How to Style a Red Cardigan Outfit

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Comparison of a red cardigan

How to Style a Red Cardigan Outfit

Styling a red cardigan outfit for Lesley means adding in a scarf or two. And you can see what a difference it makes.

Quote of the day: “The body should be reconfigured by the clothes, never the other way around.” Donatella Versace

This series was brought about by a woman I saw out in public years ago. I told the story as I transformed the boring red sweater and black pants outfit. Then my mom added her elegance and sass to the same kind of outfit.

This series also reminds me of the one we did where we took our floral shirts from frump to fabulous. I know it takes a little time and energy to change up an outfit, but really it’s not rocket science.

Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt ~~ Cardigan: Charter Club~~ Top: Charter Club~~ Shoes: Anne Klein~~ Scarf: Stein Mart ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Purse: Isabelle

Lesley’s Red Cardigan Outfit

Adding sass to a red cardigan outfit

Lesley tells the story about having a friend who often complimented her on her outfits and style. Lesley finally pointed out to the friend that the only thing different was a scarf. Scarves add whimsy and color and really are easy to wear.

It always amazes Lesley how often she gets complimented on scarves when she is out and about wearing one. People tend to notice and appreciate the effort.

Insider tip: Scarves are easy to find and don’t have to be expensive. Thrift and second hand stores are a wonderful source to get started on a collection. Lesley starts by purchasing one to go with a specific top in mind, and then finds many other pieces it will work with in her closet.

Print Mixing Made Easy

Another reason to love scarves is they make it easy to add in a second or third print to an outfit. We’ve shown this on the blog in the past with scarves and print pants.

Maybe you hardly even notice the wonderful necklace Lesley is also wearing. Don’t be afraid to add in an extra accessory or two. It keeps people checking you out instead of getting bored.

Insider tip: Tie a scarf around your purse. This is such an easy way to give the outfit extra pizzazz.

More Red Shoes

Red leopard loafers

Just like my mom chose red boots, Lesley went with a red shoe too. Hers are not only red, but red leopard. This coming from the woman who didn’t used to like animal prints much. See how I’ve rubbed off on her? Hang around me and you’ll have to join the 12 step program for shoeaholics! LOL

One other aspect that makes this outfit more modern is how Lesley has cuffed her jeans. Sure, this may not be as easy in the colder weather, but just look how it changes the silhouette of the entire outfit.

Insider tip: From the author of the Style Bible: As we age, we’re consumed with how many parts of our body we feel like we have to cover up, but a few don’t need to be covered. Elongating the leg with a cropped pant is flattering and sexy, and the ankle doesn’t tend to show age.

Adding Intention

Cuffing your jeans

It’s not always easy to put into words how the little things can make a difference. Even the fact that Lesley scruffed up the sleeves on the cardigan gives it a little more pizzazz.

But adding intention into any outfit is well worth the effort. For Lesley, her love is with scarves. And you can see that she doesn’t get all complicated with how to tie it. In the photo below it’s just hanging around her neck. And in one of the other photos, she tosses one end over her shoulder. Sure it moves around as we do during the day, but then you readjust.

Insider tip: If it bothers you when your clothing has to be adjusted, then you can tack your scarf in place. Depending on the materials involved, sometimes you can use a small stud earring or fashion tape.

Styling a red cardigan outfit for women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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