How to Make Socks and Sandals Anything But Frumpy

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Styling an elegant black cardigan

How to Make Socks and Sandals Anything But Frumpy

Your first thought of socks and sandals could bring up frumpy images. Yet, I think there’s ways to make it work and have fun.

Quote of the day: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

While most of us think of Coco Chanel as elegant and classic, this quote really grabbed my attention. Because she was always changing things up and received more recognition from that aspect of her designs.

So when Walking Cradles announced their 12 Days of Christmas (which means special sales so keep reading), I thought it would be fun to get creative with sandals in the winter time. Because this is a sponsored post with Walking Cradles, I’ve included all the facts of what that means below.

Since Lesley decided to wear pants, I thought adding in a colorful sock was the way to make her outfit look more sassy. My mom wears hose all the time with sandals, and maybe you never noticed because of her secret hosiery.

I like having fun and printed tights to wear if I have to wear them. And if the hosiery and sandals isn’t your thing, then I put together many other options from our previous posts.

When your socks and sandals really stand out

Pants: ECI from Stein Mart ~~Cardigan: INC ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~ Necklace: Stein Mart ~~ Socks: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: BCBGeneration

Lesley and How to Make Socks and Sandals Be Fabulous

Woman over 60 with red and black

I love how Laura, from I Do DeClaire commented recently that when she “wears tights/hose I prefer it to be colored so it looks purposeful and like a part of the whole outfit-not like I’m trying to fake a tan.” And that was my thinking too. Instead of trying to hide the fact, with black socks (or heaven forbid, white ones), Lesley added in her signature color of red.

While many of us don’t even consider sandals in the winter months, it could open up all new possibilities for us. Or heck, my mom remembers the day you carried your inside shoes in a tote and changed once you got to the event.

How Much Bling is Too Much?

I know, I know….Coco Chanel also said to take off one piece of accessory before leaving the house. But I’d rather subscribe to Iris Apfel’s way of thinking when she says, “More is more!”

Lesley bought this HUGE (fake) ring during her days volunteering at the cemetery in Denver when the crew would dress up for the history tours. This was a costume jewelry nod for the Denverite, Louise Hill who wore the real thing and was a society queen and fashion setter.

Insider tip: Look 10 years younger just by adding an interesting barrette to your hair. Right now these are a modern trend. Seriously, if you saw Lesley from the back with that sparkly barrette, wouldn’t you think she was 40? If you aren’t sure which ones to wear or how to wear them, ask your hair stylist like I did. It really was very eye opening when I did that this summer.

Can you Wear Pants for the Dressy Occasions?

Wearing red socks and sandals

It seems like most women in my area do wear pants for every occasion. That’s why I’m glad Lesley opted for these black leggings. I know, my mom almost had a cow when I suggested styling pants for a wedding on the blog years ago, LOL.

But it’s easier for many women to wear pants and then you don’t have to even think about full length hosiery. Like Lesley here, you could wear socks, anklets or knee highs.

How did we even come up with the idea of red socks?? Well, we did try black fishnet anklets with these shoes first. They looked cute, but weren’t as flashy. Yet fishnets are a fun way to take away the frump if you don’t like the idea of a bright color.

Are Long Cardigans Good for Fancy?

Style and sass with socks and sandals

Long cardigans can certainly be for fancy especially with some embellishment like this one has. This was another impulse of Lesley’s (it’s her favorite way to shop). Sometimes you don’t realize how many outfits you can create with an item until you get it home and pair it with other things in your closet.

For instance, if she were still living in Denver, she could make this same outfit only with a long sleeve red sweater or even a turtleneck.

Insider tip: You can see how Lesley tied up the ends of this cardigan. This is a great way to make a longer piece not as overwhelming or overpowering.

Should Your Feet Glitter?

Why shouldn’t our feet glitter just like our fingers?? Lesley chose the Walking Cradles Lettie 2 style of Black Micro with crystals . There is also a Lettie 2 in white leather with crystals available starting today. That’s not all…the Lettie in gold and silver are part of the special discount for $79.99 (originally $125) through Christmas Day.

These have the same heel height at 1 3/4 inches which is very reasonable yet still sexy. Lesley is just over the moon with this pair of shoes. You can see the air pillows I always talk about in the photo without her feet in them. She just loves the flash of rhinestones on the straps. In fact, she said she hasn’t had a pair of shoes for a long time that made her want to kick up her heels!!

What would I wear with the white version? If you didn’t want to wear toeless hose or go bare legged, then nude fishnets would always work. Or if you want to be sassy like Lesley, I think red socks (or tights) could be just as festive.

Insider tip: Per Lesley these shoes scream sexy. And we all need a feeling of that more than we think. Therefore, wear these shoes NOT just for the fancy events. Try them with jeans and a black sweater too! (Lesley, are you reading this)

Black and red with socks and sandals

What Does Red Really Mean

When I first gave Lesley the idea of bright colored anklets, I think I might have gotten the eye roll. It was hard to tell since it was through texts. LOL!! She told me that red stockings seem really risque to her. Ladies of the evening wore red stockings in the 1890’s in Denver.

But even as she said that, she also used to wear red knee highs and a red petticoat under her black costume for the Denver cemetery history tours that she volunteered with.

In fact, for my birthday party recently, she wore this same red petticoat under her black and white polka dot skirt. And the proof is in the short video above.

Having fun with socks and sandals

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

This is a sponsored post with Walking Cradles . Which means Walking Cradles sent us the sandals, and I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.

Since I am also an ambassador for Walking Cradles, I get a commission on any purchase you make through my link (at not extra cost to you). I’m selective with the companies I work with to make sure it’s not just something I like, but something I think you would appreciate. Comfortable, stylish shoes are VERY high on everyone’s list, which is one of the reasons I continue to promote this company. Yes, these shoes cost more, but they are worth it because of the comfort.

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