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How to Look Stylish Yet Casual in Medium Blue Jeans Shorts

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We’ve been discussing all different types of denim and medium blue jeans are the middle ground of the various washes of denim.
I think this is the shade that is ubiquitous with the thoughts of denim and what we are used to seeing as part of a casual look. The best part is how you can dress casually yet still look stylish as Lesley shows here.

Quote of the day: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers

This quote reminds me that accepting our bodies as they are is the most freeing mental attitude. And change should be a goal for ourselves almost daily. Most people despise the idea of change because it’s scary, but if you frame it as evolution, maybe you’d like it better?

Because evolution gives the idea that change is good. And if change wasn’t good, all women would still only be expected to be secretaries or teachers, right?

This is why it’s good to consider all different kinds/styles of denim to be part of your closet. Especially if you are living a more casual life. Don’t miss the lighter wash style, dark denim, and the distressed option too.

Medium blue jeans for older women

Shorts: Westward Bound~~ Cardigan Vest: no label bought online ~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Abella~~ Purse: no label~~Hat: no label

Medium Blue Jeans Shorts Outfit

We have discussed many, many times how uncovering our body parts shouldn’t be relegated to young women only. And I am always so happy to see Lesley wearing shorts.

Her look included this pair of medium blue jeans shorts, a white blouse, and a cardigan vest which can be worn a couple of different ways. Since we were exploring Cosanti this day, comfortable shoes were a high priority. Plus that’s also essential for our casual style once we retire.

I’ll include all of the details that went into Lesley’s outfit for the day and include her words about how it all came together.

It’s nice that Lesley still wears shorts even though she is over the age of 50. You can see that she styles this length of shorts often.

Showing How Casual Can Be Stylish

Just because it’s hot enough to wear a pair of medium blue jeans shorts, doesn’t mean you can’t make the outfit look intentional. That’s exactly what Lesley did here with the layering and bright colors.

In her words: “Since the season is warming up and I live in AZ, I choose to style shorts, a staple in my closet. I usually wear these shorts for housework or hiking. Some of my hikes include lunch afterward, I like to add a vest or cardigan over my top, and change to street shoes so I’m a bit more presentable.”

It’s certainly not rocket science, to carry a “completer piece” and an extra pair of shoes when you are out and about in case the situation arises that you’ll be somewhere that requires a different look.

What’s even better about a long vest like this is how it can be transformed just by tying up the ends in the front.
There are a couple of reasons to tie your cardigan this way.
1-If it’s windy and you want it to stay put.
2-You want it more fitted.
3-It looks more interesting.

Insider tip: Remember that our clothing is just material. You are the boss of it which means you can twist and tie it in all kinds of ways. IN FACT, don’t forget to experiment with wearing it backward, upside down, or layered differently than you usually do.

White Blouse Can Be Casual

The ubiquitous white button-up blouse. It’s one of those items that was touted as a basic back when I was younger. Maybe it was part of your workwear before retirement? Even if it was, it can be worn on a casual day with just about anything.

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Blouse-worn casually

White is neutral which means it really does pair with anything. Lesley is wearing her white blouse untucked to give it a more casual look, yet it looks more stylish than just a white t-shirt.
BTW, it’s nice to have an oversized version of this blouse if you tend to wear it a lot. It acts more like a tunic and can be just as versatile.

Other ways to wear your white blouse:
Layered under a dress
As a jacket

How to Add Style

If you read many quotes on style, then you know that it’s how you take the fashion and make it your own. That’s exactly why accessories can be worth the extra time it takes to add them to the look.

Let’s start with the baseball hat. Sure, we think of a baseball cap as very casual, but finding ones that have different materials or a fun print gives them a whole different vibe.
What I love about Lesley’s cap with her medium blue jeans shorts outfit is how it’s not “matchy” yet goes with the outfit so well. (If it had been red and white, she might resemble Queen Elizabeth II with her matching hats—nothing against the queen, MK!).

Then she also is wearing nice jewelry including a cuff bracelet and red/silver earrings.

Insider tip: Is your cuff bracelet too big and almost falling off?? I found a great way to add hat tape (found on Amazon) to the inside to make it snugger. See the video here.

Don’t forget how your purse or tote bag can be such a big part of the look too. Totes are a great option for a day out and about (in fact, you can see Lesley’s water bottle in the shoe photo) yet they don’t have to be bland and boring.

Cardigan vest style

Medium Blue Jeans with Red

Red is a fabulous color and it works perfectly with the medium blue denim as a contrast. This is a color combination you see for many of the summer holidays, and that’s not a bad thing.

Always remember that there are many shades of any color, so if red seems too bold for you, think about a more muted version.

Red comfortable shoes

Red Shoes for Summer

Having bright-colored shoes is always perfect for the warmer months. The goal for casual yet stylish outfits is to make sure that your footwear choices are pretty yet functional. While we always love our sneakers too, it’s nice to find other options.

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Matching looks

I have never tried this brand of shoes before but I see they are available at DSW (one of my favorite shoe stores since I can donate older shoes and receive rewards on future purchases). Their reviews are favorable and Lesley said they were comfortable.

Insider tip: Shoes can be tough to order online because you just never know how they will fit. That’s why I recommend knowing the return policy BEFORE you press “add to cart.” Some of my best shoe purchases have been online ones.
So what if you have to return them? You’ll never know unless you try.

Can older women wear medium blue jean shorts

Jean Shorts

As for the topic of denim shorts. When the temperatures rise, it’s nice to bare our legs. I’m a huge advocate that we do not need to be embarrassed by our body parts that look different than when we were younger.
Heck, even when I was younger I didn’t like my body parts, which is incredibly sad to think about. That’s why the quote at the top of this post is very powerful.

Learning to love our bodies as is can be challenging for some women, but it’s the best feeling in the world once your mindset changes.

Shorts? They are not only for the 20-year-old. If you like wearing medium blue jeans, then you should be able to wear jean shorts too!
Don’t forget this applies to any color and any kind of shorts.

Insider tip: You can cut off any pair of pants to make a pair of shorts with the length of inseam you prefer. You are not limited by what is available at the stores. Heck, you don’t even need to be able to sew to do this trick.
Just cut off the jean legs a little longer than you want them to be and cuff them up to cover the fraying ends. OR leave the raw hem because that’s in style now!

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Medium blue jeans shorts outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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