Aging Hair & Ways to Change It Up

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It’s not a permanent thing to make your aging hair look different. That’s the advantage of hair. It grows and so it is somewhat easy to change. Just like our clothing.

Quote of the day: “Changing one thing for the better is worth more than proving a thousand things are wrong.” Unknown

That’s why after Lesley suggested this kind of post series, I wanted to see what we could make of it. Since Nancy had been talking about getting a new haircut recently, I figured she’d be the perfect model for that.

I had my hairstylist, Cindy, give my mom a new hairstyle with the cut she already had. And then I brought in a bunch of hair accessories to see some great ways to use them.

My Hairstylist, Cindy

Cindy has been my hairstylist for over 16 years and has 40 years of experience. She has been so generous in sharing her expertise in all of these methods we are discussing. I swear, every time we start talking hair, I learn something new from her.

Not that I think you should change hairstylists. I may not be loyal in all of my brands and styles, yet I do think creating a good relationship with the people who help you is important. Yet it’s good to sit and chat about a change just like you were a new client when you want a change.

How to make your hair look different for older women

Here are Some Tips I Learned About How to Make your Aging Hair Look Different with a New Haircut

1– Talk about what you need and your lifestyle. For Nancy, she discussed that she wants something very easy to maintain because she’s not one to spend lots of time on her hair. That’s why short hair is great for her.

2– It’s good to remember what you have going for you. Take your profile, face shape, and your hair texture into account. Even when looking at inspirations like Cindy did below, you need to realize that your individual traits may be somewhat different. HOWEVER in saying this, there are great exceptions. Cindy thinks that “confidence” can be the best way to wear any hair cut and style.

3– Remember that grey hair is drier so you want to either use some hair masks or hydrating products. Or try not to use hair dryers or curling irons as much. That’s where having shorter hair is a benefit because you are keeping it closer to the natural oils of your scalp. Remember that even your hair products should be as natural as you want them to be.

4– It’s such a benefit to taking the time to try to style your new cut yourself in front of your stylist. Cindy had Nancy do this at her appointment and it’s nice to find the secrets to making the style work. When Nancy was first using the hair dryer, Cindy would step in and correct where she should put the brush and explain why. This is priceless information.

Checking hair inspiration

Tricks Gleamed from my Mom’s New Hairstyle

There’s so much to learn not only about our hair, but the products we use too. I organized some of the information that Cindy taught us on this outing.

1-If you use hairspray, it’s best to brush your hair before you step in the shower to help break the hold and let it become more water-soluble. If it’s still gooey after the shower, then it builds up and you should use a stronger cleaner.

2-If your hair dries really fast while you’re trying to style it, Cindy loves her mister bottle better than a spray bottle.

3-Cindy discussed hair gel for Nancy’s hair and even told her how to use it. Most of us do it wrong and then it’s too heavy for our hair. Cindy showed us how you rub it in your hands first to thin it out, and then place it more on the ends…lightly. If you put it at the roots, it can weigh your hair down.

4-While we tend to focus on making our hair neat, having a messy look can be more natural and youthful. So even if you don’t feel like you have many different ways to make your hair look different, this could be an option.

Using a blowdryer for a new hairstyle

Hacks with Hair Accessories

Cindy will tell you that she’s not the hugest fan of hair accessories. Because as a hair stylist, she wants the hair to be the focal point. I get that. Yet I sure learned a lot about using these items in my hair by having this session with her.

1– If you have trouble keeping certain accessories in your hair, it can be due to the shape of your head or the texture of your hair. But there are solutions. For example, Cindy says I have a small head (shocking, I know) and that’s why the circular headbands won’t stay on for me as well. Yet, if I really wanted one, I could secure it with bobby pins.

2– Cindy prefers rubber bands that break. Then you won’t hurt your hair when you take it out.

3– If your bobby pins don’t want to stay in your hair, it’s good to create an “X” with them so they overlap. Either that or twist your hair first to give it more texture.

4-I was putting in my small combs all wrong. Cindy showed me how I need to start them the opposite direction first, and then flip them into my hair. (I know I didn’t explain that well.

5-I was also putting in bobby pins wrong. And to think I thought I was a smart girl…LOL! Did you know the flat portion should be to your scalp?

Experimenting with hair accessories and how to use them in your hair

Start Over

I feel that our hair maintenance has certainly evolved over time. Back in the day, it was done for you. You just showed up at the beauty parlor once a week. But now, so much of it is in our own hands. While this can be good, it can be overwhelming too.

That’s where I think it’s good to pick your hairstylist’s brain. Ask her/him questions. Make an appointment to discuss your thoughts even if it’s just for a change of hairstyle with the same cut. It’s money well spent if your stylist knows what she’s doing.

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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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