Fall layering with how to style a print jacket

How to Style a Print Jacket: Ageless Fall Layering

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Our Ageless style group decided on the prompt for fall layering essentials and since I had a request on how to style a print jacket, I put the two ideas together.
Jackets are truly my favorite layering essential and having a couple of print ones makes any outfit sassier.

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Quote of the day: “Master your instrument. Master the music. And then forget all that bullshit and just play.” Charlie Parker

I think the quote is powerful when you analyze the fact that you may need to learn the basics, but then you just need to explore and try all the variations.
For instance, you may love jackets as a layering tool yet you may worry that a print jacket is too bold and crazy.

The ideas for the print jackets we are showing are a request from my friend, Gail, who said she has an Asian print one, a flower print one, and a gold brocade type print one. I was excited because between the three of us, we all could style outfits with those prints and then Cathie threw in another option.

So join along as we talk about how to style a print jacket in 4 different ways as your fall essential layering tool.

How to style a print jacket
1-Why a print jacket?
2-Asian print
3-Floral print
4-Gold brocade
6-More inspiration
7-Ageless style

Why Style a Print Jacket

Many women think that prints are too bold. Maybe solid colors seem safer since they might not attract as much attention.
Yet many articles suggest that women our age are becoming invisible. Maybe we have taken the ideas of “what not to wear” too seriously, and we have forgotten that our clothing is a tool to showcase our personality.

One fact that we can easily forget is that our personality is not one-dimensional. We may think of ourselves as playful, serious, or whatever adjective comes to mind, yet in reality, you are a slew of adjectives.
And there is no reason not to showcase them all depending on the day. While one day may be muted because you are sad, there will be a day you are happy. And hopefully, your clothing will reflect that.

So let me give a couple of advantages to wearing a print jacket.
1-It can be the focus of the outfit. This can be advantageous if you want to hide another part of your body. Say, for example, your jeans feel too tight. Or your hair is a mess. Then having the focus on your jacket is the way to go.
2-Prints are notorious for hiding stains. If you tend to be a klutz, and know you are going out to eat, then how to style a print jacket needs to be on your radar.
3-The jacket can become the perfect item to try out print mixing. Since the top underneath it won’t be showing much, this type of double print may be easier for some.
4-By having a print jacket, you are incorporating something of interest for the rearview. As I always say, just as many people see us from the back, so give them something fun to look at.

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Asian Print Jacket

How to style a print jacket for women over 70
Skirt: KC Design-thrifted~~ Jacket: no label-thrifted from Junior League in Denver~~ Top: Old Navy (athletic wear) ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Reece” ~~ Necklace: Steinmart~~ Purse: gifted from friend

Lesley has this Asian print jacket that was thrifted years ago. She even included her Asian print purse with the outfit which means she is print mixing in a less obvious way.
Make sure to check out how she wore it another time on with black pants,

When Gail asked me about how to style a print jacket, her concern is that she lives in Texas and rarely needs a heavy layer. Yet as Lesley shows, you can always wear a sleeveless tank top under the jacket so it’s not so warm.
In fact, Lesley is wearing an athletic top that is made for working out. Yet as we’ve discussed in the past, our workout wear doesn’t have to be worn only at the gym.

Since the jacket is a combination of black and red, Lesley wore it with a red skirt and a black top. But don’t think that’s the only way to style this jacket. It would look just as wonderful with white, ivory, and grey. And for those of you who appreciate fun color combinations, I bet it would look great with olive green, burgundy, and pink.

Lesley chose nude shoes so they wouldn’t compete with the rest of the outfit. These are Walking Cradles brand, and just so you know, she buys a lot of them because they are so comfortable with all of the walking events that we do.

Accessories with an Asian Print Jacket

Lesley wore her black and red accessories as well as her gold earrings. If you notice, Lesley tends to put her jewelry emphasis on necklaces and bracelets. Rarely do you see her sporting statement earrings.
Yet I’d like to point out that she does mix the different metals in an outfit. Her earrings are gold, but the bracelet is silver.

The other great detail is how she layered 2 different necklaces here. The red multi-strand one is separate from the black pendant one. Yet they sit on top of each other like they were made to go together.
If you have a lot of necklaces, then it’s fun to work on your layering this way.

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Asian print jacket as how to style a print jacket

Charlotte and How to Style a Floral Print Jacket

Fall layering essentails with how to style a print jacket
Pants: Ongie Casuals~~ Jacket: Investments-thrifted~~ Top: JHC~~ Shoes: Nike ~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

I love how my mom is showcasing this light-colored floral print jacket even though it’s the autumn season. You saw this exact same jacket styled for a graduation event this spring. And it’s nice to know that it can be worn all year long.

To make it seem season-appropriate, Charlotte wore her black pants and black sneakers. The sneakers were really because we were on a walking tour this day, but I think they give a great example of how you can wear athletic shoes and still look fashionable.

My mom wore a yellow turtleneck for warmth, but the possibilities are endless. If you are in a warmer climate, then even a graphic t-shirt would be wonderful.
Or if you live in a colder area of the world, then you could layer the floral jacket over a thin, cashmere sweater and even have a long underwear top under it.

