How to Shop on Poshmark

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How to Shop on Poshmark

I wanted to share some thoughts about how to shop on Poshmark. It’s no secret that I love to shop and LOVE to save money. As someone who considers herself a shopping expert, there are always tips and tricks that can make our experiences better. And while I’m focusing on how to shop on Poshmark in this post, some tips are true for any online shopping.

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What is the incentive to help others on how to shop on Poshmark? Well, you could consider it twofold. One because of the way Poshmark is set up, it’s really individuals making money which means they are each small businesses. And I love supporting small businesses.
Secondly, finding items for your closet at a better price is always good for us and the environment.

While I don’t expect to change your mind if you’re not a fan of second hand items, it’s also good to consider the facts.
1-You can find items that are “new” even with tags on. I know for a fact that Target gives its “leftovers” to Goodwill. They are items that haven’t been worn, but they are getting rid of them.
2– If you purchase “new” items at a brick and mortar store, others could have tried it on before you.
3-Once you wear something once, it’s “secondhand.”

I’ve created many blog posts about thrifting and ways to make it successful. As well as a blog post about tricks for online thrift shopping. Some of those ideas work for Poshmark also, however, there are also some differences.

Gingham top as part of how to shop on Poshmark
This Talbots gingham shirt is from Meg’s closet.

Why Poshmark?

What is Poshmark exactly? It’s online shopping for individuals selling items under a community site. People sell on Poshmark to make a living or just to clean out their closet. The difference between those two is sizing. If you find someone on Poshmark that is your size and they are just cleaning out their closet, then most of their items for sale will work for you.
On the other hand, some people resale any size they can find. Both have their advantages.

If you already like thrifting, then you might enjoy the process of digging through racks of clothes. Yet in the environment today, you could consider it safer to do your shopping from your computer.
Therefore, if you don’t like shopping at stores, that is when online shopping can be so much easier…if you do it right.

Insider tip: If you have a certain item you adore, but it’s wearing out. Or you’d like one in another color, this is the perfect time to scour Poshmark for it. Search for it under the brand and then you can further filter it by category, size and even color.

Why don’t you read much about Poshmark on some blogger’s sites or thrifting in general? That could be that there is no big incentive for this kind of shopping for the influencer. If you purchase a new item through my links, I have the opportunity to get a small commission. However, that’s not the case with thrifted items.

Insider tip: There is a reward program for the online thrifting site thredUp, if you’re interested. If you go through my link, you should get $10 to spend (and so will I).

Print pants
These Zara print pants are from Melissa’s closet.

How to Shop on Poshmark

Poshmark is huge, so scrolling through willy nilly can be overwhelming. If you’ve never been on Poshmark, then you do have to create an account. Once you are in the site, you can search for brands, items or even by someone’s closet. For instance, the print pants I blogged about recently I found when searching my friend’s, Melissa’s closet. I know this is how she makes a living, so I like to support her when I can.

There are some differences for how to shop on Poshmark compared to normal retail or even thredUp. So let me concentrate on some of those differences first.
1-ANYTIME you see something you like, you should click the heart under it. Sometimes it can be hard to get back to a piece later, but you can always look at your “likes” under your photo in the upper right (or if you are on the App, it’s the lower right corner).

Insider tip: Some Poshers will offer you a discount on your “likes” a day or week later, so you could save money by liking something.

2-Once you click on an item you have a chance to ask questions about it, if the description isn’t clear. This is the time to check measurements and look at the material.

Insider tip: If you only want NEW items, search for NWT items (new with tags). Or if you see this circle, next to the description, that’s what it means.

3-You can “make an offer” on the item you like. This is a common practice on Poshmark so don’t think you are offending them, unless you low ball them.

Insider tip: You can actually search for the same item to see what other Poshers are asking for the same kind of item.

4-The other unique thing about how to shop on Poshmark is you can “bundle” items. This means you purchase more than one item from the same “closet”.

Insider tip: When you bundle, you are also allowed to make an offer, but once you do, and the Posher accepts, then it’s yours. There is no back and forth. Some sellers on Poshmark give details about discounts for a bundle. For example, some will give 15% off on 5+ items, or 20% off 3+ items (it is listed under the Shipping/Discount for that item). You can always still give an offer that is below that amount.

Other Tips, Tricks and Info

Yes, you have to pay postage. The amount is listed in the details, so just include that cost as part of the cost of the item. Remember, these are REAL people doing this, not a company. That’s why it can be beneficial to bundle items if you like many pieces from one seller.

There are no returns on Poshmark unless it doesn’t match the listing description. Here is the policy on their site.
That’s why I’m including the ways to evaluate the piece first.

Evaluate the Piece First

1-Check the measurements, not just the size classification. If they aren’t listed, ask for them in a comment.

Insider tip: If you are still unsure, you can always check the sizing chart of the original store. For example if you are looking at Anthropolgie’s Pilcro jeans on Poshmark, you can go to the Anthropolgie’s site, search for Pilcro jeans and check their size chart.

2- If the seller is only showing stock photos of the item you like, you should ask to see photos of the real item. This helps prevent any surprises.

3– Analyze the piece to think about if it doesn’t fit. Is it something you might be able to alter? You can’t always know this ahead of time, but sometimes you can get an inkling.

Insider tip: This is where you have an advantage of reading my blog. One of my superpowers is how to make pieces work. For instance, if your skirt is too short. Or how to stay modest with a wrap top. Or feel free to email me, and I’ll try to help.
For instance, I bought this yellow dress recently. While it “fit”, I didn’t like how it pulled across my tummy and it seemed a tad short. So I had my mom cut it off to make it a top. Get creative with your clothes…they are only material sewn together in a certain way.

Who To Follow

While you can certainly look for certain items as part of how to shop on Poshmark, you can also support certain people. For instance, if you like someone’s style on Instagram, there’s a chance they may sell on Poshmark. Most people will have this listed in their bio. Some bloggers have a tab on their site to sell what they don’t wear anymore.

As a shout out to my favorite sellers on Poshmark, I wanted to list them here. These are women I have “met” on Instagram and even some in person. It’s always good to “follow” some sellers if you like their style or know they are responsible and honest.
1- Anne
2- Jamie
And if you have a closet I should follow, please let me know.

How to shop on Poshmark

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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