How to Mix Colors for a Bright Outfit

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Blues and pinks

How to Mix Colors for a Bright Outfit

How to mix colors is part of my blueprint for a color recipe. What is a color recipe? It’s the answer to the question “which colors do I wear with a clothing item?”
Make sure to follow along below to join our exploration of the Sonora Desert Museum too.

Quote of the day: “Interesting is better than simply beautiful. Interesting gives you something to talk about.” Patricia Kohlhepp

The idea of these posts was to wear a print piece and then pair a color with it that was NOT part of the print. You know? Not be matchy matchy. I realize that this can make some of you twitch and start to sweat. But don’t worry, I have the tips to make it work for anyone.
Charlotte wore almost the same color top as I did (unintentionally) yet she paired it with a different color pants. I shared in her post, 4 reasons why it’s good to try this idea. Lesley wore an outfit I bet almost everyone has tried before.

I’ve heard time and time again that some women are afraid of color, yet psychologically there are so many good reasons to wear color. If it’s scary to you, here are a couple of ways to get started.
1-Make sure to find the colors that look best with your complexion. (I’ve discussed a couple of options in the past). You want to SHINE in the colors you wear.
2-What is your favorite color? Start with that one (finding the right shade is the key).
3-Look around your house or at your artwork. Those pieces should be items you like, so copy those.
4-What is your favorite flower? Use this as your inspiration.

How to Mix Colors

How to mix colors with pinks and oranges

Pants: National c/o~~ Top: Ibkul c/o Anthony’s ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles~~ Necklace: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Amazon~~Hat: Nordstrom Rack

Sun shirt for AZ weather

How to mix colors is a task like any other task. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. So here are three options of how to put together an outfit with a bright colored print.
1-Intensity is how bright the color is. So a bright and bright (like what I’m wearing) looks cohesive because it’s a like and like together.
2-A bright also works with a more muted color so the outfit has contrast. Charlotte showed this with her outfit.
3-Bright colors can be paired with neutrals for a more toned down combination. That’s why I used neutrals for my accessories and shoes.

Neutral Accessories

While we think of accessories as an optional addition to any outfit, I would argue that a hat and purse are more of an essential, at least for this day.
When I purchased this hat, it appeared more yellow in the photo. Yet, in real life, I would consider it a darker tan.
It was a well needed cover from the sun while we were walking around. And if you need some tips on wearing hats, make sure to read my Kuel Article.

Insider tip: Online shopping is hugely convenient. The ONLY part that you should not rely on is color. The lighting of the photo along with our computer monitors can skew any color. That’s why it’s good to be adventurous in how to mix colors.

For a day of exploring, a purse that is hands free is also an advantage. In the past I have shown 5 different kinds of outfits with this belt bag.
I love how the belt bags of nowadays have style. The quilting of this particular one gives it a much more chic look.
BTW, my cognac belt bag is still available and only $10.

Insider tip: If you feel like you can’t fit all of your “treasures” in a belt bag, then do what Lesley does. She brings a tote with everything she needs, and then pares down to a smaller purse for the actual activity.

How to mix colors for outfits

Outfit for the Heat

A huge factor of what I wore for this outfit was because of the weather and our activity planned. Staying cool in the hundred degree heat is important. While I love a dress for the air circulation and a mini road trip, I also wanted to be covered from the sun’s rays on this day.

So I wore one of my sun shirts that was gifted to me as part of a collaboration with Anthony’s of Florida. The idea of having sun protection in your clothing is brilliant especially in the Arizona sun.
This sun shirt has mesh on the underside of the sleeves to help with air flow while wearing it. And I like how my neck is covered with the collar.
This particular print is not still available, however, there are always different options.

For the pants, I wore my palazzo pants gifted from a collaboration with National. The fact that they are flowy, makes them ideal for the hundred degree days. And I love that they have pockets, which is where my phone spent most of the time, so that I could take photos easily.
BTW, they are still available right now for under $20 in some sizes.

Insider tip: My friend, Lindsey, taught me that being covered in the sun is actually cooler, as she found out when she visited Egypt. And it makes sense, that you are cooler if the sun is NOT touching your body.

Walking cradles sandals

Walking Sandals

A day of exploration means shoes that are comfortable and not too hot. The adjustability of these Walking Cradles “Heather” sandals makes them wonderful for when my feet swell in the heat. There is Velcro around the top strap and both of the back straps. Along with the fact, that these are part of the Metro + collection which means they an anatomically engineered arch and heel cup with a super lightweight sole.
This style is also available in grey and black if you prefer solid colored shoes.

Insider tip: If you worry about keeping the white portion of any shoe clean, a Magic Eraser works fabulously.

As a Walking Cradle Ambassador, I have a discount code (JODIE15) of 15% off your first purchase. By shopping using my referral code, I will get a small commission for your purchase, so thank you.

Colorful outfit on how to mix colors
How to mix colors

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Flora at Sonora Desert Museum

For our day’s adventure, we bought tickets to the Sonora Desert Museum. I shared the exciting sights on the way to Tucson from Phoenix in the last post.
While this is called a museum, we considered it more of a botanical garden, especially since 95% of it was outside. There were not only the beautiful cacti of the area to be seen, but even a saguaro skeleton.
There was a wonderful walking trail that curved through many examples of the different flora that is seen among the desert.

Because of the restrictions of the time, there were not many docents around to give information about each plant and details of each area. However, Rob wants to return when they have the Raptor Free Flight during the fall months.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the fauna we witnessed here.

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