How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit

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Woman in her 80's and how to match jewelry to look stylish

How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit

Charlotte is the queen of how to match jewelry to an outfit. And while matching makes it easier to put together an outfit, you also want to consider how to make your wonderful jewelry pieces stand out and be noticed.

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This is a sponsored post with Birdsong Designs Jewelry. Not only am I including the facts about what that means below, I’m also giving different fun facts about the company and our specific items over these next three posts. I hope you’ll all welcome the Birdsong family to your home and possibly as gifts for any upcoming occasion. These designs are not only affordable but have meaning too. PLUS you get a 30% discount with my link or use the code JTOS30. And individualization can be requested for my readers at no extra charge. See below for details.

As a firm believer that accessories can make such a difference in our look, I’m excited to present some of the pieces from Birdsong Designs. Charlotte is showing how to match jewelry to her outfit with a blue and white look. Lesley wore unmatching jewelry along with layering her necklaces. And then I am showing a wonderful heart locket with 3 of my favorite tips for accessorizing.

How to Match Jewelry and Still Have it Stand Out

Woman over 80 and how to match jewelry

Pants: XOXO ~~Cardigan: Woodward ~~ Top: no label~~ Boots: no label ~~ Necklace: Boho Beauty from Birdsong Designs c/o ~~ Bracelet: Boho Beauty from Birdsong Designs c/o ~~ Earrings: Boho Beauty from Birdsong Designs c/o ~~ Purse: no label

One big mistake in how to match jewelry, is thinking that you should wear the same color pieces of the top you are wearing. In fact, I showcased a blog post about this idea in the past. Or just like in my ebook about accessories (get it when you sign up to receive emails below), let your accessories stand out and be noticed.
My mom shows how you can showcase a colorful set of jewelry with a column of white. The blue of the necklace, earrings and bracelet all pop against the white yet coordinate perfectly with the blue cardigan.

How to match jewelry to an outfit

This Boho Beauty Collection

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my mother chose a matching set for her pieces from Birdsong Design. One reason she picked these is because blue is her favorite color. She also told me that the square shape and brass metal were very different from anything she already has.

I would also like to include some information about the these pieces that Rhonda, the owner of Birdsong Designs, gave me.

GEMSTONE for this Boho Beauty set is blue jasper and shells.

 Protection
 Helps calm and protect care givers
 Aids in making proper choices
 Improves courage
 Helps ground and center
 Improves intuition
 Helps with flexibility


Rhonda shared her thoughts about how she named these particular pieces. “Ok, I admit it…this name came pretty easily once the pieces were all finished and sitting in front of me.
They look super boho stylish and are beautiful on whoever is wearing them! They radiate a warm and soft feminine energy and just gorgeous. So I named them in honor of all of the beautiful women who will wear them—raise your hand Boho Beauties!”

Thoughts from Charlotte

My mom really loves all three of the pieces she chose. When you order and receive your products, make sure to look at the card they are packaged on to notice their healing properties. Personally, I used to snub my nose at these details. Yet my biological background has proven that EVERYTHING has energy. It’s the scientific quantum theory, and even if you don’t subscribe to the idea, it can’t hurt to wear things that help us.
So while the idea of how to match jewelry might be for you only to look nicer, I love the thought that it can help other ways too.

White jeans and boots

Facts About Birdsong Designs

I’d love to share some this small companies story in this post and the upcoming ones. Each post will give you different information about Birdsong Designs. And since many of you commented in the recent survey about wanting to know more about companies that give back, Birdsong Designs fits the bill perfectly.

In the words of Rhonda, the owner of Birdsong Designs.

We believe that every woman is beautiful.
We believe that every woman deserves to be treated with love & respect.
We want all women to feel empowered, whole, loved & tapped into her purpose.

We actively seek opportunities to help women advance, heal & achieve their life goals.  If you would like us to work with you in your community or organization that helps women, please contact us & let us know how we can help.  
We are proud to work with organizations who share our values such as  Uncommon Threads Boutique in Boston, Massachusetts.”

White and blue for spring

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


This is a sponsored post by Birdsong Designs. This means they sent us the jewelry we fell in love with to showcase and review and I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone. Besides you benefit with a 30% off code to use for your purchase: JTOS30. And how else would you find out about these wonderful small companies otherwise?


Rhonda, the owner of Birdsong Designs also said: “If anyone wants a different clasp, or a piece made longer or shorter or with different colored stones, I am totally able to do that for them at no extra charge.”
How would you do this? Just write me a note or message in their cart during checkout. If that doesn’t work for some reason, you can always email Rhonda at birdsongjewelrydesigns@gmail.com.


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