How to Style a Denim Shirt Dress

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Crossbody purse with a shirt dress

How to Style a Denim Shirt Dress

It’s not hard to style a denim shirt dress for a fun day out. Besides jumpsuits (like we talked about last week), they are the easiest way to get dressed without stressing. It’s that one and done idea.

Quote of the day: “Wisdom is learning what to overlook.” William James

This quote is something I think is good to remember when it comes to almost everything. I know many times when we get dressed, there are little details that bug us, yet most others probably don’t notice them. I say this because if you notice, Nancy put a clip on her purse strap and then kept forgetting to cover it with her hand! LOL!

This week is all about how denim dresses can work so well for an outing. Mom showcased her denim dress with some layering action going on. And now Nancy is embracing her denim dress with sneakers. I tried to get creative with layering a cardigan, but the best part is where we took these photos.

Denim dress and woman over 70

Nancy’s Wearing

Dress: Montana jeans-thrifted ~~Cami:Mossimo ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~Necklace:~~Purse: Sharif c/o~~Sunnies:

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Nancy Showing How to Style a Denim Shirt Dress

While we’ve showcased shirt dresses on the blog many years ago, this one is a tad different. It doesn’t unbutton down the entire front, just to the waist.

I know most of us think of a dress as a dressy item, but a denim dress can span many occasions. I think you could easily make this dress fancier with some heels, a sparkly necklace along with a beaded clutch.

Yet since it is denim, we do think of it as more casual, and so it’s perfect to add in a pair of sneakers to make your feet happy.

How to style a denim shirt dress for exploring


I found this dress for Nancy while out thrifting. Since Nancy is short waisted, I just moved the belt loops up, to position the belt into the correct place for her. Another option if you didn’t want the belt at all, would be to take the belt loops off and wear it without.

While this is actually a chambray dress (as my mother pointed out), it’s lighter weight than a denim dress per se. So even though it has 3/4 length sleeves, it would work for warmer days.

Then again, it’d be perfect for all the tricks about how to wear a dress too. These tricks I incorporated into my eBook about Getting Creative with your Clothing. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, I hope you take the time to do it now.

How to style a denim shirt dress


I just love this necklace that Nancy is wearing. For some reason I always love the rocks and geode type pendants.

And Nancy’s sunnies always get so many compliments when she wears them. Who doesn’t love a little fun on their glasses as well as other accessories?

Leopard Sunnies


This is Nancy’s purse she was gifted from Sharif. Of course they are sold out of this one now, but they really have some fun and interesting purses. Some are very reasonably prices while others are way above my budget.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of changing out my purses before I retired, I now think it’s a great way to add more to an outfit. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I have conquered the hassle of changing it out.

If you love animals on your purses for a bit of whimsey, then here are a couple that just struck my fancy. This one has 4 different ones on it, while there are always the cute cat and dog purses (pug to be exact).

Sneakers and a dress


If you’ve been reading other blogs lately, then you know I’m not the only one that has been embracing the sneakers and dress trend. It seems like such a functional way to get out around town and still be comfortable.

These mule sneakers are a collaboration with Walking Cradles again. Why? Because all three of us have become very spoiled when it comes to comfort and style. And the company is incredible liked I talked about when I got to visit in person.

The funny thing is Nancy was just saying how she really wanted to replace her mule sneakers from ages ago because they were wearing out. And this pair is great because they are like a nude and almost look like you’re not wearing shoes.

My Walking Cradles discount code is still good until July 1, so now’s the time to take advantage of it. Use Style15 for 15% off, and your feet will thank you.

Mule sneakers

Nancy’s History with Denim

This is Nancy’s first denim dress, so when I asked her about her history with denim, she only remembers having jeans, capris and shorts before I came along. Along with a denim vest. She had her vest before we started blogging.

Since denim has been making such a huge comeback lately, I did buy Nancy a denim jacket and now this dress. It’s such a versatile material that goes with everything.

Denim dress on silver hair woman

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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