How to Style the After Workout Look to Run Errands

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Styling an outfit for after workout

How to Style the After Workout Look to Run Errands

We are all crammed for time, so it’d be great to have an idea to style your after workout look so you could run errands afterwards. Needless to say, many women aren’t shy about going to the store in their fitness clothes. Either I’m a snob or just a little old fashioned about that.

Quote of the day: ” Think big. It’s wonderful when it comes off.” Simeon Nkoane

And when I saw this quote, I figured it applied to not only working out at any age, but also staying stylish. Like my tag line reads, “It’s never too late…..”

I tried to have all three of us try something different with this concept. My mom put on a maxi skirt over her leggings, I slipped on a dress, and now Nancy is donning a kimono. And then I even scoured our files of outfits from the past to show how some of those could work.

Belt bag and kimono

Nancy’s Wearing

Leggings: Brazil Wear~~Kimono: SheIn~~T-Shirt: Divided H&M ~~ Shoes: Twisted ~~Socks: ~~Purse: Hand made leather

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Nancy’s Look for After Workout Wear

Nancy does have issues finding work out pieces that fit her well. Many shirts are too long, and the non capri leggings are the same way. You certainly don’t see many petite options in the fitness wear.

That’s when trying cropped t-shirts or capri leggings can be helpful. Remember, just because they appear short on the model, doesn’t mean they will be on us shorter gals.

Fitness for women over 70

Graphic T-Shirt

The funny thing about this particular t-shirt, is Nancy didn’t get it in Rome. Nancy just got back from an Italy trip earlier this year, and she and her friend found these t-shirts at H&M. They had to buy them because it listed most of the places they had visited.

I wasn’t a huge fan of graphic t-shirts at first, I’ve now fallen in love with them. Life is definitely more casual when you’re retired, and they are a fun way to add some humor or meaning to some outfits. We’ve worn them many ways on the blog before.

Woman over 70 after workout


I bought this kimono 4 years ago for all of us to style outfits different ways. Nancy liked it so much she bought one just like it. So we have matching kimonos!

I know many women haven’t embraced kimonos yet, which is why I posted 5 different ways to style them recently. Using it as part of your outfit after a workout is another option along with using it as a swim suit cover up.

Adding a kimono to your after workout wear

Belt Bag

Nancy will tell you she has been a fan of belt bags (AKA fanny packs) for the longest time. She used to have a black, plastic one that she bought at Disney World with my dad. You can see it in our relationship post. But it fell apart.

So when she was at a gun show with a boyfriend about 5 years ago, she found this one. And she figured this one would hold up better because it was handmade leather.

Who doesn’t love the idea of hands free with their purse? I admit, I didn’t think I’d be joining in on this trend, but knowing I can even wear it over my shoulder helps too. Or even using a different belt with the pouch.

I admit, I tend to like the more structured belt bags better. And it’s not like you have to spend a lot of money on them. Heck, you can try one out inexpensively and see if you like the idea.

When a kimono is perfect


I’m sure we have all heard the controversies about leggings. Make sure your behind is covered in public and make sure they aren’t see through. It’s almost like they are the new “yoga pants” in terms of seeing them everywhere.

Even if you don’t love them for a “real” outfit, leggings sure are the choice for working out. And I’m a huge fan of all of the modern details that make them fun. Like the sheer panels you see on Nancy’s pair. Or there are colored blocks and even cut outs.

Sheer panels in your leggings

Nancy’s History of Working Out

Nancy has always been somewhat active in her life. She remembers as a kid loving kickball and roller skating. When she was working as a teacher, she participated with Jazzercize and really enjoyed the dance flavor it had.

She took up softball in her 30’s which she reports, she was terrible at, but still liked it because it was a social activity. She’s also been skiing (on snow) for the past 20 years with friends. It’s much easier when you’re retired because you can go up on the weekdays when it’s not crowded.

These last 10 years Nancy has been going to a reformer Pilates class to strengthen her core. Since she has moved last summer, she’s actually looking into some other activities at her rec centers that are closer to her. Like here where we took these photos. She tried a drum class and even some yoga classes.

Style the after workout look

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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