How to accessorize a floral maxi dress for women over 50

How to Accessorize a Floral Maxi Dress Like a Pro

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Some women think that a print dress isn’t as versatile because it’s such a statement piece. This brings me to the idea of how to accessorize a floral maxi dress and change it up to look different depending on the occasion.

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How to accessorize a floral maxi dress
Why a maxi for the cooler months
1-Simple jewelry
2-Statement jewelry

I’ve heard the notion that if you have a statement dress, you can only wear it once because people will recognize it. Well, I’m here to say that I’m an outfit repeater.
I don’t consider having a dress or statement item recognized as a bad thing.

It’s an individual decision whether you want to wear an item that grabs people’s attention vs. something more basic. Remember, it’s called personal style for a reason!
So if you love the idea of a colorful dress, then let me give you 5 different ideas of how to accessorize this floral maxi dress as an example.

I also incorporated different options for footwear. Hopefully, it gives you ideas that you can find in your closet.

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Why You Should Consider a Maxi for the Cooler Months

For some reason, maxi dresses and skirts seem to be relegated to the spring and summer months. Yet when we really analyze the concept of how to accessorize a floral maxi dress, there are as many ways to make them perfect for the cooler months too.

In fact, I’m seeing many of these dresses with sleeves that can make them even easier to wear all year round. Don’t automatically assume that the sleeves mean they aren’t good for summer too.
Remember, one way to stay cooler in the sunshine is to be covered instead of allowing the sun to hit your body.

But let’s discuss how layering can be the way to go with a maxi whether it has sleeves or not:
1-Of course, you can layer on top of it as I have shown with a jacket or vest.
2-You can layer under the top half with an item that shows (like a turtleneck) or one that is hidden (like a v-neck shirt).
3-It’s easy to layer the bottom half too. Consider wearing tights or leggings to keep your legs warm. I mean, heck, this seems ideal because you don’t really have to “match” them since they are hidden.
4-Footwear makes a difference too. This is when you could wear taller boots to keep the bottom half more covered.

Insider tip: If your maxi has a slit that you don’t want to open, you can always pin it shut with safety pins or use my favorite magnets.

One advantage to wearing a maxi dress, in particular, is the idea of just like with any dress you are one and done. You don’t have to think about if the top goes with the bottom in its coloring or its silhouette.

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BTW, this exact floral maxi dress was purchased from a small online boutique called Gigi’s Boutique which has since gone out of business.

How to Accessorize a Floral Maxi Dress with Simple Jewelry

Simple jewelry and a brooch at the waist
Dress: En Creme-Gigi’s Boutique ~Shoes: Franco Sarto ~~ Necklace: Alison & Aubrey

The easiest way to accessorize a floral maxi dress that is bright and colorful is to go simple with delicate jewelry. This allows the dress to be the focal point instead of the accessories.

With the multi-strand gold necklace, I also wore gold platform sandals and incorporated a bling pin at the waistband. Not that you notice the brooch much, but my word of the year is “extra” and I plan to live up to that word.

Insider tip: You can make your own multi-strand necklace by taking two delicate necklaces and attaching the clasp of necklace A to the ring of necklace B and vice versa. This allows you to create a look where one is longer than the other, even if they are both the same length at first.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry as how to accessorize a floral maxi dress
Dress: En Creme-Gigi’s Boutique ~~ Boots: Penny Loves Kenny-DSW ~~ Necklace: both thrifted ~~ Earrings: Pam Neri

You might notice that the v-neck in this photo is a bit lower. That is exactly the reason that I piled on the larger necklaces in order to camouflage the cleavage.
Yet that’s not the only reason to accessorize with statement jewelry. Even with a statement dress, adding in bigger jewelry is a nod to matching the details to the print.

Insider tip: If you have a v-neck that seems too low for comfort, there are a couple of options:
1-Wear a halftee or any kind of camisole under it
2-Take part of the material of the clothing item and sew it to the “v” (which is what I did for all of the other photos)
3-Fill in the bare area with jewelry or a scarf
4-Wear a top or sweater over the top of the dress.

Again I used gold accessories with this bright dress and wore my rose gold ankle boots. The earrings are a pink sequin ball from a local designer, Pam Neri.

Wearing a Hat with a Floral Maxi Dress

How to wear a hat with a maxi dress
Dress: En Creme-Gigi’s Boutique ~~ Shoes: Franco Sarto ~~ Necklace: Savers~~ Earrings: Sally Hoffman Designs ~~Hat: Liz Claiborne

Wearing a hat is a perfect way to change the focus of the outfit. Granted you still notice the bright dress in this look, but the hat is something that grabs your attention since not many women wear them.
I happened to steal this pink hat from my mother (and I consider it mine now) but even a tan or straw hat would do the trick too.

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The footwear for the particular outfit is a pair of peep-toe heels handed down to me after my bestie passed away. They pulled the turquoise color from the dress which I also copied in my earring color choice.
The other accessory is a large pearl necklace that I found while thrifting.

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Styling a Vest

How to accessorize a floral maxi dress with a vest
Dress: En Creme-Gigi’s Boutique ~~ Vest: Apt 9-Kohls ~~ Shoes: Rocket Dog~~ Earrings: Ruby Graes Boutique-won in a giveaway

Styling a vest over your dress is another fabulous option for how to accessorize a floral maxi dress. You might not think that a vest is an accessory, but no matter what you call it, it adds a different element to the look. And to me, that’s the definition of an accessory.

This can also be a way to add yin and yang to a look. The dress has a feminine vibe with the floral print and floaty skirt while the vest is a nod to an edgy vibe and is much more casual.
I also wore white sneakers to reiterate that wearing a dress doesn’t have to be a fancy affair.

Wearing a Jacket

Denim jacket and floral maxi dress
Dress: En Creme-Gigi’s Boutique ~~Jacket: Chicos-thrifted~~ Shoes: Target ~~ Headscarf: Gibby’s Frillery~~ Earrings: Amazon

Wearing a denim jacket over your maxi dress is a common way to create a casual vibe plus it changes the look since you don’t see the top of the dress as easily. Don’t think that a denim jacket is the only way to go with this option. The options are endless with cardigans, blazers, and sweaters.

Insider thought: Don’t forget to analyze the proportions with a long maxi skirt that has volume like this one. I’m showcasing a cropped jacket, but you won’t know how the other lengths will work until you try them. Take a selfie before you go out the door.

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Insider tip: If you have a longer jacket and don’t wear it, you might be able to have it shortened. Or if it’s denim, just cut it off and leave the hem raw which is very stylish.

5 ways: How to accessorize a floral maxi dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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