Since I gave other color options for Lesley’s jacket, let me say that even though this floral print jacket has a white background, it would look great styled over a black top, grey top, or even a navy top.

Insider tip: It is not a faux pas to style navy and black together anymore. They are just two colors that can play well together. Think of how you wear denim jeans and black. In all reality, that’s navy and black, so have fun with the combination.

Accessories to Wear with a Floral Print Jacket

With a floral jacket like this, your options for colors to accessorize with are endless. For our outing, Charlotte wore both red earrings and carried a red purse.

One reason the sneakers tie in so well with the look is that they mirror some of the colors in the jacket. Another great reason to wear a print jacket.

Wearing a print floral jacket and black pants

Print Mixing with a Gold Brocade Jacket

Red plaid and gold brocade for fall outfit
Pants: Banana Republic ~~ Jacket: Newport News~~ Boots: Charlotte Russe ~~ Bracelet: was my Aunt Nancy’s~~ Purse: DSW~~Hat: Handed down from my cousin

If you look at the label name of this jacket, then you will know it’s an oldie but goodie. I used to wear it when I was working as a dentist, and always received many compliments on it. Even though I don’t need “office-appropriate outfits” anymore, I kept this jacket because it’s such a beautiful print.

It’s only since I’ve retired, that I’ve experimented with print mixing, so trust me when I say, I never wore it like this to work. But I love the gold brocade with the red plaid. And to add even more layers, I wore a white t-shirt hoodie as my base layer.

Since the jacket has 3/4 length sleeves, I rolled up the red plaid sleeves around them. I think it makes it look more intentional by showing all three layers.

For the bottom half of my look, I chose my faux leather brown pants. You can see how I wore them the first time after I bought them. It was going to be a chilly day, so I paired them with one of my most comfortable pairs of OTK boots. Even though they are very comfy, I still added my Superfeet inserts just to make sure.

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Insider tip: Do you think the pants and boots match each other? You might be surprised to know that the pants are brown and the boots are olive green. Yet many times those two colors can look alike.

Which Accessories for a Gold Brocade Jacket?

I included a head wrap because the day was a bit chilly. No, I didn’t knit this one, it’s actually a hand-me-down from my cousin.

But let me give you a quick purse hack. I love this white purse, but I didn’t want to carry it for our outing. So I stole a strap from another purse that had clasps and adjusted the length of the strap to have it fit as a belt.
Voila, my own belt bag.

What you don’t see are my compression socks. For the wintertime, they are the best socks if I’m walking around and they are warm too.

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Faux leather pants with gold brocade jacket and hoodie

Cathie’s Quilted Version: How to Style a Print Jacket

Quilted print jacket for fall layering essential
Jeans: Torrid- Goodwill ~~ Jacket: Target brand bought at Bin Mayhem~~ Top: no label~~ Boots: Marc Fisher-won in a giveaway

Cathie (you can find her on Instagram here) joined us with another idea of how to style a print jacket. At first, she was going to wear her leopard jean jacket, but then found this fun quilted jacket that was longer and oversized.

The advantage of an oversized jacket is then you can layer more items under it if you need to. Yet you can keep the layers under it minimal too if you don’t need the warmth.

Boots and Straight Leg Jeans

First I just have to tell you that Cathie won these boots in a Marc Fisher giveaway that I tagged her in. Obviously, I didn’t win, but I was so excited that she did!! Chunky footwear is definitely a trending item and yet they can be super functional.

Insider tip: If your feet are always cold, try the chunky shoes because it creates more insulation between the ground and your feet. I learned this from my friend in Alaska, where it gets really cold.

Notice that Cathie cuffed her straight-leg jeans to show off more of the boot. This is a fabulous option so the jeans don’t get soggy if it’s snowy or slushy too.
BTW, if you don’t like seeing the inside of the jeans, try cuffing them up inside the leg instead.

Insider tip: If your jeans don’t want to stay cuffed, I use fashion tape (found on Amazon). I use it for Rob’s pants too.

How to style a print jacket for plus size

More Inspiration

How to style a print jacket can work no matter where you live or how you spend your day.

If you are like my friend, Gail, who lives where you don’t need a lot of layers, then here are a couple of tricks to consider.
1-Look for jackets that have 3/4 length sleeves. In fact, I like these the best because the hems don’t get as dirty.

Insider tip: If your jacket has long sleeves, just roll them up to make them 3/4 in length. Don’t worry that you see the inside part. Sometimes, that’s the prettiest detail.

2-The material of the jacket makes a difference. Just because it’s a jacket doesn’t mean it has to be very heavy and warm.
3-Wear your summer tops under the jacket. Sleeveless and short sleeve tops are great for fall layering.
4-Think about the bottom half of the outfit and keep it more open. Skirts are cooler than jeans. Wide-leg jeans are cooler than skinny jeans. And distressed jeans have a built-in air-conditioner. Heck, don’t forget you could always wear a jacket with shorts.

And if you are looking for more ideas on how to style a print jacket, then here are more articles to peruse.
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Ageless Style Women

These are the women who are joining the idea of fall layering essentials on their blogs. They may not be talking about how to style a print jacket, but I know you can get some great inspiration from each of them.
And we don’t all post at the same time, so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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How to style a print jacket for women over 50

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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