How To Style a Denim Dress For Winter As Well As A Tiered Dress

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I have become one of those people that love the idea of how to style a denim dress for winter. There are so many ways to take a summer dress and make it absolutely appropriate for the colder weather.
You can’t do this with a winter dress for the summertime, so take advantage of having more summer dresses and then use these tricks to stay warm and look amazing.

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How to style a denim dress for winter
Denim vs Tiered dress
1-Layer under it
2-Add tall boots
3-Fleece tights
4-Skinny jeans
5-Sweater on top
6-Layer a skirt over it

As the quote says, being enthusiastic about something makes us happy. It’s no secret that I get all excited about finding so many ways to wear a certain clothing item. That’s why I wanted to showcase how to style a denim dress for winter.
Yet when I was thinking of these ideas, I realized that they would work just as wonderfully with my tiered dress. So I’m showing you both versions.

Insider tip: Even if you don’t like my examples of an idea, the concept is tried and true. Use what you have in your closet for a look that will feel more “you.”

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Denim and Tiered Dress

These are the 2 “summer” dresses that I decided to showcase but don’t let the description or styles stop you from trying these ideas with what is in your closet.
When I won this jean dress from Kancan, I thought it would work fabulously for the idea of how to wear a denim dress in winter.

You can see in the above photo of the denim dress, that I had cuffed the sleeves to make it warm weather appropriate. But for the winter options, I let them hang down.
I also decided to take off the breast pockets because they seemed bulky. Sure, now I see the dark patches in those areas, but I could try to bleach them if I really wanted.

The tiered dress is a recent collaboration from Amoretu which is also on Amazon. The three of us showcased how their items would work for older women and showed them on real bodies. While you may not think this style is very versatile, I like to challenge that idea.

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Layer Under It

As with almost all of our clothing, there are 2 ways to layer it. Over and Under. I try to use that prompt anytime I’m working on styling a piece with layering. Over and Under. Repeat after me. Over and Under. Once that is embedded in your brain, you will have twice as much luck when you are layering your items.

For this prompt on how to style a denim dress for winter, I decided to layer a turtleneck under the dress. Except it’s not a real turtleneck. This is really one of my Halftees so it’s covering my arms and neck, but not adding bulk to my midsection.

Insider info: Halftees are available in all different varieties and you can get 20% off with code JTOUCH20.

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And you can see how the same turtleneck worked wonderfully not only under the denim dress, but also the tiered dress.
FYI, you can layer all kinds of shirts or sweaters under a dress this way. If you don’t want it to show as much, pick a neckline that matches the dress’s neckline. And remember, for really cold days, there are thermal and fleece-lined options like this one.

Add Tall Boots

Tall boots are my answer to all cold weather issues. I love my ankle boots too, but the taller boots really keep your legs warmer. That’s why I also believe in over-the-knee boots. It’s all about the warmth factor.

Any tall boot would be a great solution for how to style a denim dress for winter. But I am a huge fan of the white cowboy boots right now. These are from Target (and available in other colors) and I love how they work with both the jean dress and the tiered dress.

Insider tip: One secret to making the boots warmer is to wear knee-high socks under the boots. Again, find the fleece variety for extra warmth.
And some boots are faux fur lined too.

Fleece Tights

Wearing dresses in winter may seem silly because your legs aren’t covered until you try fleece-lined tights. These babies are like wearing pants and are even warmer than some pants.

I paired my fleece tights with ankle boots just so you could see more of the tights showing, but these can easily be worn with tall boots too.

Insider tip: If you don’t need the fleece part to keep warm, then don’t forget that you can also wear your workout leggings as tights.

Skinny Jeans

Here’s one reason you don’t want to get rid of your skinny jeans just because the other jean silhouettes are having their heyday. Your skinny jeans work wonders as a layer under a dress.
When you wear your skinny jeans this way, it’s not much different than wearing tights.

Insider tip: If you don’t want the cuff to show on the outside, cuff it up under the jean to camouflage it.

You might ask if I’m wearing jeans, why even consider a dress? Why not just wear a top instead? My answer would be that this makes your wardrobe that much bigger with more variety. Why not wear your dresses this way?
Don’t forget this idea could include your colorful jeans too, not just blue denim.

Insider tip: If you’re really cold, then consider layering a pair of tights under your jeans for 2 layers.

How to Style a Denim Dress for Winter: Sweater Over Top

I always love the idea of how to wear your dress in different ways. Making a skirt out of your dress by layering a sweater over top is easy and not much different than wearing a cardigan or jacket.

While the textured sweater is very busy with the print-tiered dress, I just had to try it. I may not have worn this anywhere but in the backyard, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear it out in public. It’s a little wild and crazy, but then again, so am I.

Remember, it’s called personal style because it’s personal! You may not want to copy the exact pieces of what I’m wearing, but the concept of wearing a sweater over the top of your dress is easy and brilliant.
This also works with sweatshirts and hoodies.

Insider tip: Notice I kept my turtleneck on under the dress for these photos. If you’re trying to stay warm, you can layer more than 2 pieces at a time.

Layer a Skirt Over the Dress

This is always the idea that gets so much pushback. Everyone thinks that only I can do this because I’m thin. But that’s hogwash. Your dresses and skirts should fit you and therefore, wearing your skirt over a dress is no different than wearing the skirt over a top.

I discussed many of the myths about this trick in an article that you should read.
Needless to say, you won’t know until you try it. And if you don’t have many skirts to play with, then this would be the perfect time to add some to your closet. I swear they are much more versatile than you think.

As for this example, this is the same skirt I just wore in our winter funeral outfit post with a blouse. The denim dress is not as thin as my blouse, yet it fits just fine.
The tiered dress is a thinner material yet has a wider silhouette with the tiers, yet it works just as well.

This could be one reason that I just LOVE midi skirts lately. Don’t be afraid of trying new shapes with skirts.

Insider tip: Don’t worry if your skirt has a slit in it and the dress shows. Make it look intentional by either showcasing it more by pinning the slit wider or maybe copying the colors of the exposed portion with your accessories or footwear.

So the question is, will you try any of these ideas of how to style a denim dress for winter? I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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