How to Incorporate Men’s Spring Fashion for Your Guy

Vests for a mens fashion statement

How to Incorporate Men’s Spring Fashion for Your Guy

Quote of the day: “Dress like you’re going somewhere better later.” Real Men Real Style

This is the perfect quote for all of us. Because dressing nice shouldn’t be saved for only the “special” occasions. Even my husband enjoys looking stylish and it never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

Since Nancy is off in Italy as you are reading this, I twisted Rob’s arm to be part of this series. My mom wore her pink and florals, I included some of the spring trends, and now you can see the male version. And don’t forget to check back to see this wonderful museum that we visited too.

Staying stylish for the men

Rob’s Wearing

Pants: Cubavera~~Vest: H&M~~Top: Good Fellow & Co.~~ Shoes: Aldo~~Necklace: Muddy Paws ~~Hat: David & Young

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Men’s Spring Fashion by Rob

I was including Rob in some fashion posts a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t sure how much you guys liked them. And then I had a reader suggest adding him in occasionally. So this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

If you knew my husband when I first met him, then you’d know he wasn’t big into fashion. In fact, shopping made him break out in a sweat. So what has changed all of that?

I’m positive that positive reinforcement has been a huge game changer. Do you know that we get stopped on the streets and told how nice we look together? And he’s open to trying things now that he realizes how it affects how he feels about himself.

When fashion makes you happy

The Hat

For Rob’s spring accessories, he feels like a hat is key for keeping the sun off his head. When we went on our Mediterranean cruise over 10 years ago, we searched high and low for a hat that didn’t look wonky on him.

Yet now it seems like many hats look great. He even names his hats. This one is his “hipster” hat. Then he also has his “Indiana Jones” hat (he’s wearing it at the end of that post) and his “Uncle Mike” hat (which is one like this)

Either we got more used to seeing him wear hats, or they are making better shaped ones lately?

Hats for mens spring fashion


Rob was telling me that his vest is an accessory. While I tend to think of a vest as more of an outfit, I can see his point. It’s a wonderful way to spruce up his t-shirt.

And he wears a vest many days in the warmer weather when we go out. This one is from H&M. Rob has found many of his “dressier” vests there without having to spend a lot of money.

Showcasing men's fashion for spring

Stud Apparel

Since I’m an accessory junkie, I always love seeing guys sporting some kind of bling too. I don’t understand why it’s only for women.

The first time I bought him a “necklace” he balked at the name of it. Needless to say we have been calling it stud apparel ever since.

And this one was purchased at our friend’s jewelry place. The proceeds go to a no kill shelter for animals. Thus the paw print on it.

A hat as part of a men's outfit


While guys definitely don’t have the greatest variety of shoes like women do, we have found some fabulous ones at Aldo. And DSW. I love the distressed versions where you almost think they’ve been scuffed. In fact, we DIYed this kind of look using shoe polish to a pair of boots Rob had once.

To me, the shoes can make the outfit for a guy just as much as for a woman. And my husband is proof of that fact.

Mens spring fashion for older guys

Linen Pants

Rob still wears shorts at times, but he also loves his linen pants when it gets warmer. In fact, he purchased this pair after I linked to him in one of my blog posts a couple of years ago. Navy is a great neutral and notice how it goes wonderfully with the dark charcoal vest.

So I hope you liked this change of fashion posts for this time? While I know our guys have their own way to dress, I do think we can be a good influence on them, if they are open to it.

Modern looks for men

Photo credit: Jodie Filogomo

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