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How to Know the Correct Length of Your Shirt

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There are a lot of things to consider when you put on clothes and one of those is the correct length of your shirt. Maybe that’s one reason that dresses are such a wonderful option. Dresses and jumpsuits are all-in-one items so you don’t worry about specifics like should I tuck in my shirt or not?

Quote of the day: “There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” Alexander Woollcott

The last thing you want when putting on your clothes is stress and worry. Does this look good? Do the colors go together? What will people think?

In all reality, the last thing we should worry about is what others think. Easy to say, hard to do, right?

But considering each day is a gift, I believe in trying to look our best in every way possible. It’s one reason that I love to share health and fitness articles and recipes in my emails and occasionally on my site.
The better we feel, the better we look.

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What Length of Shirt is Best?

Figuring out the correct length of our shirt shouldn’t be rocket science. The idea of “ideal” proportions with our outfits is touted to be that one part is 1/3 and the other is 2/3. But there are other factors that could be part of the equation, and as they say, “A photo is worth a thousand words.”

I always think that a selfie is a great test of how an outfit looks to other people. Looking in a mirror is not the same (there is a biology of how our brain visualizes the image of ourselves in a mirror).
That doesn’t mean a selfie is always perfect, but remember, there is NO perfect.

While I recommend a daily selfie to check how your outfit looks, we also need to remember that getting dressed shouldn’t be a chore.

I decided to compare some of my daily outfits when I was wearing a shirt where the question could come up “To tuck or not to tuck?”
Which do you like best? Remember there is no right and wrong, but only personal preferences. I have mine and you have yours.

I’ll give a little commentary for my 8 side-by-side examples and include my preferences but let’s have fun.

#1 & #2: To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

Here are two examples of a full on tuck your shirt in vs leaving it hanging out.

In the left example with the shirt hanging out, you have the ideal proportions where the shirt is 2/3 and the skirt is 1/3. With the shirt tucked in, the proportions are almost half and half.

My preference? I liked the shirt tucked in because it seemed more finished to me. I also think the ruffle sleeves add volume to the top half which can be a factor in the equation.

This empire silky blouse and flowy midi skirt was a recent outfit. I did end up changing the shoes, but otherwise, the outfit is the same.
With the blouse untucked, you have a half and half proportion, but the hemline copies the shape of the skirt.

Tucked in gives you a 1/3 to 2/3 proportion, but I wasn’t sure I liked how the top bubbled up at the waistline.

My preference? I couldn’t decide.

#3 & #4 Using a Half Tuck to Change the Length of Your Shirt

I’ve found that half tucks are very controversial among midlife women. When women carry weight in their middle parts, they think it should be covered.
So here are two examples of an untucked vs a front half tuck.

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Insider tip: If you get my email, then you might have seen a plus size stylish showcase a great example of covering vs not covering a tummy.

This long chambray shirt is fabulous because it has an uneven hemline to start with. But I wondered if the bootcut pants made a difference.
Untucked is half and half proportion, while the half tuck gives the front view a change.

My preference? I liked the half tuck but I’m not sure it makes a huge difference.

A stretchy pencil skirt and OFS ruffle sleeve top are a fun print mix play. With the shirt untucked, you get a half and half proportion. When you tuck in the top, it’s still not perfectly 1/3 to 2/3 but it’s closer. I only tucked the front of the shirt because there was a lot of material.

My preference? I like the top tucked in especially because of all of the volume with the sleeves.

#5 & #6- Knotting as a Way to Change the Length of a Shirt

These two examples show ways you can use a knot to change the length of a shirt. I use my trusty clear elastics (found on Amazon) for both of these.

While this looks like I tucked my shirt in the second photo, if you look closely you can see how flat it is instead. That’s because I pulled the extra material to the back of the outfit and used my elastic to create a knot.

Insider tip: After you create a knot with your shirt, many times you can tuck the knot underneath the shirt material so it is hidden.

The proportions don’t change a lot with this example. Instead, you have a more casual look vs a more tailored look in my opinion.

My preference? Both. I really like them both. It’s my outfit, I’m allowed to not decide as a decision, haha.

Can we just take a moment to notice how good my hair looks in these photos?
But back to the subject of exploring the correct length for my shirt, I used a side knot (tucked under) for the second photo.

The T-shirt isn’t tight per se, but it does hug my body as opposed to an oversized T-shirt.

My preference? I like the faux tucked version because of the snugness of the tee as well as the proportions seem better.

#7 & #8 Asymmetrical Tuck

Both of the next examples are using an asymmetrical tuck to change the length of my shirt.

The embroidered top hangs to my crotch and creates that ideal proportion of 1/3 to 2/3 with the shorts. For the asymmetrical tuck, I pushed the hem of the top into the side of my shorts. This creates an angled line from the front and back instead of a horizontal line.

My preference? I like the tucked look even though it’s a half and half proportion.

This silk, halter-style top is one of my favorites with its design and colors. When I wear it as it’s meant, it’s either too long, or it creates a bubble of material. So I tried tucking just a portion of the front into the waistband of my jeans.

My preference? I’m not sure I love either of them. Next time I’ll try something different.

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The advantage of looking at different lengths for your shirt like this is to not only see what you like but to get ideas of how to change up your outfits.
These ideas can be called tricks of the trade or as I like to say “Be the boss of your clothes.”

Insider tip: Remember that proportion guidelines are guidelines only. Many times the material of the shirt, the sleeves, and other details can change the overall look.

Best length of shirt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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