How to Dress Classy in Summer

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Florals and a white dress

How to Dress Classy in Summer

Even when the weather is hot, the idea of how to dress classy in summer isn’t all that hard. To me, a dress is the easiest way to do this.

Quote of the day: “What I am remains to be proved by the good I do.” Mary Baker Eddy

This fabulous quote was part of an email from one of the blog readers. I thought it was absolutely perfect for inspiring others in any sort of area of life.

And today, I’m introducing Stacy again. Stacy has been on the blog a couple of times before when Nancy was out gallivanting around. Let me tell you what a good friend she is. First she was my maid of honor in my wedding. You can see her in our wedding photo in our relationship post.

For this fabulous summer party which you can read more about, both my mom and I wore matching tops. It’s what we paired with them that made our outfits so different.

How to dress classy in summer for older women

Stacy’s Wearing

Dress: Used to be mine~~Shoes: ~~Necklace: from Hawaii~~Earrings: from Hawaii ~~ Bracelet: from Hawaii~~Purse:

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How to Dress Classy in Summer

As for today, Stacy had no idea we were going to take blog photos. She was joining us for a going away party and since we were all dressed up, I figured it would be a perfect time to take some photos.

It was wonderful for her to take time to come to this event, because her dad was in the hospital, and she was waiting to see if she needed to fly out to see him. Needless to say he passed just two days later.

How to dress classy in summer for any woman


Stacy was telling me that this necklace, bracelet and earrings set came from Hawaii. The lighter beads are actually fuzzy and are called Mgambo seeds. (Trust me, I didn’t remember that from our car ride, but I googled fuzzy bead from Hawaii and that’s what came up).

It’s no wonder that Stacy and my mom and I get along so well. We all believe in the fabulous idea of buying jewelry when you’re traveling as a wonderful reminder and souvenir.

Summer looks

The Dress

It was so cool seeing Stacy in this dress because it used to be mine. I just love the idea of swapping clothes with our friends. Stacy has given me preloved clothing too (like in this Instagram post).

I remember buying this dress in New York one of the times we were back visiting Rob’s mom. There was this fabulous little boutique called Tiger Lily in Mount Kisco that we would always frequent when we visited. Since we were there at least once a year, we got to know the owner too. And the funny thing is that the owner had lived in Denver for a time.

A white dress is how to dress classy in summer


Sandals are always the best footwear when the temperatures are crazy hot. And since Stacy was wearing a dress, she wanted some that had a heel. These ended up being a great option for the going away party.

I think one of the things we need to think about at these events is are you going to be standing the whole time or sitting. If you don’t know for sure, then you’re better off thinking you might be standing. So you’ll need something comfortable.

Sandals for any age

Floral Purse

The purse is a great pop of print and color in the whole outfit. Since the dress and all the other extras are neutrals, it’s nice to have this addition of color. And florals work for any season.

In fact, I think a darker floral purse like this would be wonderful for all year long. It wouldn’t seem too light for the winter, yet you can see how good it looks for the summer.

Staying cool with a dress in summer

So thanks again for welcoming Stacy for the unplanned blog photos. AND these were taken after the party, so we weren’t even fresh and bushy tailed!!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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