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How To Style Cream Loafers 5 Ways

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You know it’s fall when we get to talk about closed-toe shoes. Today I’m sharing, Ros Hommerson, the company that bought Walking Cradles, and including 5 ways of how to style these cream loafers with different clothing and various color combinations.

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My love for comfortable shoes started when I first discovered Walking Cradles footwear over 5 years ago. The company is unique in that it includes hard to find sizes from 6-13 and widths from narrow to wide wide.
On top of that, the shoes have an amazing foundation making them my go tos for comfort and walking events.

In case you are interested, I am wearing my Sheec no-show socks (the Secret 3.0 Low-Cut version). These no-show socks are the best as they stay in place due to they are fitted to your foot size and their non-slip strategic grips. I like how they reduce blisters and keep my feet dry. It’s funny because I used to think no-show socks that would stay in place were an urban myth until I tried this company.

Ros Hommerson & Walking Cradles

For those of you who have been part of my site for years will remember my love for Walking Cradles shoes. Even though the company has folded, the designer of Walking Cradles shoes, the technology that makes them as comfortable as they are, the boutique Brazilian factory where they are made, and the marketing director have made the merger with Ros Hommerson, and going forward Walking Cradles will be the same team, same great shoes, just now as Ros.

What this means to you is that you can still get some of the existing Walking Cradles styles, along with the new Ros styles – they are the same comfortable footwear but they are now found on Ros Hommerson site.
It also means that they are testing out how blogging marketing works, which is why I’m talking about this pair of Ros shoes that are made with the Walking Cradles technology. Another bit of great news – the Tiny Pillows insoles that make these shoes so great have also made the move to Ros!

I’ll be reviewing these loafers below and then showcasing how to style cream loafers with 5 different types of clothing items and with a variety of color combinations.

Insider discount: Ros Hommerson has offered my readers 10% off your first purchase with code JODIE10 through my link until Dec. 31, 2023. If you know how much your feet love Walking Cradles shoes, then you might want to splurge on a couple of pair with this discount (works for either Walking Cradles or Ros shoes on their site only).

The three of us have styled examples of other types of loafers in the past.

Ros Winnie II Loafers

This style of Ros loafers (with the Walking Cradles technology) are a classic shoe with an updated sole.

They come in a variety of colors and they are selling out fast. I’m wearing the Winter White Leather, but definitely check out their selection of colors and sizes.

The important details that make this loafer unique are the EVA soles which make the shoes flexible and super lightweight. This is one reason they are easier to walk in for long periods of time.
I don’t know if you remember the loafers of our youth. The old versions we used to wear had to be worn for a long time to make them flexible. But now with the advent of newer technology and materials, you have that flexibility the first time you put them on.

But wait, there’s more! This version of loafer also has a lug sole which means it’s thicker with deeper grooves. This is helpful to provide more insulation between the ground and your foot.

When you first pick them up, the thing you notice is how the leather is incredibly soft. There is no break in period with these shoes. I put them on in our 100 degree weather when my feet are usually swollen and sweaty, and no suprise that these felt marvelous.
You’ll also notice there is gore (elastic seen between the tonge and sides) to give more room for movement.

Another feature is that the toe box is built up providing extra toe room.
Don’t forget the normal Walking Cradle features of the removeable, ultra-cushioned, Tiny Pillows signature insoles, which are now the key comfort feature of all Ros shoes – this is a detail that once you experience it, you are spoiled for other shoes. Ros shoes will continue to offer sizes 6-13 in Narrow, Medium, Wide, and Wide-Wide widths.

Ros Hommerson also has 3 other varieties of loafers on their site (shown below in the widget).

  • Wendy with perforations
  • Wren II with metal hardware on it and a lug sole
  • Wren with metal hardware yet with a traditional, thinner sole

My discount code, JODIE10, works on any shoes on their site, so make sure you look around. You might recognize some of the styles that Charlotte, Lesley and I have worn in the past including Lydia, Lettie II, Orleans, and Ozzie to name a few.

Facts: Jodie’s Touch of Style is supported by my readers. I partner with affiliate platforms where commission may be earned based on your purchases. If you decide to buy anything I’ve promoted, I appreciate you using my link. These links help bloggers like me to fund the content that we provide, plus it tells companies that blogging marketing works. Thank you for your ongoing support.

1-How to Style Cream Loafers With White Pants

The clothing items: Wearing loafers with pants is what I would consider classic. Just to make it summer appropriate, I cuffed the pants to make them cropped.
These white pants are from Alembika who has innovative clothes in ageless styles, available in a wide range of sizes for Missy and Plus proportions, and designed to fit and flatter the 50+ woman. I’ve worked with the brand and they offer a $50 discount on your first order with code Jodie50.
You’ve seen this blue top with a print skirt in the past.

The color scheme: An easy way for how to style cream loafers is to keeping the same tones with your pants and shoes. Since the loafers are light colored, then white pants are a perfect option.

2-Wear Cream Loafers with Denim Shorts

The clothing items: There’s no reason you can’t wear shorts with your loafers. A loafer shoe isn’t dressy per se, yet it adds an upgrade to a pair of denim shorts. These shorts started off as a pair of jeans, which I ended up cutting off to make bermuda shorts (worn here with boots).
Then I added a red embroidered top from my Fashom clothing box (you can get 5 items for $50 with my link).

The color scheme: Even though the shorts and top are colorful, the cream loafers tie in with the browns in the newsboy cap. Another detail is the embroidery of the top is lighter and ties in with the shoes too.

3-Cream Loafers and Dark Jeans

The clothing items: Loafers are a fabulous option with dark jeans too. Jeans work for casual days and can be worn for fancy events too. Pairing them with loafers is no different than wearing them with flats or sneakers.
These grey slim boyfriend jeans can be worn all year long. This pair is from Mott & Bow, and I would recommend sizing up if you like the boyfriend style. By pairing them with different color schemes you can change the vibe from summer to winter.
This pink top is very lightweight and summery. It just to have long sleeves (seen here), until I cut them off to be short sleeves knowing I would wear it more in the summer.

The color scheme: I thought it would be good to show how to style cream loafers with a darker pair of bottoms. Just because the jeans are a dark grey, doesn’t mean you have to keep the footwear dark too. I love how the lighter loafers pick up the tans and gold in the earrings and bracelet.

4-How to Wear Cream Loafers With a Dress

The clothing items: Just because you’re wearing a dress doesn’t mean you have to wear heels. This pair of cream loafers acts as skin colored flats with my complexion. In fact, they blend so well, you focus on the dress and jacket instead.
This pink dress (worn here with yellow) was a great thrift store find and fits in with the Barbiecore trend.
I love this tan and black jacket from Just Be Youtiful because it’s cropped and lightweight.

The color scheme: For this instance of how to style cream loafers, I chose a jacket that had the same colors as the loafers in the top half of it to tie it all together.

5-Long Skirt with Loafers

The clothing item: Another great option of how to wear cream loafers is with a long skirt.
This blue skirt is from the company, Ming Wang, which believes in helping all women to be comfortable and confident in their own skin with bold, luxurious statement knits, and essential basics.
This Dazzling Blue skirt fits with my colorful wardrobe and I love the sheer hem detail. I ordered my normal size, XS, and it fits fabulously.
I’ve worn this blue floral top with a pair of wide-leg jeans years ago and this time I wore it tucked in.

The color scheme: I went with a monochromatic look with the blue skirt and blue top. Your shoes do not have to match anything in your outfit, but you will notice that the gold in the shoes is picked up with my earrings.

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5 ways for how to style cream loafers

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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