How These Warm, Stylish Boots are the Right Ingredient for a Winter Look

How These Warm, Stylish Boots are the Right Ingredient for a Winter Look

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Pink and grey outfit

How These Warm, Stylish Boots are the Right Ingredient for a Winter Look

For any winter look, you need warm, stylish boots. An extra advantage is to find ones that are comfortable. And the right ingredient? That would be a couple of things including fur, traction and interesting colors.

Quote of the day: “Experience never gets old.” Robert Di Niro

Experience is what makes us who we are. It’s also what makes us realize what works and doesn’t work. Which is why we are back working with Jambu for this fall boots collaboration. The details about what that means is below, but the important factor is you can save money. Through my discount code, JSTYLE20, you can save 20% off your purchase through November 13, 2020.

The three of us all chose very different boots for our collaboration with Jambu. Lesley styled some fashionable booties with jeans, and Charlotte wore knee high boots with a skirt.

Light Colored Boots

Jambu and warm stylish boots

Jeans: Banana Republic ~~ Sweater: Cable Stitch~~ Jambu Boots: Haven ~~Bracelet: Alison & Aubrey~~ Purse:

I just love the idea of lighter colored, warm, stylish boots for the winter. Especially since I love wearing white jeans any time of the year. In fact, I wanted to wear my white jeans with this outfit, but I also wanted to showcase the boots with darker jeans to show you how they work nicely with a lighter sweater.

Unfortunately these exact boots are sold old. Jambu has less inventory this year because of CoVid. Therefore, if you see something you really like, I guess that means you shouldn’t wait, but grab them now.

Pink camo sweater

Camo Sweater

This sweater I purchased last fall as part of our Amazon shopping experiment. Before that I had rarely purchased clothing from Amazon. So I had the three of us buy similar items from both Amazon and another store. BTW, this sweater comes in 2 other colorways if you’re interested.

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And while many of you could never imagine wearing the camo print, it’s really become quite fashionable. I mean, I’m one of those women who said “never.” And look at me now.
I do like some of the different colored camo pieces more than just the normal olive green, and this sweater could almost be considered an abstract print.

Accessory Love

I laughed when I saw the photos of this outfit. My necklace doesn’t really show up, and that’s one of the points I always like to propose. If we are going to wear a fun necklace, it should pop against the top.
It goes to show that a darker necklace would have been a better option with this look.

Insider tip: So much of our outfits can look different in the mirror versus real life. That’s why I urge everyone to take a quick selfie of their outfit. It’s easy enough with our phones nowadays, and you might be surprised.

Warm stylish boots with Jambu

Jambu’s Warm, Stylish Boots

I picked out the Haven for my selection of boots from Jambu. While these also come in black and taupe, I liked the denim and stone white options for something unique and different. Especially here in Arizona where the sun shines most days, I think the lighter color can be wonderful.
Again, these boots are sold out, however, the Redrock also comes in the stone white color. And the Eagle comes in white. I hope you still check out their selection of boots because they are comfortable and warm.

As for the fit, I did size up a half size just to make sure they would fit okay with socks. I feel like this is always a good idea when ordering warm, stylish boots because you want them to fit no matter what you’re wearing. For this day, I did have my Sheec socks on with these. With my boots, I usually reach for the Active X version which are more like socks than liners.

It’s no surprise that these boots were seriously comfortable for our day exploring Flagstaff. These are water resistant like my mom’s boots and would be wonderful for romping in the snow.

Grey and pink outfit with warm stylish boots


This is a sponsored post with Jambu. That means the company gifted us the footwear and paid me to write the post. I feel so blessed to be able to work with smaller companies and they appreciate your support too. It’s truly a win/win for everyone and your purchases and clicks show the company that blogging marketing really works. So thank you for reading and clicking over to explore their site.

The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JSTYLE20 for 20% off your purchase through November 13, 2020. If you’ve never tried Jambu boots, they have a memory foam insole in all of their shoes and most of their soles have traction for stability.

Warm stylish boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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