How to Style Accessories to Add a Pop of Color to an Outfit

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How to style accessories for women

How to Style Accessories to Add a Pop of Color to an Outfit

As a lover of all the extras, I always love the idea how we can style accessories to change up a look so much. That’s exactly why I created my new eBook, “Shhh…Let Your Accessories Talk,” which you can download when you sign up to get my emails below.

Quote of the day: “I learned that if I focus on my strengths, then the weaknesses don’t show.” Priyanka Chopra Jonas

If you tend to stick with solid colored clothing, then this post is for you. Not that I would consider it a weakness, but it’s a perfect opportunity to focus on all of the extras you can add to your look.

Wearing bright colors for how to style accessories certainly is easier in the spring when the weather starts to warm up. For my interpretation, I wore a color that is more loved in fall, and Charlotte styled pastels but with a twist.

Woman who knows how to style accessorie

Skort: from a Golf Shop~~ Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Yes We Vibe~~ Scarf: Stein Mart ~~ Bracelet: Macy’s ~~ Purse: Coldwater Creek ~~Hat:

Lesley Can Style Accessories Like No Other

I used to think that my mom and I loved scarves, but I almost think that Lesley can beat us both at that game. Of course it’s easier when you find a scarf that has all different colors in it. Then it brightens up any outfit.
This one Lesley bought at Stein Mart because it reminded her of the Pucci prints from the 1980’s. In fact, my mom has a blouse with this same kind of inspired print, that the three of us have worn on the blog before.

In fact, if you’ve been keeping track, Lesley has been wearing a scarf in about 80% of our blog posts. It’s an easy way to style accessories for her. Even in the heat of the summer, you can see how Lesley had fun with this theme.

Ways to style accessories for better color

Adding in Pink

Bright pink is a great color for the warmer weather. It certainly reminds us of the spring flowers and looks great with all different kinds of other colors. For this look, bright pink is one of the colors in the scarf. Which is why a multi colored, print scarf can be a necessity for everyone.

Insider tip: Do you feel like you never wear your favorite scarf because you have nothing to go with it? Take or wear it the next time you go shopping and find a bracelet and earrings that pull out the colors in it. Better yet, shop Alison + Aubrey for those accessories.

Wearing Skirts

I’d like to give kudos to Lesley for wearing skirts often. I am always so saddened when women say they aren’t comfortable showing their legs anymore whether it’s because of their size or discolorations on their skin. I say this over and over, but the only way to change the way society views aging, is to start with ourselves. Let’s celebrate that we have legs and all the hard work they do for us.

This skirt? It’s really a skort. Which if you’ve never had one is a pair of shorts under the skirt. I always thought this was especially wonderful if you worry about flashing skin. Lesley bought this skort at a golf shop no less. Does she play golf? Nope! But she can still add a colorful piece like this to her closet.

Style accessories to add color

White As a Great Background

While we can wear white all year long nowadays, I still feel like it’s so fresh for the spring and summer. In fact, it’s the perfect back drop for the idea to style accessories so they stand out.

Of course the disadvantage to our whites is they can get dingy and stained over time. That’s why I used to always count on buying a new white top every spring.

Insider tip: I’ve only tried the No Stain Chico’s jeans, but I see the same technology is available in their white jackets and white blouses too.

Yes We Vibe sneakers

Can Sneakers Make Us Happy?

That’s pretty much a rhetorical question since I’m going to say yes! Wearing an interesting sneaker can be good for our feet and good for our mood. This brand of sneakers is called Yes We Vibe. The company not only has sneakers but all kinds of shoes along with home decor and leggings. Their motto is to create millions of smiles, moments of inspiration, happiness and laughter.

Insider tip: I reached out to Yes We Vibe because I was as enthralled with their styles too. They are now giving my readers 10% off with code JODIE10 or buy one get one free on all footwear with JODIEBOGO.

Print sneakers for a fun addition to an outfit

Lesley’s Thoughts of Spring

Since all three of us are used to the spring of Colorado instead of Arizona, it will take time to adapt. If you’ve ever been in Colorado, spring means snow. March and April tend to the snowiest months so there’s none of the bare legs or bare ankles like we have shown this week here in Arizona.

The difference in the two states for Lesley has been strange to see the planting changes. In Colorado, you never planted until after Mother’s Day (because it often snowed on Mother’s Day), yet the planting is already starting here. Where we live in Phoenix, it’s all about spring training for baseball.

As for clothing, it has been nice to embrace less layers and definitely lighter fabrics. Being able to bare our legs, toes and ankles is a step in the right direction. One of Lesley’s thoughts of spring is also swimsuit shopping. Of course she included a smirking face emoji with that thought.

Insider tip: This won’t help with swimsuit shopping now, but I found 3 wonderful suits from Modcloth at the end of last season. If you use the app called Shoptagr, it will tell you when your item is discounted! If you don’t care about getting them on sale, Modcloth has a variety of sizes (even up to 22W). Right now I have the Allison one piece saved and hope to add it to my collection when the price is reduced.

Style accessories to pop an outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


We took these photos at the Queen Creek Olive Mill. They had an interesting tour where we learned more about olive trees, how the olives are harvested and the important factors when purchasing olive oil. Our day at the Olive Mill was not sponsored, but if you’re in the area, it’s definitely a great activity.

Since I mentioned Alison + Aubrey, let me be transparent. This is a mother/daughter costume jewelry (and other fun items) that I work with as an ambassador. This means if you buy anything through my link, I get a small commission.

I see that the Yes, We Vibe company is also offering BOGO on their own. However, if you go through my link, I will receive a small commission. And it helps for them to know from where their traffic is coming. JODIEBOGO or JODIE10 for discounts.


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