Earrings that go with everything

How to Match Earrings to Your Outfit with Frannie & Elinor

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Earrings that go with everything

How to Match Earrings to Your Outfit with Frannie & Elinor

I’m going to talk about how to match your earrings to your outfits along with other details. And with this topic, I’ll be showcasing my earrings from Frannie & Elinor.

Quote of the day: “Progress is not possible without deviation.” Frank Zappa

Our accessories and jewelry can add so much interest to an outfit. In fact, I think the absolute hardest challenge the three of us faced was when we styled outfits with NO accessories.
Yet if it’s something you don’t practice regularly, it can seem overwhelming and confusing.

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Therefore, let me give some options of how to match earrings to your outfits along with some tips and tricks.
But first, let me introduce you to my friend Joan who is the founder of Frannie & Elinor.

Frannie & Elinor

The woman who creates Frannie & Elinor is one of my readers named Joan Elinor. She and I have connected through our love of keeping older women stylish, and I hope you will take a look at her designs which are available on Etsy. Her pieces are high quality and classic.
Exactly the kind of jewelry that will last you a lifetime. Joan updates her selections from time to time and they can even ship internationally. In the USA, shipping is free.

Not only are the jewelry items wonderful, but each piece is packaged with love. It’s the little details that can make such a difference and with every Frannie & Elinor earring purchase, you get extra earring backings along with the BEST silver cloth ever.

Insider tip: You can buy this same cloth on Amazon. It’s different than the others you’ve used in the past. This one actually works! Then again, no need to buy it if you decide to support Joan’s jewelry business.

Not only that, but Joan is offering my readers a discount of 20% with the code, JODIE20 from 10/17/21-11/2/21. I hope you take advantage of her generous offer, as they would also be wonderful gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

BTW, you will type in the discount when you are in your cart by clicking on the “apply shop coupon codes” shown below.

Joan has a variety of earrings and pendants on her site. I have been gifted these earrings because of our friendship, however, I was not paid to write this post.

Now let’s get to the topic at hand of how to match earrings to your outfit.

How To Match Earrings with a Colorful Outfit

When you are wearing a colorful outfit, there are a couple of options for how to match your earrings.

1-Pick metallic earrings that are considered neutral.
If you have cool coloring, then you will benefit from silver pieces. If you have warm coloring, you are better off with gold.

Insider tip: If you don’t know your coloring, why not find earrings that have both gold and silver in them?

2-Pick the predominant color in your outfit for your earrings.
This is what I did with the lilac outfit below by wearing the lilac earrings. Matching your earrings to your top makes the look cohesive even if there isn’t any more of that color in the overall look.

3-You can incorporate an entirely different color into the look, just by choosing a contrasting earring color.
This example is in the photo below of the black and white striped shirt with the red earrings.

Insider tip: If you’re worried that a new color seems too random, incorporate three pieces around that color. In my example, you can see the glasses, earrings, and lipstick are all shades of red.

4-Wear a small diamond stud earring.
If your outfit is already full of many colors and you feel as if earrings would detract from the look, then your small, diamond stud earrings are the perfect basic.
Sure, you could forgo earrings altogether, but sometimes an open ear hole looks unfinished.

What Color & Size Earrings Should You Wear?


Having earrings of various colors helps your outfits seem more pulled together. While the metallic options are always good, the colorful ones add a bit more sass and personality.

The best part is how you can find fabulous earrings in every price range. It’s nice to have less expensive ones for certain times. For example, when traveling, it’s nice to keep the expensive, high-quality earrings at home.

Insider tip: If you’re going to take the time to wear earrings, make sure they show. Think about if the earrings contrast against your hair color. For example, if you have silver hair, silver earrings won’t be noticeable.

What color earrings should you have?
1-Take a gander in your closet and pick out the 3 most popular colors of tops. Then make sure you have earrings in these hues.

Insider tip: Don’t get caught up that the colors of the earrings match the top colors exactly. As long as they are the same warmth or cool, they will look great.

