How to style a vest but make it girly

How To Style A Vest-Menswear But Make it Girly

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I love how I’m seeing more menswear vests at the stores lately, so I thought it would be fun to showcase 6 ways to style a vest.

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While I’m focusing on the menswear types of vests in these examples, you can put these suggestions together with any type of vest.
And even though the vests are considered menswear, I made sure to add some feminine details to each and every look.

As usual, I’m using my two-word mantra: Over and Under. Remembering that most clothing can be layered over AND under other things creates a much bigger closet and gives you many more styling ideas.

Insider tip: 5 of these ways how to style a vest are standard, but the last one is a fun eye-opener.

I’ve been a huge fan of any type of vest for years now, so you can see more inspiration on this site below

Vest under blazer with bralette
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How To Style a Vest Under a Blazer

I consider this the usual option when thinking about a menswear vest since it’s how you see professional men style it.

My girly details include the flower jeans, colorful accessories as well as the strappy bralette under the vest.

Heart blouse with menswear vest

Heart Blouse and Menswear Vest

Wearing a blouse as how to style a vest is the only option I had ever considered before I started blogging and being more adventurous in my style options.
And since this is basically how most men wear their vests, I thought it was appropriate.

My girly details include the heart graphics on the blouse as well as the fact that I tied up the blouse in the front.

How to style a vest with flower jeans

How to Wear a Vest with a Bralette

Obviously, this is from the same outfit as with the blazer. But I wanted to show how you can style the vest in warmer weather and create a sleeveless look.
Wearing a strappy bralette under the vest is not only modern but definitely more feminine.

How to style a vest with print mixing
Original post.

Sweater and Vest Style

Sweaters are functional for winter and can work wonderfully under a vest.
Depending on the fit of your vest, you can layer it over bulky sweaters or thinner ones.

I consider the scarf in my ponytail as my feminine details.

Dress with menswear vest

How to Style a Vest over a Dress

Styling your vest over a dress is a fabulous option when you have a long-sleeved dress but still appreciate a third piece in the mix.

I consider the dress girly to start with because it’s a dress. But then the blingy belt and floral boots add more feminine details.

How to style a vest over a jacket

Wearing a Jacket Under a Vest

Now here’s the idea that is always a shocker. Layer your vest OVER a jacket. Most of us think of a jacket as the outermost layer in a look, but who’s to say you can’t layer over it?

In fact, we have done this twice on the blog with both short vest options and long vest outfit options.

My girly details are that the jacket is a furry one as well as the heart earrings in a totally different color.

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I hope you get a ton of inspiration on how to style a vest from my looks and think about combining pieces in your closet that aren’t normally paired together.
This gives you a unique look and is a boon for your creative mind.

How to style a vest

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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