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How to Make Outfits Interesting With No Jewelry

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No jewelry?

How to Make Outfits Interesting With No Jewelry

You can see how we reacted when the prompt of no jewelry was the theme for this week! Seriously, the three of us admitted that this was the hardest challenge we’ve done on the blog. Give us the hard-to-style things like capris pants, sneakers with skirts, or shopping at a young girl’s store, and we have no issues. But to not wear our extras like necklaces, scarves, or earrings, and we don’t know what to do.

Quote of the day: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mother Teresa

Yet hopefully, you gleamed some information from Lesley wearing a statement top, or Charlotte wearing interesting pants. As for me, I went all out with mixing prints to give the outfit some personality.
If you feel like print mixing is “too much”, I understand. I felt the same way at first. Yet how is it that two solid colors look okay together and two prints don’t? I think the more we analyze the idea, the more we can benefit from the experience.
Besides, it makes your closet much bigger if you’re willing to try it.

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No jewelry but make an outfit fun

Skirt: Ric Rac Designs ~~Top: Belong Lifestyle ~~ Shoes: Secra Shoes c/o ~~ Purse: Naomi & Ruth

Different Colors with Print Mixing

If you’ve ever read about mixing prints, the best way to start is with prints of the same colorway. But after you’ve done that a couple of times, it’s good to branch out with other colors.

My inspiration came from the skirt itself. It’s a creation made by my cousin and the pockets were made of a material with purple polka dots. SO I basically copied the pocket material with my top.
What do you think? Too much? Fun? I’ve definitely learned that I can’t please everyone. As long as I like it, then I’m winning!! And to me, this says creative and approachable.

Skirt with print mixing

Knot Shirt

I talked about the grandma/frumpy print shirts recently. It’s not always easy to put your finger on a print that may be modern or old-fashioned. Yet polka dots always seem youthful and fun. I do think the fact that this top has the knot detail can help it seem more contemporary.
BTW, you can always transform a boxy top with many no-sew ways to make it fit better.

No Jewelry Means Other Focal Points

The whole idea of accessories is to make an outfit more individual and create focal points. My idea to make my outfit interesting with no jewelry was all about the print mixing. This brings in my purse selection.

While I kept the purse the same color as my top, it too is another print. I’m not a huge fan of crossbody purses because I feel like they can interrupt an outfit. Yet, by matching the purse to my top, it blends in better.
The other reason I tend to shy away from crossbody bags is they create a line between the girls. Which puts the focus on the girls. I was raised very modestly, but I’m learning that it’s okay to embrace my curves too. It’s the difference between thinking my dress was too tight or just right.

This purse is from a local shop which is also online called Naomi and Ruth. Her mission makes me feel even better about shopping items from her store.

Another detail, if you don’t wear jewelry, I suggest making sure your glasses are modern. I’ve blogged about how to pick the right glasses frames for your face. Spoiler alert: I feel the same way about glasses as the rest of my outfit. HAVE FUN with them and stop stressing over what is right or wrong.

Print mixing with black and white and no jewelry
Comfortable sandals

Black Summer Sandals

Here is one time that I thought a basic sandal would be better. I will confess that I didn’t always like black sandals for summer because they can seem so heavy. Yet the strappy ones changed my mind. With so much skin showing, they add some contrast to my feet. I know y’all think you want to make your legs look longer with the nude pair, but I compared them both here on Instagram.

This pair of sandals have arch support in them and since we were walking around the botanical gardens this day, I needed the support. The company is called Secra Shoes and only has two colors in two different styles. Both very basic yet functional.
These cost the price you would pay for a good pair of shoes, but at least they are not outrageous like designer shoes. I have a small discount code if you’re interested. Use Jtouchofstyle10 for 10% off (which basically means you get free shipping) on their website.

Insider tip: I figured out an easy way to make a “buckle” closure into velcro instead. This time I kept the buckle on the strap too so it looks authentic. Here is the video on how to do this for your own shoes.

Polka dots and floral
No Jewelry: How to make outfits interesting

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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