That means if you are ordering something else and still aren’t at the free shipping mark, then add in an inexpensive beauty item. The shipping is usually around $10, so you’d want to get something for under that to make it worth it. Unless the cosmetic is something you really needed anyways.

Of course there are other ways to get good deals along with some free shipping. Most stores have a loyalty program. Along with the fact, that when I’m getting ready to check out with an online order I will google if there are any promo codes for that store. Many times I’ve gotten an additional 10% off.


Now you may think that massages are a luxury and one of those options that you could cut out to save money. And truthfully that’s what I thought when I retired. When I was working, I received regular massage because of the toll that practicing dentistry has on one’s back.

So once I retired, it was the first thing to go. However, considering all of the time on the computer with blogging, I’m starting to learn that it’s still a good investment. One of my stepmom’s favorite sayings is our health is our best investment. And she’s SO right. Even my mom goes to this spa and loves it.

saving money with massages

So while we may spend money on what some would call this luxury, at least we’ve found someplace where it’s a relative good deal. Right now we are going to Hand and Stone Massage. My husband used to use Massage Envy. And I’ve been to many, many individual providers. Here’s why we like Hand and Stone lately.

1-Being a member does not involve so many rules like Massage Envy did. It’s not use it or lose it, so you can accumulate the massages and use them later.

2-There are no long term contracts. It’s a month to month deal where you can cancel at anytime.

3-Plus you get points for just making appointments and spending money there. The points are easy to use. In fact, my mom just used her points to upgrade her massage to the hot stone version.

4-The people working there are SUPER friendly. At least at the one we go to. Granted, I’m sure it’s different all over, but that makes such a difference to us.

5-If your provider is sick that day, there is almost always another one available. If you want to try out someone else. I have had only one therapist I didn’t enjoy as well as the others.

6-You do receive rewards for referring others. If by chance you sign up, make sure to tell them Jodie Filogomo sent you.

Working Out

Tis the season for everyone to get on the working out bandwagon. If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories, then you might realize that I’ve been participating in a yoga challenge for the last 3 months with my blogging friends, Andrea and Cathy. It was Andrea’s prompt and I’ve been saying over and over how I need to get off my butt more. She recommended an online yoga site, and I decided to try it out.

Saving money on yoga classes

Now you may be asking how this helps saving money? Well, when I was attending the yoga classes in my neighborhood (CorePower Yoga) it was $17 a class. Obviously that was awhile ago because I see now it’s $25 a class.

Well, the Yoga Collective online is only $15 a month for unlimited classes. HOWEVER, because I’ve been so enthralled with this option, I reached out to the company to see if I could offer my readers a better deal. Right now if you’d like to try it out, using the code, Jtouch, will give you access to all of their classes for the fabulous price of $10 for 3 months and then $6 a month after that. (You can always cancel if you’re not happy with it). That code will trigger the better deal of $10 for 3 months even though it says $15/monthly.

I am planning to create an entire blog post about why I participated in this yoga challenge at the end of January. There will be a lot more information about the Yoga Collective and which classes might be good for everyone, if you don’t want to pull the trigger yet.

If your health insurance offers a Silver Sneakers option you may be able to do yoga at your local work out place for even less money. Trust me, I will go into all of the pros and cons when I write the Yoga Challenge blog post.

Ways for saving money

So these were our ideas to cut our expenses. I would absolutely love to hear your tips too. 

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