How to style eyelet for summer with layering and fun

How To Style Eyelet For Summer-Grown Women Style

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Grown women are allowed to wear whatever they want. This brings up the idea of how to style eyelet for summer. If you are one of those that considers eyelet something for young girls only, then here are ideas that may open your eyes.

Quote of the day: “Remember, always, that everything you know, and everything everyone knows, is only a model. Get your model out there where it can be viewed. Invite others to challenge your assumptions and add their own.” Donella Meadows

Personally, I have always thought of eyelet as a very feminine material. Considering most of my adult life was rebelling against anything girly, it may not surprise you that I don’t have a lot of eyelet in my closet.
The funnier thing is that my mother (who has always been an example of girly and feminine), seemed to have purged everything eyelet from her closet except for a purse. Luckily, I gave her something of mine to wear.

I’m also happy to announce that there is a special guest in today’s post. One of my readers who lives here in Arizona joined us for this topic and I love how she got creative with the idea of how to style eyelet for summer.

We’ve never focused an entire article on eyelet in the past, but it’s very similar to lace and crochet which I will share.

Jodie: An Edgy Vibe for How to Style Eyelet for Summer

Wearing a white eyelet blouse as a topper
Skirt: H&M-Savers~~ Blouse: My mom made it~~ Top: ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Lydia“-available in white at the moment~~ Necklace: reversible ~~ Earrings: Bealls~~ Purse: no label-Clothes Mentor~~Glasses: Glasses Shop use code JODIE35

My entire life growing up and working was to NOT be girly and feminine. I’m not sure why I thought it was bad, but my mom can tell you that I was not a fan of all of the girly things that my mom liked. I never wore pink, polka dots, or had much in the category of lace.

However, my mom had this eyelet material and made herself and me a top from it. You’ve seen me wear it years ago with a denim duster.

To give the eyelet top an edgier vibe, I paired it with a deconstructed top as well as a sequin skirt. If it was winter, I might have added combat boots!
Instead, I figured that red accessories would add boldness to the look.

Think that sequins can be only worn at Christmas and New Year’s? I call that hogwash. Any day is a good day for sparkles.


Even though there is no purple in any other part of the outfit, I thought the purple purse worked fabulously. One aspect of edgy style is the fact that not everything has to match. It’s definitely a good way to create a focal point.

This necklace is one that I’ve had for over 20 years. The other side is turquoise and the pendant has a lobster clasp so it can be added to many things. I need to remember that for future reference.

Charlotte: Pink & Eyelet

White eyelet shrug as summer cover
Pants: Van Heusen-thrifted~~ Wrap: Lucy Paris-Naomi & Ruth~~ Top: Silver One-Dollar Tree ~~ Shoes: Dream Pairs-thrifted~~ Socks: Sheec no-show socks ultra low rise~~ Purse: no label-DSW

My mom has been a model of feminity ever since I was growing up. She would love to put me in dresses, while I stomped my foot and exclaimed ‘NO’. It’s almost a reverse lately that I wear more dresses and skirts while she has settled into pants and capris.

Since she came up empty when looking in her closet for eyelet, I offered for her to wear this fabulous eyelet wrap that is wonderful for the summer months. Not that she gets to keep it. I’m not that nice!

And it’s no surprise that she paired it with a monochrome pink look. As I said, Charlotte has always loved a feminine style.

These cropped pants are a fabulous option for her in the summer since they do cover much of her legs but still expose the ankles.
The shorter wrap works well with cropped pants because you get that 1/3 to 2/3 proportions. If you had a top that hung down to your crotch, it would cut you in half.


My mom wore pink accessories to stay with the pink foundation. Adding in a pair of pink print shoes is a great touch.
BTW, she is wearing Sheec no-show socks with the shoes. The Ultra-low version is amazing with flats like this.

Lesley: Eyelet Dress & Duster

It was not planned AT ALL, for Lesley and Valerie to use the same idea of wearing a duster this way. Both women used this concept, yet both outfits are very unique.

How to style eyelet for summer without looking too girly
Eyelet Dress: Universal Threads-Target ~~Vest: Simply Noelll-Shers~~ Shoes: Italian Shoemaker~~ Purse: no label~~Hat: no label-thrifted

In all actuality, Lesley is wearing 2 dresses. She says: “I loved the feminine aspect of this dress when I purchased it 2 years ago. However, when I put it on for how to style eyelet in summer, it was too much cutesy. That’s when I ran across the blue ‘dress’ that I’d never worn and tucked away. Unbutton it and now we can call it a vest.

I put them together and voila: Closet magic. The hat, shoes, and purse really add to the summer vibe.

What I just love is how the white eyelet dress hangs a tidge longer than the blue duster so you can see the scalloped hemline. You get that suggestion of femininity without being overwhelmed by it.

The difference between Lesley’s eyelet and the eyelet worn by the other models is its scale of it. Lesley’s is a much larger eyelet and more obvious. I wouldn’t consider it better or worse, but just an observation.

Valerie: Wearing an Eyelet Dress as a Duster

Let me welcome Valerie to our prompt on how to wear eyelet in the summer. Valerie is a UK born, over-50 woman who crashed our party when we were taking photos for our maxi dress article a month ago.
She joined us for lunch that day and fits right in with our personalities as she loves to thrift and has learned to be incredibly bossy with her clothes.
Keep reading to see what I mean.

Over 50 and how to style eyelet for summer
Dress (worn as duster): Anne Klein-thrifted~~ Pants: no label-purchased in “hippy shop” in Boulder, CO~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Born~~ Belt: Chicos-thrifted~~ Earrings: Tagua-Shady Lady’s Closet~~ Purse: London Fog

In Valerie’s words: “I have never been a huge fan of dresses on me, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone this year. During one of my thrift store forays, I found this beautiful long white Anne Klein button-down eyelet shirt dress and wore it to one of our AZ Restaurant week dinners.
I struggled to accessorize it and felt like it ‘drowned me out in white.’

That made me decide to unbutton it and wear it as a duster over my favorite Indian cotton Palazzo pants with a black tank top for this day.

I am neutral about eyelet and place it in the same category as crochet and lace, which can look wonderful on some women but has never really excited me. I think I have changed my mind.”

If you get my emails, then you saw the photo of Valerie wearing this eyelet duster as a dress after she bought it. She even removed the pockets after that photo because they could be seen through the material.
Although we laughed that she missed the pockets now that she was wearing it as a duster.

For those that follow the guidelines of wearing something more fitted with something flowy, then you would miss out on a duster over a pair of Palazzo pants. And you can see how amazing they look together.
I think one of the details that helps is how Valerie’s top is fitted and then she even put the focus on her waist with that incredible belt.

Notice that the belt is thrifted. That’s one of my top 5 items to look through when thrifting.

How to style eyelet for summer on older women

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How to style eyelet for summer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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