How to Look Chic in Summer in the Heat

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How to Look Chic in Summer in the Heat

How to look chic in the summer is all about breathable fabrics, lightweight pieces and finding activities where it’s climate controlled!

Quote of the day: “A watched pot never boils, but it does get paranoid.” Lesley Wake

That quote made me laugh, because when it’s hot outside my husband will make the noise like he’s a pot of water boiling. And don’t we all get paranoid that we look like we are melting? Well, here is Charlotte, showing another option of how to look chic in the summer.
Lesley joined by sharing some older summer memories, while I researched and shared our suggestions of how to acclimate to the heat. And in both of those posts, I included different photos of our adventure for this day. More of that is below in this post.

Statement Piece

How to look chic in summer for older women

Capris: Ruby Rd. ~~ Top: Pia Rossini Resort Wear~~ Shoes: Chaps ~~ Necklace: Mom made it~~ Earrings: Murano glass from Venice, Italy~~ Purse: Mom made it~~Hat: thrifted

Charlotte really appreciates the sheer pieces at this stage of the game. They are breathable since they are mesh, and yet she is more covered. She has worn this sheer tunic other times on the blog (here and here ) and always gets so many compliments on it.

Insider tip: It’s fabulous to have a couple of “statement” tops in your wardrobe. With pieces like this, they are the star of the show so you don’t have to stress about everything else being perfect. Remember, it’s all about what is the focus of your outfit. There should ALWAYS be at least one focus.

By the way, this sheer top? It was purchased on the cruise ship when my mom visited the Panama Canal. Proof that you can find wonderful items in almost any gift shop AND to think outside the box. This top is really a swim suit cover up (I know this because I researched the brand). So many of our pieces can do double duty like this.

How to look chic in summer and stay cool

How to Look Chic in Summer

Sheer pieces are really such an easy way to stay modest and cool in the summer along with looking nice. I realize that you have to layer the sheer piece, yet you can layer it over something much skimpier than you’d wear by itself.

Charlotte is wearing a man’s undershirt after taking it up in the shoulders about 4 inches. This is the perfect time to either raid your husband’s closet or go shopping in the men’s section of the store.

Insider tip: If you’d rather have a layering piece that is even smaller, check out the Halftees that I’ve discovered. They don’t cover your midriff and come in a sleeveless version and in multiple colors.

Made by Mom

I should start a tag line around the fact that Charlotte makes so much of her things. Granted, in this outfit, it’s not the clothing she’s sewn, but it is the purse and necklace she made.
The necklace is along the same lines of the tassels I added to my gold necklace last week. The difference is she made one large tassel, added a matching bead at the top and hooked it onto the cord with a lobster clasp.

The hat was NOT decorated by my mom. It was in fact, purchased at the thrift store this way. However, I don’t think it would be hard to add material in the shapes of flowers to one of your existing hats.

Insider tip: Here is a YouTube video to show you how to do just that (not my video) and you only need some material, fabric glue, and a needle and thread.

How to look chic in summer for women over 80

Capris for Women

Capri pants are the pants of choice for most of the older women I see in our area. Charlotte doesn’t wear shorts, so these are her choice for most days we are exploring.
Every year I read articles on the best length for capris and the best shapes. Sometimes it seems like you need a masters degree in rocket science to figure out which ones work.

Herein lies the case for finding a fabulous top that is the star of the show. No worries if your capris are the right length, the right shape or heck, if they even fit you correctly. All eyes are on this tunic instead.

Red boat shoes
Sheer tunic as part of how to look chic in summer

Charlotte and the Summer Heat

My mom is like me in that she’s always cold. Therefore this heat in Arizona is a nice change for us.
But she laughs and says that the secret to staying cool is to stay inside where it’s air conditioned.

Granted, we have learned to always take a sweater or scarf when we go places because most times the air conditioning is TOO cold.
In fact, my mom remembers a time that a group of friends traveled to Dollywood in Tennessee in August. While it’s usually 80 degrees in the summer, this time was unseasonably cold at only 50 degrees. Luckily my mom had one cotton sweater with her that she ended up wearing the entire time.

Insider tip: I have a jacket and scarf stowed in both cars in case I forget to take one with me.

How to look chic in summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

More at Tortilla Flats and Scenes from the Dolly Steamship

I’m including two more shots above from the fun saloon in Tortilla Flats (population 6). The walls are covered with dollar bils and the bathrooms just crack me up.

Below are a couple of shots of the wildlife we saw from the nature cruise on the Dolly Steamship. Up on the tall rock is a bald eagle’s nest.

Insider tip: If you go on the steamship, make sure to sit on the right side as you go in. Or ask the crew which side has the better views. You can also go outside on the decks to get better photos (but remember, the summer days are over 100 degrees).

The best thing we spotted was the big horn sheep. We even got mooned by one (it must have been a teenager, LOL)

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