How to Style a Scarf in the Summer

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How to style a scarf in the summer---3 ways

How to Style a Scarf in the Summer

How to style a scarf in the summer may seem silly. Why would you want more material on you when it’s so hot outside? But scarves can be on your accessories or worn such that they work for summer months.

Quote of the day: “No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars or sailed to an unchartered land or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.” Helen Keller

And if anyone knows anything about overcoming obstacles, I would say Helen Keller takes the cake. So making your scarf work for the hotter weather should be a piece of cake comparatively!

Trying on hats in Scottsdale

Our Outfits of How to Style a Scarf in the Summer

If you missed the individual outfits, then make sure to click over to see all the details. The details include our history with scarves and why each of us love them in the first place.

My new blog model, Lesley, wore her bright pink scarf that used to be her mother’s scarf on her hat. I love how Lesley commented in her bio blog post that this is her dream gig.

Then my mom, Charlotte, added her scarf to her purse. The funny thing is how my mom can remember the specifics about her scarves….like this one.

I changed my mind at the last minute and wore my scarf around my waist. Granted my original thought of wearing it on my head may have been more appropriate for the subject at hand. But you’ll see that idea soon!


For our first Arizona photo shoot, we wanted to go somewhere classically Arizona. Especially when you’re doing a fashion blog. So Scottsdale was the place of choice. In my head I think of Scottsdale as the elite and expensive part of town. Yet we found some great deals on a couple of things. Yes, we shopped a little. No surprise there, I’m sure.

First, my husband found a great turquoise ring that will now adorn his finger! Because he bought that, the store (Sewell’s Indian Arts) also threw in the couple of hats that brought us into the shop. I call that great marketing.

Then we also got lured into Alien Donut shop by Michael (one of the owners). Not that we usually stop to get donuts, but I have to admit they were fabulous!! Seriously, I will stop there again next time we are in the area. The store is whimsically fun, but the donuts are even better.

And then we ate lunch at Grimaldi’s pizza. We’d eaten at Grimaldi’s in Denver, but eating here after our NYC trip was an eye opener. The pizza was really good! And the customer service was over the top. Since it was our first time at this Grimaldi’s, we were given a free dessert!


Even though Lesley is my new blog model, she’s joined us a half a dozen times in the past. And in those cameo appearances, she’s showed not only her loved of scarves but also how to wear a scarf in the summer.

In the first photo was in summer where Lesley just threw her scarf over her shoulder. While scarves can be thought of as somewhat dressy, she’s pairing it with her joggers.

The next example isn’t for summer. However, I love the idea of wearing your normal scarf with your coats. I’m one of those that tends to only think about my knit, winter scarves to wear with my outer coat. But why not wear our silk ones?

This trick of just throwing your scarf over your shoulder is almost a go to for Lesley. She also did this in our class reunion blog post.


I’ve worn a smaller silk scarf many times on the blog. Even during the summer when we wore our polo shirts. Since this polo shirt isn’t a great color next to my face, the scarf adds some brighter color.

While the next photo isn’t the summer version, I do think it’s an easy way to wear a scarf anytime. Instead of stressing out if you’ve tied it correctly, just hang it around your neck and tie a knot in the front.

Then when I was styling my gold pants 5 different ways, I wanted something fun near my face. So ta da….I grabbed a scarf.


My mom may have tons of experience with scarves, but she shows easy ways of how to style a scarf in the summer too. Like in the first photo when we went to the farmer’s market. She just threw the one end over her shoulder. Because the scarf and top are both knit, it stayed without needing any pins.

For the second example, my mom is adding in a red print scarf wrapped around her neck. This was her way to add some print to her outfit. Of course her purse was a great addition to the look too.

And then finally, Charlotte wore a bright pink scarf with her white jacket. Along with Lesley’s way to wear a scarf, this has got to be the easiest. And it stays where it is because it’s under the collar of the jacket.

3 different ways of how to style a scarf in the summer

So I’d love to hear your suggestions of how to style a scarf in the summer. It’s one of those accessories that really are versatile if we use our noggin and challenge ourselves.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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