How to Combine Your Scarf and Necklace to Add Color to an Outfit

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Scarf and necklace together

How to Combine Your Scarf and Necklace to Add Color to an Outfit

Combining a scarf and necklace can be done in multiple ways. I feel like scarves can be that magical ingredient especially if you are looking to add color to an outfit. I’m also including more colorful murals from our outing in Phoenix.

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The idea this week was brought about by a suggestion. The query was “I have a lot of neutral colors (in my earrings and necklaces) and I’d like to find a way to add some colors to make my outfits pop without spending a lot of extra money on jewelry.”

As I discussed in Lesley’s post where she styled basic necklaces 3 different ways, there are many ways to interpret this suggestion. Charlotte used the method of wearing a scarf and necklace together. The advantage of this is you are creating a colorful look yet still wearing the accessories you already have. In my post, I tried some DIY with my jewelry.
Charlotte is also sharing her jewelry collection thoughts below.

Combining the Scarf and Necklace Together

Wearing a scarf and necklace for accessories

Pants: Investments-thrifted ~~ Kimono: Bed, Bath & Beyond ~~ Shoes: Jambu c/o ~~ Scarf: ~~ Necklace: ~~Purse: Mod ~~Hat: thrifted

Scarf and necklace intertwined

So for this outfit, Charlotte actually took a short silk scarf and wove it through the links in her chain link necklace. The advantage of this option is it keeps the scarf in place yet still showcases the beautiful necklace.
You could certainly get creative with other necklaces and scarves that you own in this manner. For instance, if you only have longer scarves, you could let the ends hang down your back for some decoration.

Insider tip: I know I say this often, but remember, just as many people see you from the back as from the front. Give them something fun to look at for that rear view.

Another option would be to take a longer necklace and tie the ends of the longer scarf around each back end of the necklace. Then alternate wrapping the necklace through the loop of the scarf.
This works better with silky, thinner scarves and thicker necklaces. Why would you even do this? Having the necklace gives the scarf a platform and thus doesn’t blow away or move around as much.

Adding color with a scarf and necklace

Other Scarf and Necklace Combinations

There are other ways to combine your scarves and necklaces together in one outfit that we have showcased in the past.

Lesley wore a metallic necklace and bright colored scarf when we discussed wearing pink in the fall. In this example, the necklace is longer than the scarf and creates more of a vertical component to the solid top.
In the second photo below, Charlotte left her scarf hanging down the front of her outfit. Yet she still accessorized with a delicate necklace at her throat.

Insider tip: Knotting the scarf at the ends (or middle) as Charlotte did below gives the scarf more weight so it doesn’t fly around as easily. You can also shorten it to the length you want this way.

From the post where we styled each other, my mother put me in a statement necklace and used a scarf around my shoulders and arms. See photo below. Using your scarf as a wrap can still bring in lots of color, yet still leaves room to wear any of your favorite necklaces.

The Rest of the Outfit

With all of the blue in Charlotte’s outfit, she added in a totally different color with her hat, purse and shoes. This is a wonderful way to add more interest to a look and create some focal points.

Insider tip: People’s eyes need to focus on something. If you don’t want them zeroing in on your ___________ (fill in the blank), create a different focal point with a bright color, interesting accessory or whimsical purse.

Kimono Love for Summer

It shouldn’t matter how you classify your style, a kimono is such an easy, breezy way to wear a third piece in the summer. Why is that important? It can help if you are trying to cover yourself from the sun or need some warmth in the air conditioning.

Insider tip: My mom is using a magnet to hold together her kimono. (This exact magnet can be found on Amazon.) It’s one of the tricks discussed in scarf accessories thanks to my friend Mary Katherine, who turned me onto it.
I even made a video on 8 other ways to “style” your kimono if you like them more fitted.

Kimono with scarf and necklace

Charlotte’s Jewelry

My mother’s jewelry collection includes almost all colors of the rainbow. She has collected piece over her 82 years and even though it’s mostly all costume jewelry, much of it has stayed in good shape.

In fact, you can see most of her collection in this IG video from a year ago right before we moved to Arizona.
Even though she has quite a bit of accessories, it’s rare that she’s paid full price for any piece. Most of the things were bought on sale, with a discount or at the second hand store. Just as Lesley was touting, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a fun jewelry collection.

One of Charlotte’s nicknames is gift shop queen. Almost anywhere we go, she will be in checking out the gift shop. And many a wonderful treasure has been found in these stores. The advantage of these small stores is they often have items that are more unique.
Her most unique place to pick up a bracelet? On one of her travel trips with a group, she found a fun bracelet at a gasoline filling station. As she would say, it never hurts to look.

Insider tip: Almost all affiliate links to pieces that I include in a post are budget oriented. For jewelry, that usually means under $50 and many times even less. If you see something you like, but it’s still out of your budget, you can always click the heart under the photo of the item and it will ask your email address so they can notify you when the price drops.

List of Inexpensive Online Jewelry

Even if these aren’t the places you usually shop, you can find a unique assortment of inexpensive jewelry.
1Amrita Singh. Using my link should give you a $10 off coupon.
2thredUp. A secondhand online site. My link should give you $10 off. Some times they have more selection than others.
4Target. Their SugarFix pieces are always stylish.
6Zulily. Things go fast on this site, so if you like it, don’t wait.

Scarf and necklace together

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Downtown Phoenix Art District

Murals in Phoenix

Here is the mural Charlotte was standing in front of for these photos. It’s all part of the area in Phoenix that runs along Roosevelt St. and 1st. I included others in Lesley’s post and will continue with more in mine.
Of course when we saw an owl mural, I had to jump out of the car and include that here in my mom’s outfit post. If you are new to my site, let me just say that my mother has an owl addiction.

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