2-I recommend also picking a contrasting color of your most popular top colors. For example, if you have a lot of blue tops, then how about some yellow earrings?
3-White earrings are a great option, especially for the summer.
4-Multi colored earrings will be very versatile since you can combine them with many colors.

Insider tip: You don’t always have to buy new earrings to get ones in different colors. Think about painting them as I did in this post.


Size can be a personal preference, however, I propose you have a variety in your jewelry arsenal. Here are the options I think every woman over 50 should try:

1-Small studs.
These are for the times you really don’t want to be wearing earrings, but having an open hole in your earlobe can look like you forgot to get dressed.

2-Big studs.
Bigger stud earrings can stand out with a great color or design, yet won’t interfere with collars or scarves.

3-Small dangle.
I would classify these as being about an inch long. These are minimalist earrings and won’t be noticed much unless you are head to head with someone.

4-Long dangle.
Earrings between 1-2 inches long will add more focus to your face. For instance, my red earrings below are just over 2 inches long.

Insider tip: Don’t be afraid of the longer earrings. There is nothing wrong with having the focus be on your face. If you aren’t used to longer dangle earrings, start with ones that are thinner.

5-Statment earring.
Statement earrings are a fabulous way to add personality to a solid color top or simple outfit. Not all statement earrings have to be large. You could have whimsical earrings that are colorful yet not super large. More tips about this type of earrings are below.

6-Shoulder scraping.
Earrings that touch your shoulder are incredibly sexy. These are perfect for any off-the-shoulder top or a shirt that has a large scoop neck opening.

Insider tip: DO NOT THINK THAT your age, face shape, or neck length dictates what size of earrings you should wear. Any woman can wear big earrings if they choose.
Charlotte is the perfect example of wearing longer and statement earrings from this post.

Statement Earrings Tips

Let me delve into a couple of tips about wearing statement earrings.

1-Look for lightweight materials.
The last thing you want is a heavy earring that you can only wear for an hour before it starts hurting. I like earrings in materials like wood, leather, and material like fringe, silicone, or acrylic.
You can find metal earrings that are lightweight if they are thin.

2-Forgo the necklace.
When you are wearing statement earrings, you want the focus to be on the earrings, so it’s the perfect time to leave off the necklace.

3-Change the focus
The fact is that by wearing statement earrings you are bringing the focus to your face. If you are trying to hide a bad hair day, you might not want the focus on your face (in which case you should be wearing some wild pants instead). Or if you feel like your pants don’t fit right, then the statement earrings will bring the focus upwards.

4-Many can be changed
If the statement earring is too big or bulky, think about if you could change it to work better for you.
For example, with the long, green earrings Charlotte is wearing here, an option might be to trim the long beads to be shorter, or even just cut them off, and leave the pom-pom as the earring.

How to Match Earrings and Necklaces

How to match your earrings to your necklaces is a common request. It’s easy when they come as a set, but there are other ways to make them work when you buy them separately.
Remember, sometimes a set should be broken up anyways to have more versatility.

1-If your earrings have any type of metal in them, then match that metal in your necklace. For example, when I added a long necklace to my v-neck top in this post, I had the earrings also be the same darker metal as the metal in the necklace.

2-For earrings with a color in them, choose a necklace that has some of that color in it also. Lesley did this when wearing a short necklace with her boat neck tee.

3-If you don’t have colors or metals to match with the earrings and necklaces, switch out the necklace with a scarf. Lesley showcased this when styling her boat neck tee.

4-Think about the shape of the earrings. If they are circles, then pair them with a necklace that has circles.

5-Most of all have fun with your accessories. They are meant to add pleasure to your outfits.

Insider tip: REMEMBER all fashion rules are meant to be broken. So don’t make it stressful.

My 3 Favorite Essentials for Earrings

1-Extra backings. I love the silicone ones the best.

2-Magic Bax. If your earrings are heavy and tend to sag, these backings really help.

3-Polishing Cloth. This polishes any metals that have tarnished.

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How to match earrings with Frannie & Elinor

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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